The Tall Stranger: A Novel

The Tall Stranger: A Novel

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By: Louis L'Amour

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Wagon trains heading west were forced to defend themselves against Indians, cope with injuries and illness, and struggle to find food. The group of easterners Rock Bannon was scouting for faced another problem. They were being deceived. When he warned them to remain on the Humboldt Trail, Sharon Crockett and the others refused to listen. Mort Harper, a stranger riding a beautiful black mare, had dazzled them with his charm and good looks. The southern route was the best way to go, Harper told them. But best for whom? Bannon wondered. That route led straight to the Salt Lake Desert. The conditions would be brutal. And if Harper wasn’t steering them toward those deadly alkali flats, where were they headed? And what would happen once they got there?
GREED GREED taking something that doesn't belong to you, but to someone else. People fight for their rights to live in peace and some where in between prosperity falls in the fold. This is what this story is about, there will always be followers and leaders. These settlers let a glib speaking con-man convinced them to settle a place called
BISHOP'S VALLEY, what these settlers don't know is that Mort Harper, the glib speaking southerner dandy, convinced these settlers to settle this valley. His real agenda is to hijack this beautiful piece of land for himself and like all tyrants he would appoint himself the leader. And this would be backed with the help of the gun wolves he's hired to keep everyone in line. Murder those he feels would buck his agenda, also offer settlers credit at the general store and holds that over them, making them beholdening to Harper...a real rat....
Well, we all aware how those types of situations
turn out. LOTS of action, human trauma and drama...good adventure🍵

- rayna_harris

Everything has been said about Louis L Amour the best western writer ever in my opinion read every one of his books at least twice they have good stories plenty of action and heroes we would like to be.

- carlos_young

All his books are very good, depending on your taste.
His critics are idiots. If one reads a book and is not impressed, don't read him again. Only a fool would criticize his works. Some of his work is good, most are outstanding. Reilley's LUCK, FLINT, SACKET BRAND and so on. 300 million sold plus or minus tells the truth.

- galilea_morgan

Classic L'Amour. It follows the typical story line, but it does it pleasantly. At times I was impatient because I knew what to expect and didn't want to wade through some of the details to get to the fight or showdown.

- prince_hall

L Amour had good knowledge of the old west along with words to describe his srories. Once you start resding. you cant out it down untilts finished. Plan on reading all of the novels which amount to over 200. He makes you feel your in the story while reading.

- samantha_turner

It has been a long time since I've seen a new book by L'Amour. And I was not going to pass any of them up. I have read all of the Sacket series plus many of the books related to that series. I learn many years a go That Mr. L'Amour also wrote quite a few of the Hopalong Cassidy books. I have also read a lot of his Panama Jack books. I will continue to read and recommend his books to others.

- jared_james

The total stranger has all the elements of a good story, covered wagons and hard work, settling the west, with good and bad guys not clearly determined until all the cards are played. I recommend this book for all Louis l’Amour fans.

- zane_johnson

INMO Louise L'Amour is the best Western writer. The Tall Stranger is the third book of his I've read. Its an easy read. Read it in a few hours. This is one of his earlier works.

We see a wagon train heading out to California having problems. Up comes this handsome, charming man in white hat on his horse and tells them there is another route further south. Harper is a lying bad person. He routes the wagon train to a beautiful valley. The bad Harper has deadly gunfighters with him. He plans to use the settlers to start a war with the big valley/ranch owner Bishop so he can take the ranch for himself.

Our hero the tall stranger tells them don't go that way as you will have to fight Indians and a big rancher named Bishop owns the land and there will be trouble. Big Indian fight. and the tall stranger falls in love with a women on the wagon train.

Lots of gunfighting, and a huge fist fight seen. Lots of action. Anyone loving the wild west will like this book.

I won't ruin it for you by saying too much more. Only thing I've noticed so far with the 3 books of Louise L'Amour I've read there seems to be several patterns. Why in each of the books does a horse have to be shot and killed ( 2 good guys' horses and 1 bad guy's horse)? Also all 3 endings are typical and basically the same. I gave Sackett and Silver Canyon 5 stars but this one seems not as strong a character development as the others. The scenery and Western Environment description was fantastic as usual. Can't go wrong reading a Louise L'Amour book so far. The Tall stranger added to our family library. 4 stars.

- boston_collins

This was purchased as a gift for a Louis L'Amour fan who aims to own a copy of every Louis L'Amour book written.

- brady_clark

Another fine example of the master's work . A nice blend of true to life style characters involved in a land steal. There is lots of action and of course some romance . All the ingredients of a good western.

- arya_wright

I started to try Louis L'amour because I had read all 15 of the Sudden books featuring Olever Strange's hero.
Louis is a lot more realistic when it comes to what could really be done with a gun, but he gets a lot nearer than usual to an unbeatable hero in Rock Bannon.
If you wish there were some more Sudden's then try this one.
I have read more than half of the LL's now and this is one of the best 3 for me.

- desiree_murphy

Exelent read good story plenty of action throughout it kept me interested throughout right to the last page good for Louis lamour

- steven_brooks

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