The Warren Buffett Way Workbook

The Warren Buffett Way Workbook

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By: Robert G. Hagstrom and Russell Rhoads

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The Warren Buffett Way Workbook consists of over 500 questions and answers to help readers of The Warren Buffett Way reinforce and cement their knowledge of Buffett’s hugely successful investment approach. The Workbook follows The Warren Buffett Way, 3e, providing a combination of multiple choice and essay questions for each chapter in the core book. Given the depth and range of questions, a reader who masters the material in the Workbook will be equipped with the knowledge to begin to apply Buffett’s methods to his/her own investment portfolio. All answers are provided in the Workbook, including answers to the essay questions. The perfect accompaniment to The Warren Buffett Way, 3e and The Warren Buffett Way Video Course, the Workbook will provide readers with a sure path to begin investing just like Warren Buffett.

As I have gotten older, I find I read less carefully than when I was younger. This study guide forced me to retain a lot more info about the WBWay. Sometimes they ask some questions that are not that useful- (Was it Sharpe or Merton or Merkowitcz who developed the idea of Covariance), but I particularly liked the questions that checked to see if you understood the material.

Some of the reviews here clearly were useless about learning about this book. I felt this was a useful addition if you want to learn the methods well. What this series does not give you is practical hands-on valuation. It is more general than that, but gives you a strategic way to approach the purchase of securities.

Very useful book if you are going to read the Warren Buffett Way and want to implement the program with your portfolio. .

- elora_nguyen

Great book, I would buy it again.

- brianna_thompson

Great investment for rookie Stock investor

- kairo_williams

I have listened to the audiobook version many, many times--- and always enjoy it.

- grant_bailey

This book was my first foray into Warren's investing strategy. It's very good.

- laura_flores

Good info, but is really more akin to clifnotes then a workbook.

- amelia_davis

I got alot out of this book.

- miguel_ramos

Excellent Exercises!

- carolyn_green

First in english, then in german:

I bought this book together with 'the buffett way'. So after reading 'the buffett way' I opened the workbook for the first time and got really disappointed. I expected that the workbook is something like: What would buffett do in this situation? But its not. Its just like a class test with questions testing if you remember what was written in the specific chapters.

Instead of buying this workbook you could simply read 'the buffett way' one more time. It really makes no difference....


Ich habe das Buch zusammen mit "The Buffett Way" gekauft. Nachdem ich das Buch fertiggelesen habe, dachte ich, dass es an der Zeit ist mit dem Workbook zu starten. Als ich das Workbook zum ersten mal aufgeklappt habe, war die Enttäuschung groß. Ich dachte das Workbook hat Anwendungsfragen abseits des Buches wie z.B. "Was würde Buffett in dieser Situation tun?" Leider war es nicht so. Das Buch ist aufgebaut wie eine Klassenarbeit, in der es nur darum geht, das gelesene in jedem Kapitel abzufragen.

Anstatt dieses Workbook zu kaufen kann man "The Buffett Way" auch einfach noch einmal lesen. Das macht wirklich keinen Unterschied.

- nova_patel


- monica_sanchez

Very good

- ivy_davis

One of the best book about Warren's method to invest and think. Highly recommended.

- emmie_hughes

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