Think BIG and Kick Ass in Business and Life

Think BIG and Kick Ass in Business and Life

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By: Donald J. Trump, Bill Zanker, et al.

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He's got the biggest personality in business. His trademark line "You're fired" from The Apprentice is one of America's most recognizable catchphrases. He's survived the biggest real-estate bankruptcy in history and climbed his way back to the top.

He's Donald J. Trump, and he's going to reveal to listeners the secrets to succeeding like he has in Think BIG and Kick Ass in Business and Life. His co-author is Bill Zanker, CEO of the Learning Annex, which he started with $5,000 in Bar Mitzvah money. It's now one of Inc. magazine's 500 Fastest Growing Companies for the second straight year, with over $100 million in sales.

Together, they think BIG! And now, listeners will learn how they too can kick ass and achieve the success they've always dreamed of in business - and in their personal lives as well.

This audiobook is filled with the authors' incredible personal stories from their rough-and-tumble rise to the top of their fields, plus the experiences of other top achievers, including Russell Simmons, Mark Burnett, and Vince McMahon. Readers will get the inside story on Trump's recent clash with Rosie O'Donnell, how not to crack under pressure, the secrets to staying focused, how Trump himself stumbled and recovered multiple times on his way to the top, and much more.

The book features the Trump IT test, which will drive listeners to see if they have what IT takes and in what areas they need to kick it up, plus a selection of the best Q & A's from Trump's incredibly popular Learning Annex Wealth Expos and true stories of success from students who are already practicing his "Think BIG" strategies.

I proceded in caution, I was aware about the opinion many people had on trump. I saw this book on Barnes and No. and I thought, "Well maybe he is not as bas a he seems." I always believed that a person should look at the results instead of how the rumors made them to be.

After scanning the first page I knew for sure I got to buy it. I find out that it would be cheaper on Amazon. By now read it every day for an hour after I wake up, I consider Trump my philosopher now. There are a lot of stories here but like he said, "...make my attitude your attitude..." I try to remember perfectly every single great paragraph or quote in here.

Don't be scammed by how the rumors make it to be ;)

- hana_kim

Nearly done with the book reading through the book skipping Zenkers take to avoid someone else's interpretation of the material. If you want to understand how Trump operates all you got to do is read this book. I don't know why anyone is surprised about how Trump does his job when he clearly tells you what he wants and how determined he is to get it done. Good to know that this man is in office because he cares more about winning than money therefore if the country wins he wins and thats good for everyone.

- mary_sanchez

This is an excellent book for everyone to read. So many people misunderstand President Trump. If they take the time to learn where he is coming from deep down inside, they will see he is a genius to say the least. TRUMP IN 2020!

- ariyah_ramirez

Sent as a gift. I haven't read it. I voted for Hillary. What a mistake. Trump turned out to be better than I thought possible. The "fake" news is really fake news.

- olivia_johnson

This book is the best Donald Trump, i clearly understand why Donald Trump does what he does in the business world and how he treats people. he always thinks big and this info in this book helped me a long way. he is the greatest business man of all time i gotta admit and respect his passion for what he does as well i am being straight forward honest.

- kennedi_green

in a time where everyone wants to KNOCK you down and CONTROL your life. this book reinforces the fact; YOU CAN DO IT.

- liv_howard

I wanted to read this book to see if I could understand the President - I'm not much of a Trump fan, but his book confirms his aggressive, take-no-prisoners personality has not changed - he behaves today as he advocates to behave in this book. It actually is a pretty good insight into how his presidency is being conducted. He writes about 'when someone attacks you, double-down and attack back even harder'....not my style, but definitely what we have seen him do as President. In the book he is very candid about how he practically lost everything and was on the verge of bankruptcy - I found it very insightful to read about his thinking. I recommend folks read it, or at least part of it to better understand the personality and behavior we see in President Trump. (As for his business advice - I didn't find it very help nor positive.
I got about half-way through then heard that he recently gave a medal to tiger woods and pardoned conrad black - two dishonest reprehensible thugs...I thru the book away at that point.

- rosa_bailey

I was looking for a book on contracts since my work with block chain technology will often involve contracts and I wanted a better understanding of the topic from someone with lots of experience.

Well, this book is much, much more than that. Donald teaches you his attitude in doing business. With examples from life and business accompanied by meaningful explanations of why we should act in a like manner, he's made me rethink my modus operandi.

- anahi_jackson

Thanks to 'The Apprentice USA', Donald Trump has re-emerged as a major figure within 21st century pop culture. It is easy to mock him. But reading this series of self-improvement books really does gives us wonderful insights in to what separates the mind of a multi-billionaire from the rest of the 7 billion people on this planet.

As the title says, it is all about coming up with the big ideas and dreams. And then, doing all you can to realise them. Life really is brief. So, why think along small steps? This is the thinking behind Donald Trump.

If you were into the works of people like Anthony Robbins and Paul McKenna, you would love this book. Re-reading some of its chapters on a weekly basis really do have an energising effect on one's mind. With other books within this genre, one has to question whether its author or authors had really achieved real success. I'm interested in getting advice about success from men and women who had really achieved extraordinary things. And in this case, Donald Trump is part of the aristocracy of great entrepreneurs. If you want to learn about how to make the best of your life and talents, this is one of those books you must read.

- paxton_garcia

Without doubt a masterpiece. I thought the guy was a bit of a dick when he become president. Read this book and the guy deserved to be where he is and has my respect. Superb advice. Absorb each chapter and re-read and then act. You won't regret it.

- aiyana_carter

Great book, so very glad I got it. Really some great mindset values learned

- reina_hernandez

In short words - nice, motivational and really fuels you up to chase what you are after.

- roland_lewis


- achilles_lopez

the trump approach could not have served him better, why not me?

- alex_gomez

This book is truly inspirational! Well written (not dry like most self help books!) and full of useful suggestions to improve your life instantly! Donald manages to mix real life examples with practical suggestions to become successful in life! Anything in life is possible once you learn to think big, very few of us can do it, but the successful people in life do. This book will show you how! Don't be shy, give it a try, you'll surprise yourself!

- cole_anderson

Dies ist nun schon mein zweites Trump-Buch nach "The Art of the Deal". Ich denke, jetzt ein besseres Verständnis davon zu haben, wie der neue amerikanische Präsident tickt - warum er von niemandem so richtig liebgehabt wird und warum er als Geschäftsmann so erfolgreich war - und es in der Politik vermutlich auch sein wird.

Die Medien haben sich auf ihn eingeschossen - "VIEL FEIND, VIEL EHR". Ich würde mir wünschen, unsere bekannten Allerweltsjournalisten hätten sich auch einmal die Mühe gemacht, erst einmal zu lesen statt immer nur abzuschreiben und nachzuplappern, was gerade angesagt scheint. Es ist doch so billig, auf einen fahrenden Zug aufzuspringen und seinen politisch "korrekten" primitiven Antiamerikanismus nach Herzenslust auszuleben. Wenn ich mir die Talk-Shows so ansehe, sind es dankenswerterweise immer die Gäste, welche die Diskussion wieder einfangen und die Moderatorinnen zur Sachlichkeit zurück führen. Das hätte ich nicht gedacht. Das große TRUMP-BASHING ist vorerst abgesagt, auch wenn die Medien ihre alten BUSH-BASHER offenbar wieder aus der Plünnenkiste herausgekramt haben. Man kann die Nummer auch nicht endlos fortsetzen.

Endlich: zu diesem Buch.

Das ist ein Motivations-Buch nach dem Motto: Ich habe es geschafft und viele andere haben es auch geschafft und Du kannst es auch schaffen, wenn Du die Sache nur ernsthaft genug betreibst. Mit dieser Masche ziehen die Vortragsreisenden durch die Kongresszentren und vermarkten die Bekanntheit ihres Namens. Und die Leute wollen so etwas hören und zahlen dafür hohe Eintrittsgelder. Am Ende sind alle happy - und schaffen es trotzdem nicht nach oben.

TRUMP hat es nicht nötig, auf die Vortragshonorare zu schielen - er versteht das Ganze mehr als "giving back". Sein Co-Autor ist aber mit genau dieser Nummer reich geworden. Das ist spannend zu lesen - vermutlich aber nicht so einfach wiederholbar. Ich würde sehr gerne einmal "THE APPRENTICE" im Fernsehen anschauen um mir ein eigenes Bild zu machen von der TRUMP-Show. Gerne in Englisch. Aber vielleicht kommt das ja noch ...


Sie werden NICHT reich, NICHT erfolgreich und NICHT zum Frauenschwarm, wenn sie dieses Buch gelesen haben. Sie können aber jetzt NOCH BESSER einschätzen, woran es bei Ihnen liegt und was SIE von Präsident TRUMP unterscheidet. Sehen Sie dieses "Werk" also nicht als Ratgeber, sondern ziehen Sie Ihre eigenen Rückschlüsse auf den Autor - und warum sie ihn nicht mögen, auch wenn er erfolgreich ist ... oder gerade deswegen. DANKE.

- isaias_rivera

Best book arrived on time!

- heavenly_james

Bought for someone

- camdyn_perez

I bought this as i wanted to understand something about Trump as he wanted to build a golf course close to where i live but people objected. I can understand why he is a success and if you embrace the principles of this book i think it will have a positive impact on your life. I think our community has missed out by not having his energy come to the area.

- evelyn_rodriguez

Interesting and motivational especially if you like reading about very wealthy big players like him, someone who had a good start in life and has pulled off some incredible deals, good read.

- norah_scott


- laurel_long

I buy these sort of books to keep the Faith in life - this book gives wonderful inspirational vibes to go and make things happen in ones life.

- blaire_wilson

The book has very interesting point of view. The view of the winner.

- emerie_williams

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