The Shadow Riders: A Novel

The Shadow Riders: A Novel

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By: Louis L'Amour

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Dal and Mac Traven left Texas young and idealistic. They came back from opposite sides of a living hell, a war that had torn the nation in two. They wanted only to reclaim their old lives…but one man held their future hostage.

Colonel Henry T. Ashford had gathered an army of criminals and renegade soldiers, leading them on a path of destruction and kidnapping through Texas to the Gulf. Among Ashford’s captives were the Travens’ sister and Dal’s tough-minded fiancée, Kate.

Now Mac and Dal must take up arms once again and ride together against Ashford’s army—ready to fight another war, if that’s what it takes to win the freedom of the women they love.
I enjoyed the story. The Traverns reminded me of the Sackett family. A lot of similarities in character and the code their families lived by. Today I don't see much character or code in modern life. Today's code seems to be earn as much as you can and only think about yourself.

- vienna_foster

I liked it the book was spot on about Texas in a historical since how bad things truly were after the Civil War . I gave it 4 stars only because there are 5 main characters and while it focuses on 3 mainly it could have given a little more insight on the other 2 and a lot of the minor characters played bigger roles more depth needed

- ayla_young

I just saw the movie version of Shadow Riders again and thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie had plot differences from the book, but still remained a good yarn. The differences led me to reread the original book and It was excellent, too. Now those are Westerns! (No Cowboys and Indians, just Cowboys and Outlaws) I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

- tiffany_richardson

I read this book a long time before the movie with Sam Elliot was made, so I like the book better. But both the movie and the book are great. Most of the differences are in what happens while the men are searching for the kidnapped women. Probably you'll like one better than the other, but which one you like better will most likely depend on whether you like reading or watching tv better. In a nutshell, two brothers who served on opposite sides of the Civil War, return home to find that renegades have kidnapped their siblings and also a woman that one of the men planned to marry. This same group have stolen a lot of other people; planning to take them to Mexico to sell (the brothers don't know that at first) and the two brothers take off after them to bring them home.

- henry_moore

True to all L’Amour novels the local is correct as is the time so you have a novel that is historically factual and the story itself is almost impossible to put down

- angela_king

Whether it's Traverns or Sacketts, it would be better for you to ride with them, at least not against them. You will live to regret it if you do or die knowing you crossed the wrong men. From the Rockies to the coasts of Texas they will chase you down if you stand against even one of these families. L'Amour has created another legendary family. True heroes of the west.

- brenda_anderson

Enjoyed the book with his accurate portrayal of events in history that tie in with the story. The book had a tendency to lack in development of characters and situations but that maybe the result of editors constraints.

- jeffrey_thompson

Great, easy read

- ivy_davis

Good value

- brian_taylor

Another excellent book from my favourite author that explains in detail how the american nation was formed, using real characters and families who helped to build america into the nation it is now

- frida_myers

A decent read, not in my top 10 but still worth 4 stars!
Don't think the ending gave closure and not aware of any further novels including Mac 👌

- barbara_davis

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