The Women of Berkshire Hathaway: Lessons from Warren Buffett's Female CEOs and Directors

The Women of Berkshire Hathaway: Lessons from Warren Buffett's Female CEOs and Directors

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By: Karen Linder

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A fascinating look at the top women at Berkshire Hathaway and how they got there

Although proportionally women continue to lag far behind men as CEOs and board members at major institutions, there has been a marked uptick in the number of female business leaders in recent years. Looking at the changes that have happened at Berkshire Hathaway―Warren Buffett's holding company, The Women of Berkshire Hathaway: Lessons from Warren Buffett's Female CEOs and Directors provides a unique look at the gradual shattering of the glass ceiling at one of America's top firms.

An influx of female leadership over the past few years―today there are four female CEOs, up from just one a decade ago―has invigorated Berkshire Hathaway with energy and unique female insight. Profiling these remarkable women, the book provides motivational and management information for a wide range of readers, from business students to Buffett fans.

  • Looks closely at the female board members of Berkshire Hathaway and the female managers who run Berkshire Hathaway companies
  • Follows the paths that brought these women to their current positions
  • Explores their working relationship with their employees and Warren Buffett, and how they balance work and their private lives

The only book focusing on eight of the most powerful women at Berkshire Hathaway, The Women of Berkshire Hathaway is an inspirational read about the triumph of a group of remarkable women within a company once dominated by men.

This is a great read for business women and for any other woman who wants to learn about successful woman. Even if you do not know anything about Berkshire, buy it and learn about how to be successful.

- thomas_mitchell

It's present for my granddaughters so it will be sometime in the future them to read and explore.

- emerald_ward

Every book about Buffett is worth its weight in GOLD

- craig_wood

What great women and an awesome history lesson of great business women. Great reminder of why history repeats itself. Very thoughtful business lessons to apply today.

- gwendolyn_ward

Time is well spent reading this book learning how different women rose to the top. Very inspiring to this mother of daughters.

- zariah_campbell

I thought this book would inspire my growing entrepreneurial spirit. The women in this book have done some amazing things and some have lived fascinating lives. Unfortunately the author has written about them in a way to make them seem flat and not really relevant. In the end it seemed like something a high schooler would write when doing a project for school. No real insight into how there lives shaped their business philosophy. It also seemed like much of the really interesting parts of their lives were skipped over to spend time telling us how great they thought Warren Buffet is. I agree he is great but did not read this book to learn about him.

- brooklynn_taylor

I thoroughly enjoyed this carefully researched book based on the stories about successful women and the ethical businesses and corporations where they worked. The inside information such as how to position yourself to be in the right place at the right time (it's not all luck of course) is useful and entertaining. It was interesting to be educated on how and where to shop. For instance if I ever need to shop for fine jewelry, I now know to ask about the "store price." There is a wealth of information about running businesses including home sales throughout the book.

It was a real pleasure to read about Berkshire Hathaway and other corporations that function with high standards of integrity. We hear so much of greedy executives bleeding companies dry - leaving employees and investors in the ruins. None of that goes on here. I knew that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were involved in many humanitarian organizations but did not realize how positively it reflected on their businesses and corporate cultures. There is much to admire about the women executives who are so vitally important to them.

Each woman and the circumstances leading to her success is different. There is no single plan of success, but the tips are sincere and valuable. The author, Karen Linder, writes with authority gained from personal experience. She ran her own company which she started in Omaha and has now organized a second one. In the spirit of integrity exemplified by the women and men in this book I want to disclose that I have known Karen for many years through our mutual association in laboratory science.

- ellis_torres

It's difficult to find books that capture the journey of female leaders, and just how unique the path to success is for each one of them. This book succinctly lays out the rise to leadership for Berkshire Hathaway's female leaders. I particularly love the Rose Blumkin and Doris Christopher journeys -- wow! Karen Linder perfectly captured how vision (however small or large it may have been to start with) infused with hard work, dedication, and strong partnerships led to success for each of these leaders.

I love how each of the women were able to use their God-given strengths and talents, specifically their high focus on people, on their journey to success -- not the tyrant women we are sometimes told we have to be to "make it" in the business world.

- estelle_price

Its a very good read

- greysen_edwards

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