The Legend of The Condor Heroes (4 Books) (Revised Edition) (Chinese Edition)

The Legend of The Condor Heroes (4 Books) (Revised Edition) (Chinese Edition)

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By: jin yong

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The Legend of Condor Heroes is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong, and the first part of the Condor Trilogy. It was first serialized between January 1, 1957 and May 19, 1959 in Hong Kong Commercial Daily. Jin Yong revised the novel twice, first in the 1970s and later in the 2000s.
UPDATED REVIEW - Got my replacement shipment yesterday and it was another DISAPPOINTMENT. The reason for my replacement, as indicated clearly when I ordered the replacement, was that the product should be a FOUR-VOLUME book (1383 total pages), but I only received the fourth book in the original shipment. Now in the REPLACEMENT shipment, there was ONLY the THIRD book.

If Amazon can't handle shipping books in foreign languages, please do not offer them.

Original review -
VERY DISAPPOINTED. Only received the fourth book (pp. 1037 to 1383) of this 4-volume book (described as 1383 total pages in the product info). Just requested replacement, quoted "missing parts" as reason, and gave detailed explanation in the request. Will see what I get in the next shipment.

- kenzie_cooper

I love this story, but only 1 of the 3 books was delivered. After talking to the customer service rep, it sounds like there is no way to get the other three books.

- maya_stewart

I bought the whole set, only one book came

- cayden_green

Only sent 1st book. It is a 4 book set. Please send book 2, 3 and 4. It states 1383 pages in the description.

- zane_johnson

This is for 4 volumes. Only the third was sent. Where's the rest?

- noemi_evans

Received only book 1. Disappointing.

- dante_moore

The story is great as is the author … however, this edition is not written in traditional characters, and therefore is difficult to read.

- melody_nelson

Love it!

- jazmine_wood

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