The Umbrella Man and Other Stories

The Umbrella Man and Other Stories

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By: Roald Dahl

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Is it really possible to invent a machine that does the job of a writer? What is it about the landlady's house that makes it so hard for her guests to leave? Does Sir Basil Turton value most his wife or one of his priceless sculptures? These compelling tales are a perfect introduction to the adult writing of a storytelling genius.
Uneven short stories that at times really don’t go anywhere. A few plodded along then abruptly ended.
Not a great collection.

- ahmed_anderson

Many of us remember reading Dahl's stories as children and may consider him to be a children's author: his adult fiction is very good. His short stories are the perfect length for bedtime reading, the plot moves quickly and there is generally an enjoyable twist at the end. Recommended for anyone who would like to spend 10-15 minutes at a stretch with some non-serious reading.

- jonah_diaz

A terrific collection of short stories from a truly amazing author! I like that I'm able to enjoy this collection so much and also share it with my 12 yr old daughter on her Kindle reader. The stories in this collection are very imaginative and well written.

- august_price

Received item quickly....just as described!

- sonia_chavez

This story will bring joy to the reader, nice copy.

- evan_wood

Its a good book. I didn't realize it was used but the condition was excellent.

- breanna_lewis

I'm holding back on a five-star until I see something really outstanding. Still, Roald Dahl can absolutely grab your attention. He's someone you can pick up and read and still want more.

- jazlynn_nguyen

Wonderful short stories with a nice twist at the end of each!

- charlie_turner

Buen libro para un nivel intermediate de inglés, sobretodo por su precio.
Pequeñas historias fáciles de leer y muy entretenidas.

- william_williams





- jamal_collins


- franco_ramirez

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