The Teacher's Hook

The Teacher's Hook

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By: Dr. Jim Kay

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Teaching students can be the most rewarding, enjoyable job.

Those teachers who use THE TEACHER'S HOOK, have students who want to be in their class – learning.

Enjoy teaching and become the remarkable teacher students remember.

Learn exactly what your principal expects from you and your collaboration group.

See the make-up work policy your principal secretly wants you to adopt, which will eliminate student failures and parent complaints.

Learn the truth about the forbidden phrase, "teach to the test."

Discover the four words that get students to come to class the next day.

Increase attendance and fill every seat.

What if you could effortlessly increase daily attendance?

What if you could eliminate failures and parent complaints while decreasing student misbehavior?

What if You Could . . .

Make an Impact . . .

Feel Good About Teaching Again . . .

and Be Remembered?

After reading this book, I want to be in the classroom to use the suggestions! These teacher strategies will make a difference in the attitudes of the students. Thanks Dr. Kay
for addressing the common challenges of the classroom for
both the teacher and the student.

- Anonymous

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