The Inventor's Secret: What Thomas Edison Told Henry Ford

The Inventor's Secret: What Thomas Edison Told Henry Ford

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By: Suzanne Slade and Jennifer Black Reinhardt

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Both Thomas Edison and Henry Ford started off as insatiably curious tinkerers. That curiosity led them to become inventors—with very different results. As Edison invented hit after commercial hit, gaining fame and fortune, Henry struggled to make a single invention (an affordable car) work. Witnessing Thomas's glorious career from afar, a frustrated Henry wondered about the secret to his success.

This little-known story is a fresh, kid-friendly way to show how Thomas Edison and Henry Ford grew up to be the most famous inventors in the world—and best friends, too.
I loved reading biographies as a child. THE INVENTOR’S SECRET: WHAT THOMAS EDISON TOLD HENRY FORD is a book about curious and imaginative creators I would have cherished. The opening immediately draws one in with wonderful language and the enticing lure of a secret. Author Suzanne Slade begins the story focusing on the younger years of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford (16 years younger than Edison). The reader observes the thoughts and experiences of Thomas and Henry through Jennifer Black Reinhardt’s rich and detailed watercolor and ink illustrations.
As Henry grows up and keeps hearing about Thomas’ inventions, he is beyond curious and wants to know how they work. I love how Slade crafts their first time meeting in person over several pages. This meeting where the secret is shared changes both of their lives forever and a 30-year friendship forms. Beyond the skillful story and inspired illustrations, all of the information shared at the end of the book is a phenomenal bonus.
From the joint timelines of each man’s life and an explanation of their friendship to details about their inventions and informative source notes, this book is a wonderful addition to any personal collection (it is now in mine) as well as being a great gift (I got one for my sister’s third grade classroom too).
It has been awarded the National Science Teachers Association’s 2016 Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students K-12.

- steven_brooks

This is a beautifully illustrated story with a wonderful message. Keep at it... the guys had grit
Love how it references Detroit too- a little long for preschool but engaging and some rich vocabulary embedded in words children can understand. I love this and can not wait to see what the author writes next!

- blair_hernandez

Ms Slade writes so well for the young audience bringing the spirit, not just the factoids, of science alive for them. I purchased this with a 7 y.o. in mind. He's very curious and very bright and working on his tenacity. he really enjoyed the book as did his little sister and a 13 year old cousin who started off humoring me but asked some good follow-up questions. Next year we're off to the Ford Edison house in Fort Myers!

- elliana_lewis

Great history lessons for young readers.

- donovan_lee

My students loved this book. Good read aloud for 5th grade.

- briar_richardson

We really enjoyed this. And it sends a powerful message that is definitely something I want my kids to absorb.

- cali_mendoza

This is an inspiring story of persistence told in a very fun and engaging way! The illustrations are fantastic!

- ryker_walker

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