The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Music from the Motion Pictures Arranged for Easy Piano

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Music from the Motion Pictures Arranged for Easy Piano

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By: Howard Shore and Dan Coates

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Loaded with full-color images from the films and printed on high-quality antique paper stock, this new Dan Coates easy piano songbook is a must-have for any fan. The book contains 11 major themes from the blockbuster trilogy. From The Fellowship of the Ring: The Prophecy * In Dreams * Concerning Hobbits * The Black Rider. From The Two Towers: Gollum's Song * Rohan * Evenstar * Forth Eorlingas. From The Return of the King: Into the West * The Steward of Gondor * Minas Tirith.
These are mostly lovely tunes and mostly faithful to the music in the three films of the "Rings" trilogy but the title of this book is a misnomer. I am a three-year piano student and I practice an hour a day and I am here to tell you there is nothing "easy" about this music book. The notes are clearly marked and the chords are awkwardly achievable but many notes are uncomfortably sited on the staff and after several months of practice they are still too far apart for me to manage performance tempo. Howard Shore's earlier 2002 "Rings" music book of "Fellowship" tunes was difficult but somehow much more playable in that the music flowed as I am used to hearing it in the film. I am therefor led to believe Dan Coates' arranging skills leave much to be desired. That said, "Evenstar" is hauntingly beautiful and alone is worth the price of the book.

- isabela_thompson

I was disappointed when playing through this book. Perhaps I was expecting more full and flowing or bellowing melodies, but these songs were just not great fun to play. I'm unsure if it was the arrangement (I normally opt for Hal Leonard arrangements and am never disappointed, and this is not Hal Leonard) or if I was remembering better movie themes than were actually there. I was disappointed either way and will be returning it

- felipe_brooks

Best book of LOTR I've come across, has a lot of the missing themes not found in the other trilogy booklets especially The Prophecy, Concerning Hobbits, The Black Rider, and a better arrangement of Into the West. If I need to be picky, I'd like for a lot more challenging music for a few of these songs. But for most this will be plenty good and works super well for my students.

- fabian_mendoza

Discover and enjoy the distinctive flavor and singular melodies from the movie trilogy. I am having a wonderful time reading through this book. Arranger Dan Coates has done a splendid job of adapting and simplifying the orchestral scores for amateur piano players. I don't see how they could be made any simpler without losing the essence of the music. Fingering is provided as needed. This is my first experience with an "Easy Piano" version of movie music, and it has been a pleasant surprise.

- marco_torres

I'm really happy with this book. The arrangements are pretty for an Easy Piano level and fun to play. In Dreams and Rogan are my favorites.

I would say I'm intermediate to advanced intermediate and I was able to get most of these without much difficulty, so I think someone who was an early intermediate or maybe even a late beginner could play these with some practice.

- ace_hughes

"Easy" is a hard word. I'm just coming back to the keyboard after 30+ years away and I can't say what level of player I was when I left (past Fur Elise; stalled on the Moonlight Sonata). Have been buying a host of popular music for "easy" piano and it varies. Some is so simplified I have it down on the third time through; others send me to the flash cards to learn what those off-staff notes are. LOTR is right in the middle of the range.

--A few songs from each of the three movies. In Dreams and Concerning Hobbits are the ones I'm learning first; will go back to the DVD and listen differently to decide which of the remaining songs I liked enough to want to learn.

--For the most part, no more than four notes in play at any one time, and a lot places where the music is one note, each hand. A smattering of 16th notes but mostly quarters, some eighths, and half notes.

--Easy key signatures; mostly C and the rest two sharps or two flats max.

--Lots and lots of 12-note arpeggios without a lot of fingering assistance in the left hand.

--Notes range two octaves above and below middle C.

In sum? There are enough notes on each page that the song sounds good, yet easy enough to recognize the tune on the first or second time through. Plan: master this book, then buy the individual movie scores one at a time as I get better and want a richer sound.

- aldo_gomez

I used to play this book growing up and I was so happy to be able to play the songs again

- abraham_cooper

The composer kept almost all of the pieces in c major so by that standard they are easy. Easy is not to be confused here with simple. All of the pieces are instantly recognizable from the movie score. We have played through all of them at least once and there are no obvious errors in the music.

- baylee_young

Arrived promptly. Pages in good condition and music perfectly playable but does contain pencil annotations which is ok for me but perhaps not entirely as the item is described.

- avianna_kim

It arrived battered and a tad ripped. Although it was readable.

- ivan_wright

Less than a year playing, self taught. Very good arrangements, so far played only with right hand but you do get the feeling. Now I have to work to add the other hand and still make it sound nice... but that's on me, not on the book! Fast delivery, great condition

- henley_thompson

Bought for my daughter who has had piano lessons but was losing interest. This has rekindled her interest and she is now playing for fun.

- ronin_martin

Great score. I love hearing it on the piano.

- athena_clark

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