The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing: Fifth Edition

The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing: Fifth Edition

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By: Jason Kelly

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The essential stock market guide for beginners, updated with timely strategies for investing your money. The perfect gift for anyone hoping to learn the basics of investing. 

Now in its fifth edition, The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing has established itself as a clear, concise, and highly effective approach to stocks and investment strategy. Rooted in the principles that made it invaluable from the start, this completely revised and updated edition of The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing shares a wealth of information, including:

•What has changed and what remains timeless as the economy recovers from the subprime crash

•All-new insights from deep historical research showing which measurements best identify winning stocks

•A rock-solid value averaging plan that grows 3 percent per quarter, regardless of the economic climate

•An exclusive conversation with legendary Legg Mason portfolio manager Bill Miller, revealing what he learned from the crash and recovery

•Thoroughly updated resources emphasizing online tools, the latest stock screeners, and analytical sites that best navigated recent trends

Accessible and intelligent, The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing is what every investor, new or seasoned, needs to keep pace in the current market. This book is a must read for anyone looking to make money in the stock market this year!
This book is for anyone who wants to know how the stock market works. This book is for anyone who wants to know what influences the stock market. This book is for anyone who wants to make money on the stock market. There is a reason this is the fifth addition of this book, because it work, and because the author wants to keep his readers informed and up to date on the ever changing environment of the stock market.

This book begins by spending time making sure the reader understands all of the terms that the author will use throughout the rest of the book. After that he begins to enlighten the reader about general information on the stock market and then starts going in depth more about how the stock market works and how many people have made a fortune through the stock market and how they have also lost a fortune on the stock market. He finishes the book my giving the reader a step by step guide to evaluating any company on the stock market, a key skill to learn when investing with a company.

I couldn't put this book down. I was a beginner, not really knowing anything about the stock market when I first decided to read this book, but I quickly became obsessed. I was craving for more and more information on not only how the stock market works, but how to make money using the stock market. This is a very easy read, the words and terms can be challenging, but the book is setup in such a way that the author gradually introduces you to information that you will need to understand for the next chapter.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who has any interest in the stock market, or making money in the stock market. The authors ability to prepare the reader for each sequential chapter, by introducing a topic, and then diving deeper in the next chapter makes a daunting topic like the stock market very manageable. If you have any interest in the stock market and are a beginner, then this book is for you!

- killian_carter

The reviewer who said that this book is meant for the "serious beginner" said it best. This is not a fluffy book -- it's more like a 3-month investment course packed into a well-written small volume and designed to make the reader fully conversant in the language of the market. Before I picked up this book, I thought that the Dow was an exchange, like the NASDAQ. No joke. After I read it, I knew more about long-term investing strategies, market terminology, and identifying companies with value than any of my attorney colleagues who have invested in the market for years. Most individual investors seem to invest blindly in large- and mid-cap companies like Target or Apple and in mutual funds without conducting their own research. This book is for you if you want to understand not only why traders care about P/E ratios, but also how you hedge against inflated earnings calculations by analyzing other fundamental criteria, like profit margins; not only how a dividend yield is calculated, but why it matters in determining whether a stock is undervalued; and not only how Dow companies are chosen but also how to reap the benefits of leverage when investing in Dow companies.

That said, this book is not designed for swing traders or day traders. While Jason Kelly claims to espouse both value and growth approaches to investing, I'd say that the balance is 80% in favor of value (identifying good companies with long-term profitability). He explains the fundamentals of technical analysis, but his primary purpose is not to teach how to speculate or predict trends using Bollinger bands or stochastic curves. His point seems to be that an investor should use graphs and technical criteria as just one of her tools to know when to buy, how to limit the downside potential of leveraged investments.

Their isn't much self-promotion. The writing is so clear that it takes the author's personal philosophies out of the equation and focuses instead on the more broadly applicable teaching points (bullet-pointed, even, after each section). If identifying value is not a strategy that appeals to you, you won't like this book. The book is basically a love letter to Warren Buffett and has very little of Kelly jumping off the pages, other than when we mentions his own free newsletter and website in a list of a dozen or so other newsletters and websites. (By the way this list included Kelly's reviews of many stock screener tools, good financial magazines, and the most useful stock newsletters. I used it to build my internet favorites folder, which I look at everyday.)

This book provides a comprehensive treatment of fundamental investing concepts and strategies. You can turn to other, more detailed texts if you want to learn how to trade like a trader, not like an investor.

- lizbeth_moore

This book is very good at what it aims to do. And that is demystify investing. It explains everything from the very beginning answering questions like what is a stock market? and how do stocks make money?

The best part of this book is in the second chapter where the author explains the styles of some of the best investors of all time in a very straight forward manner.

Overall that second chapter alone is worth the money in my opinion.

- dalton_peterson

One heck of a book, the guy has done his hw and takes information from some of the best investors such as Benjamin Graham, the guy who mentored Warren Buffet, information from Warren Buffett’s strategy, and a lot more. He takes the best pieces of advice from the top investors and puts them in this book. The book will define important terms for you such as P/E or Net Profit Margin. It pretty much gives you everything you need to become a serious investor. I have read books such as The Intelligent Investor and The Little Book of Common Sense Investing, and having those read, do add to the experience of reading this book. This book tells you exactly what you need to know, and can help clarify things you may have been left pondering after previous readings, overall I love it.

- giselle_peterson

This is a very good book outlining a simple but effective method for anyone to implement an investment strategy. It is US centric but is easily applied to any market using local or global investments. The plain English style is a great relief from some of the more academic type investment book. This book is not a complex one and that is what I really like about it.

- eliseo_turner

Kelly does for investing what Hawkins did for science in A Brief History of Time - makes it easily accessible and understandable to the lay person. This easy to read book unearths what initially seem like complex topics to the untrained reader. Having no background in investing or finance, this book made investments simple. Providing clarity on the differences between various brokers, how to choose companies to invest in, how the various stock exchanges work etc. The only slight nuance is that all the references and terminology are American (e.g. refers to common and preferred stock which in the UK would be ordinary and preference shares) although the principles themselves apply and can be utilised globally.

- keira_walker

The content is amazing and I would 100% recommend this book, however, the actual book is not so great. The pages are super thin and the cover is peeling off sadly.

- kellen_perez

I read a lot of investment books which deliver insights in dribs and drabs.

This book is exceptional in that it covers a great deal of ground and summarises pretty much all the main investment philosophies with an unusual degree of clarity and readability.

Now that so many people in the UK are dumping their financial advisors because of over-charging this book provides an essential guide to help you make your own decisions.

- bailey_harris

Solid Read. I wouldn't recommend it though.

- janessa_price

Some great points, a lot of repetition from another book I read previously but for the first time reader, this is great.

- elyse_ward

I got this book because I didn't know a darn thing about stocks. Before this, stocks to me were nothing more than fluctuating numbers on the bottom of the news channel and crazy charts for business people. Boy was I wrong.
This book is very well organized and well written (has many editions, written and developed over the last decade).
It has everything you could ever need.
Many of my questions were answered, some I never even knew that I needed to know about.
Some of my most favourite parts are:
Stock lingo and jargon, what stocks are, why they're important, why stocks affect us more than we think and vise versa, how many approaches there are to investing, and finally the book provides you with the tools and resources needed to start a portfolio.

- celeste_murphy

Jason Kelly offers readers a very clear and concise framework as to how the stock market works. His first piece of advice is that there is no stock market God who can determine what will go up and what will go down. Ultimately, in a sentence, the secret to stock market success is in you yourself, your ability to research a prospective company and the time you put into that research. There is no "Invest in Apple during the second quarter", insights, rather Kelly allows you, the reader to find the information for yourself citing multiple sources in which to obtain that information.

- maya_stewart

Good read but it constantly demotivates you from stock investing suggesting other ways to invest your money. It basically says that if you are looking to gain money in just a short while, don't stock invest and use other ways of investing. Says stock investing is for long term investment. It's a really good read though and explains a lot of stuff that I didn't know before.

- rex_rodriguez

I bought this book with little knowledge about finance and investing. The book gives us different perspectives of investing. First is a glimpse of the great minds in investor world (e.g. Warren Buffet is one of them without question), on what mindset should we have if we start investing. And then he gives us FACTS, what actually already happened in the stock market, and how we use them for us investing in the future.
This book does not give an instant method how to get rich (I wouldn't like it this way), but a method how to find our style in investing, and HOW we should proceed forward.

Really recommended for those who want to start learning to invest, and willing to work and do research for it.

- coen_williams

I bought this book because I knew nothing about the stock market. The book introduces you to the basics and also the different measures that constitute a good company. The provided sheet at the end to identify good investments is also very handy.

The book also talks a lot about the 2008 crash in the automotive industry and what warning signs were available to avoid catastrophic loss of investments. All in all, good read.

- joaquin_stewart

A lot of the mistakes I made could have been avoided if I had read this book first. Great intro to an intimidating field. Four stars because there are points where it puts me to sleep. It does start off very well though. The end becomes drawn out in my opinion but the beginning is extremely helpful to the newbie investor.

- ryann_watson

This may be the best reference to understand the world of investing.... I am not a beginner but not that experienced either..... this has help me develop/adopt “value investing”.... thanks very much. !

- sariyah_ortiz

The book presents a comprehensive view of the working of the stock market. The checklist to monitor the stocks is fairly good although some of the parameters listed are hard to find for the Indian investors, as the author frequently references the valueline data. Overall a good book.

- brodie_robinson

Perfecto para todo aquel que desee iniciarse en el mundo de los mercados financieros, con estrategias bastante sencillas y realistas.

- cecilia_ortiz

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