Thor: Ragnarok (4K UHD)

Thor: Ragnarok (4K UHD)

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It's a shame that Disney appears to have completely discontinued support for 3D blu-rays in the US (The Last Jedi didn't get a domestic 3D either, so that pretty much makes it official I suppose).
That being said, if you do have a 3D capable system at home this is a great presentation. Thor Ragnarok features IMax switching aspect ratios, where many high impact scenes open up to fill more of the screen - a really great enhancement to the 3D effect. My 5 star review is for the superb 3D blu-ray, Disney gets 0 stars for skipping a domestic release.

As for the inflated pricing, these are imported discs being sold by third parties so that's what happens when a studio bails on a major market and creates a demand vacuum...
The good news is that (so far) Disney's 3D blu-rays released in the UK have been region free, so if you don't mind waiting a bit for the overseas shipping, don't hesitate to grab this from Amazon UK. Well worth the wait if you're a 3D fan!

- julianna_sanders

I took my wife to see this and she is not a comic book fan AT ALL! We are both 60+ seniors and we both enjoyed the movie immensely. I'm grew up on the "Silver Age" of comics, mostly DC with the occasional Spidey, Submariner, Hulk, Iron Man, & THOR.. WOR, Channel 9 in New York used to run a Marvel series back in the late 60's and I loved 'em (You can watch them on YouTube). As a matter of fact this was the show that created the great Spidey theme song that even The Ramones covered. "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can..." is a tune that I still sing to this day. Getting back to the subject at hand - "Thor: Ragnarock". Chris Hemsworth is charming and extremely likeable and that is what makes this movie work so well. It's a special something that even Downey Jr. doesn't have. While RDJ is likeable, his charm seems to be slightly forced. It’s not as comforting as Hemsworth's charm seems to be. I'm a hetero through & through yet I have to admit to having a wee bit of a bro-mance with CH. As a child of the 60's & 70's I prefer Hemsworth's Thor with the long locks. I mean when you think of Thor, you think of the Hammer and the long blonde, Scandanavian locks but he's so handsome he could have a freakin' Mohawk and he would look amazing.
I'm not a huge Mark Ruffalo fan and while he has done a good job with his run of the Hulk character, when he is in the David Banner "mode" (for lack of a better term) is cerrainly the weak link of all the main character. Though it's in the Hulk form where he really shines. The one and only unique Jeff Goldblum is as quirky and charming as always - even whilst playing a villain. As usual Tom Hiddleston's Loki is frustrating. Though, this is not a knock on Hiddleston - on the contrary. I say frustrating only because of his likeability as an person makes you wishing he was always one of thd "good guys". I don't want to add spoilers so that's all that I'll say about Loki. Idris Elba as usual is magnificent as is Cate Blanchett, who is almost unrecognizable as Hela. She's the actor that Streep use to be. Tessa Thompson who I became of aware of in "Creed" where her quiet sensuality almost stole that movie was another bright spot in a movie that had many.
What really pushed this movie to the top 5 of my favorite super hero of all-time - ironically - was the COMEDY! Yes, I said comedy. I went to see this weeks after it had hit the theatres so there was my wife, myself, & two guys in the that was if! Well the four of us were belly laughing throughout the entire movie. Even during most of the many action scenes. Laughter is what will always come to mind when I think of "Thor: Ragnarock", knee-slapping laughter.

- leona_phillips

They diminished the Avengers franchise for me with this one.In the previous years of Avengers movies we were entertained by the ongoing evolution of stellar special effects combined with well written drama.There was great emphasis placed on creating a mood of seriousness and sense of danger and peril for the Avengers.A little comedy sprinkled here and there was ok and it really didnt hurt the over all sense of drama.But Ragnarock is void of the drama and sense of excitement and seriousness that made the Avenger franchise so great.While stellar special effects are in great supply in Ragnarock the drama,the tension and edge of your seat excitement is not.The movie has two story lines,one makes sense and the other
does'nt.The flick moves from one liner gaffes to slapstick keystone cop type humor.One minute Thor is being the god of thunder and the next minute he is able to be subdued by a net while thugs kick the crap out of him,its plain stupid.Nearly everything that happens in the movie has an attempt at dumb juvenile comedy imposed on it.What a disappointment.

- dylan_lewis

This is the BEST of the Thor movies. It's got action and humor and has a slick look and a pretty keen soundtrack. Performances are spot on. I highly recommend it and would be a welcome addition to your MCU movie collection. Enjoy.

- lorenzo_long

This is a Region Free Blu-ray 3D disc. And the 3D is one of the best 3D home presentations that has been out there. The film is terrific. Best of the three Thor movies. The comedy and music in this is brilliant. The visuals just pop out at you. The film also goes from letterbox to full screen when certain scenes were shot in the IMAX format. Get this 3D disc if you can. It's a shame that the U.S. have abandoned the 3D format for most of the films out there. Thank you Amazon for having this on sale for us 3D enthusiasts!!!! One thing though...myself and some other buyers did not receive a slipcover. No biggie to me but beware if you do. Really great 3D!!!!!!

- karter_reed

The movie is great. This review is how Amazon handles it's "bonus features." Unlike Itunes, which incorporates a menu system, Amazon throws them all in at the end, making you have to "fast forward" through them. There's also no audio commentary. For a company like Amazon to have such a lazy interface is a real disappointment.

- jimena_garcia

This might be my new favourite MCU film. Hemsworth is fabulous, Hiddleston also and their brother partnership again works incredibly well. Blanchett makes a great villain really pushes things along. The ensemble cast Ruffalo, Idris, Urban, Thompson, Goldblum are such fun to watch move through the film. And Cumberbatch in this film makes me want to see a Dr Strange 2.

I liked the previous two Thor films but this one really tops those. A fantastic end to the Thor solo stories, although I think Hemsworth would keep playing the heroe as long as they keep writing great films like this.

- arianna_gray

Thor Ragnarok manages to triumph in both story delivery and production value, offering one of the most unique, engaging and visually spectacular MCU movies to date, and is a must-have 4K/UHD BR for your collection.

Upscaled from a 2K digital intermediate, the 4K/UHD BR of Thor Ragnarok offers a noticeable improvement over its 1080p Blu-Ray counterpart, but isn't top tier on sheer pixel performance. There is enough detail to satisfy, but it doesn't grant that "Holy balls!" factor that a true 4K/UHD scan could offer.

However, when the 4K/UHD upscale is combined with the excellent HDR (HDR-10) implementation and delivery, the imagery throughout the movie is pure eye-pleasure. From inky blacks to startlingly blinding cracks of lightning, all the way to deep, numerous shades of reds, oranges and yellows which make up raging fires, the HDR performance makes this movie gorgeous.

Where the HDR performance is a raging fire, the audio delivery is more of a smouldering fire.. Although the 4K/UHD BR offers a Dolby Atmos audio certification, Thor Ragnarok lacks that rich low end that good sound systems can deliver, meaning that whilst perfectly adequate for most, audio files might feel unsatisfied when expecting that immensely 'meaty' audio to match the visuals.

- mariam_evans

Firstly, Thor ragnorak is Visually stunning, full of vibrant special effects and great cinematography.

The film is fast paced, action packed with lots of light humour. One of the more memorable moments being the gladiatorial clash between the Mighty Thor and Incredible Hulk

In my view Thor Ragnorak is one of the stronger Marvel adaptations and certainly the strongest Thor movie, a must see for all marvel fans!!

- grant_bailey

Eye popping COLOR/COLOUR is extraordinary and the 3-d on this disc is the best I have seen on live action home video, better than I saw in theatre. Sound placement is discrete and appropriately separated and placed. There aren't really that many darks, but they seem to have depth, and resolution of the image is detailed. I have a passive 3-d LG big screen television, can't guarantee the same results on flicker 3-d systems.

The story is fun with little nuance, and Blanchett inhabits Hela without camp, if walking around with an antler headdress can be anything but camp, she accomplishes it. As the Grandmaster, Jeff Goldblum definitely is CAMP and appropriately so. Chris Hemsworth looses a bit of his staunchness and we see a more human side to the Norse god. This is also true for Idris Elba's Heimdel, who gets to do more than stand guard at the gate.

Very minor spoiler alert - we even get a play within the film with Luke Hemsworth playing Thor and Sam Neil as Odin, a fun doppelgänger situation.

Don't expect Shakespeare, let go and have a fun ride - worth every star !

- ariel_bennet

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