The Practical Playbook II: Building Multisector Partnerships That Work

The Practical Playbook II: Building Multisector Partnerships That Work

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By: J. Lloyd Michener, Brian C. Castrucci, et al.

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The definitive guide to the secret sauce of improving public and population health

Nontraditional collaborations have produced some of the most sweeping, health-improving results in recent memory. But whether it's public/private, cross-discipline, or interagency, the formula for identifying these partnerships -- not to mention making them work -- remains very much in progress.

The Practical Playbook II is the first resource to elucidate what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to collaborating for change in and around health. It brings together voices of experience and authority to answer this topic's most challenging questions and provide guideposts for applying what they've learned to today's thorniest problems.

Readers will find answers to common and advanced questions around multisector partnerships, including:

� Identifying sectors and actors that can help to collaborate to improve health
� Best practices for initial engagement
� Specifics related to collaborations with government, business, faith communities, and other types of partners
� The role of data in establishing and running a partnership
� Scaling up to maximize impact and remain sustainable
� The role of financing
� Implications for policy

Written in practical terms that will resonate with readers from any background and sector, The Practical Playbook II is the resource that today's helping professions need -- and a roadmap for the next generation of health-improving partnerships.
This nuts-and-bolts guide is a must read for anyone who believes that all sectors have a role to play in the health of communities. It features stories of unusual partners coming to the table — from faith communities to elected officials — and lessons from the California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative, The BUILD Health Challenge, and other regional efforts that are innovating through collaboration. It’s refreshing to learn from real-life examples of diverse partners coming together to produce lasting change by and for communities.

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The book clearly makes the connection between primary care and public health. Examples/cases provided the context & assisted students' understanding of system (medical/primary care, public health system- working with all sectors) interconnectedness. Overall the readings supported course objectives/content and gave students a 30,000 foot perspective and most said; as a result, their practice will forever change! We drilled down and differentiated population health mgm. vs. population health & social needs vs. SDOH. Students learned what it takes to move upstream and engage in upstream at the policy level. I highly recommend this amazingly practice book!
Thank you!

- Anonymous

Thoroughly enjoyed and learned from @PracPlaybook II: a great roadmap for non-traditonal collaborations that lead to health-improving outcomes. As the name implies-so very practical, and the chapters on "Policy" especially helpful. A fantastic and easy read!

- Anonymous

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