The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies

The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies

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By: Beatrix Potter

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The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies is a children's book written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter, and first published by Frederick Warne & Co. in July 1909. After two full-length tales about rabbits, Potter had grown weary of the subject and was reluctant to write another. She realized however that children most enjoyed her rabbit stories and pictures, and so reached back to characters and plot elements from The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1902) and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny (1904) to create The Flopsy Bunnies. A semi-formal garden of archways and flowerbeds in Wales at the home of her uncle and aunt became the background for the illustrations.

In The Flopsy Bunnies, Benjamin Bunny and his cousin Flopsy are the parents of six young rabbits called simply The Flopsy Bunnies. The story concerns how the Flopsy Bunnies, while raiding a rubbish heap of rotting vegetables, fall asleep and are captured by Mr. McGregor who places them in a sack. While McGregor is distracted, the six are freed by Thomasina Tittlemouse, a woodmouse, and the sack filled with rotten vegetables by Benjamin and Flopsy. At home, Mr. McGregor proudly presents the sack to his wife, but receives a sharp scolding when she discovers its actual content.

Modern critical commentary varies. One critic points out that the faces of the rabbits are expressionless while another argues that the cock of an ear or the position of a tail conveys what the faces lack. One critic believes the tale lacks the vitality of The Tale of Peter Rabbit which sprang from a picture and story letter to a child. Most agree though that the depictions of the garden are exquisite and some of the finest illustrations Potter created.

The book includes original illustrations by Beatrix Potter.
This classic book is free on Kindle. The first Beatrix Potter is Adventures of Peter Rabbit in 1902. This first book swelled into many Rabbit Tales. These books were read to me as a child, I read them as a child and teenager, and I read them to my daughter. I hope they are or will be a staple in your family library.
In this tale, Benjamin Bunny married Flopsy and they had a large family. There was not enough food all the time. When Peter Rabbit had some extra he would share. Sometimes they went across the road to Mr. McGregor 's Rubbish Pile. They had a grand adventure one day in the rubbish pile. Instead of tell You about it I want you to discover it yourself. Have fun.
I found this book on Amazon for free.

- tristan_lee

It’s been awhile since I’ve read one of her stories. It’s so different from today’s children’s books. I’m not sure that today’s parents would read this to their children.

- gary_torres

How can one go wrong with a Beatrix Potter story and for such a great price? I picked up a bunch of these short stories to read to my youngsters while we were on vacation. No need to carry a fifty-pound bag of books on the road any more. The Kindle solved the problem with flying colors. If you haven't grown up with these books you'll love reading them to your children. Mine can't get enough. Since this is a short story I'm not going to give a synopsis here but just believe me when I say you can't go wrong. If you prefer a paper copy of this story and other Beatrix Potter books I highly suggest: [...]

- daisy_cooper

Beatrix Potter's way with the English language is like no other children's author. Her words paint a beautiful picture, but, this Kindle version inserts "[Illustration]" where each of her beautiful drawings would normally be.

It's great if you don't mind missing the drawings and just want to work on vocabulary with your kids, but I agree with the previous review-buy the books too.

- gia_johnson

Classic kids book! A must read for all children. Quick read for parents and a cute story. These were my first books as a child and I still enjoy reading them to my own children.

- hayden_kelly

My daughter loved it

- chase_sanders

I have always loved this story so I bought the book for my kindle to share with my three year old grandsons when I babysit. I expected pictures and could not tell from viewing the sample that there were no illustrations, so I was disappointed about that. The boys were not as interested in sitting still for the reading with no pictures.

- micah_miller

a good kids book the girls like it more than the lads (to soft for them there in to Spiderman)

- jayceon_gonzales

Lovely book for my flopsy obsessed little girl

- ellison_cooper


- kaiya_collins

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