The Warren Buffett Shareholder: Stories from Inside the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

The Warren Buffett Shareholder: Stories from Inside the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

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By: Lawrence A. Cunningham, Stephanie Cuba, et al.

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In this engaging collection of stories, 43 veterans of the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting explain why throngs attend year after year. Beyond the highlights of Warren's wisdom displayed on stage in his day-long Q&A with vice chairman Charlie Munger, these experts reveal the Berkshire meeting as a community gathering of fun, fellowship, and learning.

The contributors, who include a dozen best-selling authors and many famous investors, whisk listeners through the exciting events surrounding the meeting - book signings, panel discussions, and social gatherings - and share the pulse of this distinctive corporate culture. Spanning decades, the audiobook offers glimpses of the past and ideas on what lies ahead.

To learn about what makes Buffett's shareholders tick and what happens at the Berkshire meeting, or to reminisce about past meetings, make this delightful audiobook your companion.

Whether or not you have ever attended the annual meeting, if you are an admirer of Warren and Charlie, you’re going to enjoy this book. Larry and Stephanie do an exceptional job bringing together the Buffett gurus to share their interesting and enlightening stories about the first weekend in May in Omaha. I’m waiting for the sequel.

- uriel_sanchez

I have read letters till 1980 so far.Letters reveal the amazing personality of Warren Buffett. What impressed me was , self criticism and the honesty to own up the mistakes. He gives credit to the managers for the success and careful in opportioning the blame. The book is a treasure to me.

- jayden_allen

Fabulous book all investors should read it!

- oakley_ward

I have gone to the meeting for the past 5 years, but missed this one. After getting over my initial FOMO, I was delighted to find out that this book would arrive just in time for me to enjoy while I watched the webcast of the meeting.

And then I REALLY had FOMO.

Cunningham/Cuba do a phenomenal job of curating and arranging these perspectives to imitate the environment of the meeting and surrounding weekend events, and will really make it feel like you're there. If you don't go, you'll really wish to be a part of the events/networking/ethos.

One thing that I was very impressed with was a constant theme of humility. These are accounts from some of the most studied scholars and biggest names in investing and finance, and there was a constant sense of respect and lifelong learning. In Cunningham's forward, he speaks about "coaching" the essayists not to use the regular tropes-- "woodstock of capitalism," etc-- Cunningham's guidance REALLY made the difference when it came to these essays. I was afraid they would get repetitive, especially having been to Omaha a couple of times myself, but no, each essay was extremely enthralling to the very end.

- oakley_kelly

For people who have not been to the annual meeting, it is difficult to describe what it is like and why people go back again and again. That is in part due to there is not one single factor, it is a range of experiences. Cunningham and Cuba's book collects many different perspectives from long term attendees with diverse backgrounds and delivers fresh insights on what drives those pursuing continuous learning. There are numerous standouts- Shane Parrish on why people keep coming back, Tom Gayner on applying the lessons to other businesses, Chuck Akre for sheer longevity, Karen Linder on history and emerging role of women in Berkshire culture, and Jim Ross on the view from Omaha, each of these and many more are worth the price by themselves.

- brock_lee

Such a well written account of the most famous investor of our times and the big weekend that we all want to attend. Written by such an astute team, I look forward to more from this dynamite duo!

- rey_morgan

Great book

- ronnie_sanders

Fascinating insights from an amazing group of shareholders. High quality and digestible writing throughout. Two thumbs up for an easy but smart read.

- blaire_wilson

Didn’t really grab me, but a few useful nuggets in there. Not a classic, but enjoyable. Testament to how great a man Buffet is..

- jackson_martin

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