The Treasure of Silver Lake

The Treasure of Silver Lake

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By: Karl May and Mary A Thomas

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The Treasure of Silver Lake is one of Karl May's most popular books. The bandits are preparing for a major heist. First they want to steal the wages of the lumberjacks at the Black Bear Creek. Then they want to raid a rich farm in Kansas on their way to robbing a railway station that has money for the construction of the Union Railways. Their final target is the Silver Lake that hides an immense treasure. Old Firehand, who is also heading to the Silver Lake to open a mine there, is determined to foil the bandits' plans. He recruits many famous Westerners for his quest. By the time the group arrives to the edge of Kansas, Winnetou, the chief of the Apache, joins them, and fights alongside Old Firehand. To reach the Silver Lake they have to go to Colorado where the Ute tribes are on the warpath. This is when Old Shatterhand and his friends appear, and after four duels for life or death, they unite with Old Firehand's group. They all go to the Silver Lake together. This unabridged English translation retains the exciting adventures, and the strong moral conviction of May's original book, while modernising the style, and editing parts that were erroneous or may evoke bad associations. With this editing the core of May's world, the action, the dreaming of heroic deeds, and the struggle for a kind of justice have become more emphasised, and more accessible to the modern reader.

The translator has assigned herself the task of efiting and modifying what Karl May wrote. Even if that were not the case, the translation is the clunkiest I have ever read. Entire passages do not even make sense. This book reads as if the German text were translated by an early version of some failed translation software. If the original German text were this awful, no one would have read the book. If it were possible to assign the book zeroes or negative numbers, I would.

- alvaro_phillips

The English is easy English (some parts are way to simplified) but as an adventure novel, one of the bests. It really created a romantic Indian atmosphere. Brilliant.

- jacqueline_mitchell

Strange translation

- gianna_price

My issue is with the translator Mary Thomas. Be aware that what you are getting is NOT the work of Karl May but Mary Thomas' heavily edited, cleansed, purified to her standards, version of Karl May's story. In the forward she talks about removing ethnographic errors, correcting misrepresentations, toning down language and descriptions, removing characters or prejudicial/racist comments, and reducing the roles of characters she felt was "too extreme."
Since when is it a translator's job to do all this?? How can we honestly discuss the work of Karl May if this type of literary dishonesty by the translator mars the original text to fit her politically correct view of life? If we are to judge the work of Karl May, then let us do that, please. NOT Mary Thomas and her censorship scissors gone amok.
One wonders how saccharine and devoid of evil Hitler's Mein Kampf would be after Mary Thomas whacked it to pieces. Mary Thomas needs to get out of the translation business if she cannot provide an honest translation of an author's work(s). It is NOT the translator's task to judge the flaws within a text. It is NOT the translator's role to rob the readers of the original words of the author.
I'd much rather have the words of a flawed author than the flawed and overly fumigated words of a puritan translator bent on censoring things she finds disagreeable. Amazon needs to seriously consider this translation problem and address this issue with the readers and with the translator.
This rating should have been a ZERO, but unfortunately the lowest allowed is 1. DO NOT BUY THIS TRANSLATOR'S CENSORSHIP!! She has transgressed and given a false translation.

- lucia_james

This is a very good, and fluid English translation of Karl May's book. It is translated to the 21st century language, and it worked for me (I'm familiar with the various German editions). It seems to follow the versions that May's German publisher put out in the 1960s. I liked the toned down national prejudices and the complete elimination of racist comments, so I can safely give it to my grandson to read it.
As to the story, it is an adventure book that develops through the heroes' travelling from Arkansas to Kansas and then to Colorado. New figures appear as the tension in the adventures heighten (from a simple burglary, through a siege of a farm and a railway station, to a full war between Native American tribes and the white men. The heroes are so perfect (both in skills and moral) that the young readers can easily identify with them, and they are good role models. There is also plenty of humour in the book that eases the tension time to time. Of course, the reader won't get a faithful picture of the American West, but will get a good series of adventure series set in the a Western context, in which the Native Americans play a positive role.

- magnus_lee

For anyone who likes May's books, do not read! I just have no words. I am still totally stunned. I have read May's books in several languages and this one is the worst. I sincerely hope the translator does not do any more.

- layne_myers

It's a weird style of writing.

- cara_parker

i am very disappointed. the translator edited the book to make it political correct. i gave the book to my husband so he would experience what i read as a child. what translator do this kind of stuff? does she do that to goethe, schiller tec. too. even though karl may is no goethe but it is a time piece. how stupid does she think her readers are so she feels she needs to educate them?

- renata_stewart

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