The Twilight Saga: The Complete Collection (5-Disc Blu-ray + Digital Copies)

The Twilight Saga: The Complete Collection (5-Disc Blu-ray + Digital Copies)

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Really upset because I was excited to add this to my collection and to my digital collection but unfortunately the digital copies expired in 2014. Also if you are ordering the MULTI-MEDIA you do not get the cool book to hold your discs. So no it’s not like the picture shows.

- cesar_hernandez

If I purchase digital copies I expect to be able to access them. I do not have any tolerance for being told my promo code is invalid because I paid extra for digital. This is the second and last time I will ever buy crappy digital copies of anything as it is a waste of money. The people running those websites really need to get their act together. I will make my own digital copies from now on.

- maxwell_allen

I thought I would add to the good reviews on this product and help to debunk some of the claims in the bad ones.

I only tested the actual movie discs since I don't care too much about the special features but

All discs are in English
All discs play properly as far as I can tell {I only started each movie so I could make sure they worked and that I didn't have to return them}

So those two things seem to be the major parts of the bad reviews, on to a little bit else.

I love how the case looks like a book and the images are very pretty {Only missing Emmett as far as the pictures I believe} but I wish it was a bit easier to get the discs out a few of mine have finger prints now that I'll have to clean off later since I didn't realize you could hold the pouch like part open enough to pull the discs out with just your finger but if you know you can its easier, also its a little nerve wracking to push the discs back in sometimes they get stuck but I'm sure its not enough to damage the discs or case unless you are pulling them out all the time as many big fans are out there I highly doubt anyone is watching all the movies about 10 times a day.

But overall it is good just wish I would have notice the pulling out part faster so I didn't have to clean the discs.

- kyra_hughes

Received the very nice boxed set today. Not one of the Ultraviolet codes works - which is the whole reason I purchased this set. The codes state "code may not be valid after 11/5/14." Not pleased.

- zaniyah_anderson

If you're a big fan of the Twilight Saga, then you're going to love this set. If you don't yet own the movies on blu-ray, then this is probably the set you'll want to purchase. If you do already own them, then you need to decide if an upgrade is worth it. I'm not sure if it is, but below is a breakdown of exactly what's in this set (the most important of which is 2 hours of new Bonus Features) so you can decide for yourself.

The packaging is double-sided, with Edward/Bella on the front and Jacob on the back. The blu-ray discs come housed inside an exclusive photo-album case (with the discs inserted into the pages rather than in normal blu-ray cases). Unfortunately, while this type of book-style packaging is nice to look at, it has been known to scratch the discs - you'll want to be very careful removing the discs for viewing.


This is a 10-Disc Blu-Ray set. Here is a breakdown of the discs:

1: TWILIGHT - Movie
2: TWILIGHT - Special Features
3: NEW MOON - Movie
4: NEW MOON - Special Features
5: ECLIPSE - Movie + Special Features
6: BREAKING DAWN PT. 1 - Movie (Theatrical Cut & Extended Edition)
7: BREAKING DAWN PT. 1 - Special Features
8: BREAKING DAWN PT. 2 - Movie
9: BREAKING DAWN PT. 2 - Special Features
10: TWILIGHT FOREVER - Exclusive Bonus Disc

*Also includes an Ultraviolet digital copy of each of the 5 movies.



- Cast retrospective with new interviews
- The Twilight Saga: Breaking Character - Showcases unreleased behind-the-scenes moments on set
- Twilight FAN-omenon - An exploration of the epic phenomenon
- Twilight Forever: Edward's Saga
- Twilight Forever: Jacob's Saga

- The Adventure Begins: The Journey from Page to Screen 7-Part Documentary
- Extended and Deleted Scenes with Director's Introduction
- Audio commentary with director Catherine Hardwicke and actors Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
- Music videos from Muse, Paramore and Linkin Park
- The Comic-Con Phenomenon
- Cast interviews with Stewart, Pattinson, Cam Gigandet, Edi Gathegi and Rachelle Lefevre
- Premiere Red Carpet Footage with Cast Interviews
- A Conversation with Stephenie Meyer
- Becoming Edward
- Becoming Bella
- Music: The Heartbeat of Twilight
- Vampire Kiss Montage
- Bella's Lullaby Remix
- Edward's Piano Concert

- 6-Part Documentary
- Audio commentary with director Chris Weitz and editor Peter Lambert
- Deleted and Extended Scenes
- The Beat Goes On: The Music of The Twilight Saga: New Moon
- Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: The Ultimate Love Triangle
- Introducing the Wolf Pack
- Becoming Jacob
- Edward Goes to Italy
- Jump To Edward & Jump To Jacob features
- Frame by Frame: Storyboards to Screen
- Music videos from Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina and Mutemath
- Behind-the-scenes Rehearsal with Muse
- Fandimonium featurette
- Exclusive Webcast Event footage
- Premiere Red Carpet Footage with Cast Interviews
- Extended Cast Interviews with Pattinson, Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Chris Weitz, the Cullen Family, the Wolf Pack and the Volturi

- The Making Of (6-Part Documentary)
- Audio commentary with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
- Audio commentary with Stephenie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey
- Deleted and Extended Scenes
- Music Videos from Muse and Metric
- Jump To Edward & Jump To Jacob features
- Photo Gallery

- Love, Death, Birth: Filming Breaking Dawn - Part 1, a 6-Part Documentary
- Jacob's Destiny featurette
- Bella and Edward's Personal Wedding Video
- Jump To Edward & Jump To Jacob features
- Music Videos from Bruno Mars, Christina Perri, The Belle Brigade and Iron & Wine
- Audio commentary with director Bill Condon

- Forever: Filming Breaking Dawn - Part 2, 7-Part Making Of documentary
- Two Movies at Once featurette
- Audio commentary with director Bill Condon
- Music Video from Green Day
- Tingles & Chills: Special Vampire Powers
- Carlisle's Contacts: The New Vampires
- Judge, Jury & Executioner: Aro & the Volturi
- Being Charlie Swan
- The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 at Comic Con
- Stars on the Black Carpet

- giovanni_adams

All the discs worked fine, except for "Breaking Dawn" part 2. At around the hour 1:34, it BEGAN to drag, stutter and finally pixelated and totally CRASHED. Lucky for me, I had that flick alone on blueray, and simply queued up where the Saga version disc FAILED. I have not played any of the special features discs, so this review may be subject to revision. I would only hope that the makers of such compilations would have the common sense to vett their work, before sending it as an alpha release to consumers. Clearly I am not the only one who has experienced this issue, so sellers should take note as to what they are selling, and not just the bucks they are earning from Amazon (and other) customers.

- noah_johnson

I bought this box set used and I cannot go on enough about this seller. The box set came in mint condition. It looks brand new. The package was sealed and packing material was immaculate. CD-exchange did an amazing job and will definitely be ordering from them again!

As far as the movies go...well I really love 2 out of 5 of these but my daughter loves them all so we needed the set but the first 2 are great to me and Breaking Dawn 1 is pretty good too. The 3rd one could have been good without the Victoria cast change.

Update: I started to binge watch these last night and I'm at the first breaking dawn. The first Twilight movie at scene 6 freezes and then shuts down the blu ray player completely. This is no fault of the seller as there isn't one scratch on them! This obviously is a defect from manufacturing. The rest of the movies play fine so far. Disappointed that I'll have to purchase the Twilight movie separately to replace the bad one.

- alonzo_thompson

l had been told that the films were not worthy of the novels as is often the case, and also the actors chosen to personify the roles are often a great disappointment. What a pleasant surprise to discover that the rendering of the novels is not only faithful to the atmosphere of the books despite some necessary changes and short cuts to the story but the characters are perfectly chosen to fit the roles. I would say that with the excellent special effects, certain scenes that l had found difficult to visualise were so well rendered that they put my imagination to shame. What a perfect Edward, an excellent "ordinary" but not so plain Bella. I haven't had time to get through all five DVDs and hope the others live up to standard. The beautiful music throughout the film , l suppose a lot of "Muse" gives backup and depth to the scenario.

- layne_myers

I got this new box set. I already owned the black set but liked the look of the 10th anniversary white one. The one thing I don’t like about it is breaking dawn part one is no longer the extended edition version I prefer. Not yet had a chance to watch new special features. A bonus to the other set is that the discs fit in better. I am pleased to have both.

- zion_ramirez

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