Things Have Changed

Things Have Changed

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By: Bob Dylan

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"Things Have Changed" is a Dylan song in the style of "Time Out of Mind" and is excellent, as expected. The live version of "Song to Woody" is a rare live gem that is worth more than the price of this CD. "To Make You Feel My Love" is a good, solid version typical of his live shows. It is nothing outstanding, but is a welcome addition to the scarcity of commercially-available live tracks. It is incomprehensible why "Hurricane" -- lifted directly from the "Desire" album -- was included. It fits this disc neither in theme nor style, and detracts from the total listening experience. What was Columbia thinking? 5 points for Dylan, 4 for the compilation.

- messiah_ross

Great CD, but beware that the "Things Have Changed" cut is the radio edit. To get the full version of the song, you have to get the Japanese import or the "Wonder Boys" soundtrack.

- julius_scott

The version of Things Have Changed is a so called radio edit, a shortened version. Lord, I didn't think they still did that anymore. But you can get the full version of the song on the "Essential Bob Dylan" compilation. Putting "Hurricane" on here was a dumb idea, it's right off the "Desire" album and doesn't fit in. "To Make You Feel My Love," is a nice live version, but "Song for Woody," is freaking outstanding.

Someday Sony should gather all these live mini CDs they've done and put together a "Never Ending Tour" CD. It would be huge. Anyway I can only give this CD single four stars. It's cuz of that radio edit and Hurricane. There really was no excuse. Bad Sony.

- kimberly_murphy

I am a huge Bob fan. I have tried to collect all legally available live recordings, and this is the best (only?) place to get the live version of "Song To Woody". But it has a skip at 2:54. I complained, and was very helpful and sent me another copy that also had the same skip. So they sent me another copy that also had the same skip. So they referred me to Sony Music Customer Service, who were not terribly helpful, but did send me another copy. With the same skip. Everything else on this CD is available elsewhere so I would say this disc is for nut case completists like myself only. But even to those like me I say, beware the skip.

- lennon_hall

An excellent way to obtain Bob's new song from the Wonder Boys soundtrack plus get an outstanding version of "Song to Woody" recorded on the Fall 99 Tour, and "Make you Feel My Love" recorded live Winter 99. In additon, the original version of "Hurricane" is included.

- avery_watson

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