The Seekers Guide To Harry Potter

The Seekers Guide To Harry Potter

Posted by jack_miller | Published 6 months ago

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One woman's self-made video of why Harry Potter justifies her chanting and wanding

- bryson_bennet

We are huge Harry Potter Fans! I bought this DVD to celebrate his birthday.
The DVD did not enlighten us or entertain us. It was a waste of money and time.

- brentley_hernandez

Very poor and boring video. Presenter simply used some of the Harry Potter lexicon to put forth her own agenda, unrelated to the books. Not worth the time to watch and very misleading.

- major_robinson

Some woman droning on about nothing

- cameron_reyes

I stopped skipping around for the "good part" when I kept being assaulted by the absolute amateur in-camera microphone audio. Terrible production.

- kole_reyes

Title and description are misleading.

- treasure_ortiz

Keeping it simple: This is NOT what 90% of the typical Harry Potter Fans think it is.

My daughter is a highschool student and has grown up on Harry Potter, and we bought this as a digital download as it seemed like an entertaining adjunct to the movies (which we have also seen).

Unfortunately, I cannot see how any child under the age of 15 would have the capacity or interest to digest the referneces the author casts about.

Though I truly do appreciate the potential of deeper literary analysis of great works like J.K. Rowling's, this documentary is cheaply done, lacking in any real substance befitting of its length on the screen (it literally and audibly drones on - the background music is almost too much to stand), and just plain painful to watch in parts. I commend the author for her passions for this subject - I would expect it to be offered as a college course and perhaps more as a work of writing - but I was really shocked to find that it has made the cut on Amazon to be listed along side these other works.

I would love to get a refund if one was possible.

- gloria_stewart

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