The Right Path

The Right Path

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By: Nora Roberts

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A story of passion and peril from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts.

After a frightening encounter on the beach with a knife-wielding stranger, Morgan James is stunned to learn that her "attacker" is actually wealthy Greek tycoon Nicolas Gregoras. While the mysterious Nicolas claims to be innocent, Morgan knows that he's a dangerous man—even if he is telling the truth. But can her suspicions withstand the all-consuming desire ignited by his kiss?

Love Nora Roberts - have devoured everything she has ever written and will continue to do so, even tho' this was pretty awful. BUT, that being said, you can definitely tell this was one of her very early books. Having just finished her latest, "Whiskey Bay" you can definitely tell she has matured into a fine writer (in my opinion). This was a reread for me and its been a number of years since I originally read it - had forgotten the plot and was "jonesing" for a Nora book so I paid that ridiculous amount of money. My bad ! I wouldn't bother tho'. Also, since Kindle is releasing a number her older books, the editing leaves a lot to be desired - cranking them out fast and furiously. Be careful with the triologies also - they may be more expensive as a whole then individually and in the incorrect order. However, she, and her alter ego J.D. Robb, will remain one of my favorite authors.

- jaxxon_rivera

I liked the romance and the strong characters of Nick and Morgan, but the other characters were under developed. Although I am a true admirer of Nora Roberts, I was surprised at the lack of research of Greece, the Greek language and even Greek names. The location on a Greek island was not brought to life. While most readers don't know enough about the country or culture to know, why throw in Greek words if you don't use them correctly? Greek nouns have masculine and feminine endings and the maid kept addressing the heroine, Morgan as "Mr". A kafenion is a coffee shop, not a place to eat dinner. That would have been a taverna. And the last names of all the characters weren't authentic. I chose this particular novel because of its Greek setting and all of these errors distracted from what could have been a great story. Bet Nora Roberts has never been to Greece!

- naomi_morgan

This is the second time I've tried to read this book. And, again,I've abandoned it in disgust. I love Nora Robert's writing, but, obviously this is one of her earlier works.
If anyone , no matter how handsome, or rich, or prominent, crawled into my bedroom or elsewhere in my home without invitation, he would be given whatever physical response I could muster and a quick call to the Police. Talk about sexual harassment. Perhaps there are those who think of that act as romantic, but if they were to experience it in real life, they wouldn't find it much fun. Thank goodness Nora Roberts does not write scenes like that anymore.

- karlee_white

I have read reviews about early Nora Roberts books being published as new releases. at first I didn't think it would be a problem for me because I hadn't read the books before anyway. but apparently Nora Roberts evolved into a much better writer in later years. I can't believe that this book was written by the same person that wrote other books like the witness which I thought was great.
in this book the heroine Morgan meets the hero Nick by being attacked by him. she goes back and forth between loving him and hating him, and he generally treated like dirt. I didn't like Morgan and I liked Nick even less. this love hate relationship takes place in the course of about 2 weeks. it was just ridiculous. I will be more cautious when ordering books from this publisher from now on.

- kyra_hughes

Great story of smuggling drugs and artifacts in the Greek Isles, leads a private investigator an opportunity to fall in love with an American there on vacation. As the story unfolds the identity of the suspect is maintained in that he wears a mask and conducts the smuggling operation under the cover of night.
This author continues her depth of writing by hiding the suspect in among the every day flow of the characters. Exciting reading

- christian_phillips

I wasn't a fan of this book. I usually really enjoy Roberts' work, but the constant invasion of the main character's personal space without her permission and the "dangerous stalker" aspect of the main male character equally turned me off. Having complex characters is one thing - characters who are not wholly innocent and good - but having the main female character constantly feeling a true thrill of fear while around the main male lead is something completely different. I also had a hard time relating to the upper crust mentality of the location and the supporting characters.

- jillian_kelly

I chose to give this ebook 5 stars because it was really good book. I really liked Nicholas and I really liked Morgan. I suspected it was Dorian and that surprising to me but anyway... Kathleen Ryan

- cesar_hernandez

I guess this was her first book..characters ridiculous. Plot stupid. Ending more than predictable. Sad to say this..don’t read it.

- genesis_parker

Beware - this is an OLD BOOK - PUBLISHED IN 1985 - I only bought it because it came up as one of her most recent. The writing is poor compared to later NR books - and I'm a huge fan! It's melodramatic, cliched, and the story is weak and unrealistic. It's also far too long, and could have done with being edited. Very disappointing. Have returned the book to Kindle store.

- nevaeh_kim

If you are used to Nora Roberts then you will be used to the romance recipe that she uses. Feisty female, difficult male or other way about, a little bit of resistance, melting into each other etc. However, this was also supposed to be a mystery/crime type of book and this is where it was let down. It was obvious who the bad person was from the off. If you have read Chasing Fire and hoped this would be of a similar calibre then you will be disappointed, but if you haven't and want an easy read then this is fine.

- beckham_wood

Nothing unexpected with the book - if you know Nora Roberts and like her story-telling, there is nothing to dislike here. Nor would it blow your mind away. Good read and that's that.

- carla_parker

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