Trump's Brain: An FBI Profile of Donald Trump: Predicting Trump's Actions and Presidency

Trump's Brain: An FBI Profile of Donald Trump: Predicting Trump's Actions and Presidency

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By: Dr Decker

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Learn how Donald Trump thinks and never be surprised again. Read the book that predicted it all.

Published in January 2017, this booklet accurately predicted much of the Trump presidency. It teaches you how FBI profiling works to predict behavior as well as specific actions Donald Trump would take as president.

This booklet can show you how to make accurate predictions for Donald Trump by yourself, as well as predict actions by people with a similar personality type to Trump.

And now you get to enjoy seeing which predictions came true. While not every prediction has occurred, you will be amazed at how accurate some predictions were.

This is a non-partisan examination of Donald Trump. It is neither "pro" nor "anti" Trump. It is meant as an FBI-like psychological profile that predicted the likely actions of President Trump before he was inaugurated.
This book is succinct, accurate, factual and non-political. I'm familiar with the medical definition of a narcissist and I think this book explains it well to those who don't know much about narcissistic behavior. This book leaves no room for doubt that Trump is a narcissistic; if you're looking for a book that debates details or quibbles on the main issue (whether Trump actually fits the definition of a narcissist), this book isn't for you.

However, if you want to understand what a narcissist is, what's wrong with Mr. Trump, &/or what to expect from his unconventional, chaotic, and concerning presidency, it's worth a read.

The info is organized. First, it describes narcissistic traits and motivations. Second, it lists general behaviours that narcissists exhibit. Third, and last, it uses the aforementioned narcissistic traits & Mr. Trump's past behavior to predict Mr. Trump's actions during his presidency.

Bottom line: Recommend if you want a fast, easy to read, clear, concise, accurate explanation, analysis & prediction of our current POTUS's narcissism and how it will affect his presidency.

- angelo_allen

Short and to the factual point. Most of the things have already come to pass. I just pray he is correct in his conclusion that Trump WILL NOT be reelected, or better yet, impeached. Along with the whole lot of them, including the vice president. Now that would be draining the swamp.....

- clarissa_cox

This is not really a book, but is instead a brief paper that delves into the properties of the behavioral disorder of narcissism, and then applies it to president Donald Trump.

This document was created by someone not affiliated with the FBI or the department of justice but who is very familiar with the processes used to create a profile of someone within the bureau.

If in fact this paper was created the day before president Trump‘s inauguration, as is claimed, it is nothing short of miraculous. But what is most important is that this is a document that lets us understand narcissism and how it affects the people who are inflicted and how very dangerous it is for those people who are controlled by a narcissist.

I do not regret having spent the paltry amount of money on this as President Trump is not the only narcissist in my life. And just because it’s a 30 minute read, even moving carefully, does not under value the quality in the content.

The author has used a pseudonym choosing to remain anonymous. This too is a very telling element of how we should protect ourselves when affected by someone who is afflicted with narcissism. All in all this was a great little book. And it is, indeed, little. It makes Strunk & White’s “elements of style“ look like a full sized reference book.

Go ahead. Do it.

- fernanda_allen

This is a very brief description of a class of thought disorder with an example of how people manifest their disease across the broad spectrum of the disorder. Completed on January 19, 2017, the author describes how a thought disorder might manifest itself in Trump's public and private world as he assumes the post of the president of the United States.

As an attorney with a fairly constant exposure to people with thought disorders in my clients, or in the defendants, the author's outline reads as though it was the executive summary and predicate to the trial expert's report.

Alas, the time has not come for the rest of the analyses. This summary is an excellent introduction for the lay public and I urge anybody who has the slightest interest in our president's odd behavior to spend a buck, read the substance, and make a note to reread this summary at least every six months. The accuracy of these predictions will be easily confirmed.

- gideon_brown

This is a summary on the method of profiling the FBI uses in capturing criminals. In it's conclusion the author applies this method in predicting Trump's actions during his presidency. As of my writing this review the author is spot on.

- nehemiah_bailey

Written prior to Trump' s inauguration Dr. Decker uses FBI profiling methods to predict the president-elect' s future behavior. Less than one hundred and fifty days later it is safe to say that, so far, his level of accuracy is impressive.

- kyleigh_bailey

not what you may think. It has nothing to do with the FBI. The writer is not a profiler, and he states that on the first page. BUT with that said if you want to make a point about the president this is very interesting. And in my opinion very true.

- khaleesi_robinson

Despite claiming knowledge of FBI Behavioral Analysis understanding, the author progresses from a faulty premise at the start. Narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder (psychopaths) share some common denominators but are two distinct disorders and cannot be combined into one.

His “predictions” are drawn from Trumps own political campaign and the only surprise is that Trump is actually doing what he promised.

There’s nothing informative or new. Don’t waste your time or money.

- carl_clark

I am disappointed with this. Copy and paste comes to mind! The writer is using a series of open, yes open opinions, and giving you the option to make your own mind up. Talk about playing safe. I regret playing Euros for this when I could have picked it up on open news media anywhere.

- cory_watson

Quite repetitive without much substance. Thought it would be a bit more detailed as to why the author believes Trump is and why he got elected.

- gabriel_walker

Quite interesting !

- cullen_taylor

very funny

- paxton_garcia

Es ist ein dünnes Büchlein, das es aber in sich hat. Der Autor, der unter Pseudonym schreibt, verwendet die Methoden der Persönlichkeitsprofile, die das FBI entwickelt hat, um Serienmördern auf die Spur zu kommen, deren Verhalten vorherzusagen und um sie (vor Gericht) zu bestimmten Reaktionen zu provozieren. Von den vier pathologischen Persönlichkeiten, die das FBI verwendet, benutzt der Autor nur das, was auf Trump passt: die narzisstische Persönlichkeitsstörung.

Die Kriterien dieser Persönlichkeitsstörung werden nüchtern aufgelistet, und es ist schon überraschend, wie perfekt Trumps Verhalten (das ja reichlich durch Reden, Tweets und Videos dokumentiert ist), auf das lehrbuchmäßige Schema passt. Das ist nicht wirklich neu (siehe den Sammelband von Bandy X. Lee), stellt aber eine weitere Bestätigung der Diagnose dar.

Die wirkliche Stärke des Büchleins liegt im dritten Teil, der es wagt vorauszusagen, was Trump in seiner Präsidentschaft tun wird. Das Manuskript wurde am 19. Januar 2017, als einen Tag vor der Amtseinführung, fertiggestellt und am 23. Januar veröffentlicht. Was von den Prognosen tatsächlich eingetroffen ist, ist atemberaubend. Die Voraussagen über Trumps Personalpolitik trafen beispielsweise den Nagel auf den Kopf. Bei einigen anderen Aspekten muss man abwarten, was die Zeit zum Vorschein bringt (beispielsweise glaubt der Verfasser nicht, dass sich Trump der Kollaboration mit Russland schuldig gemacht hat, weil Narzissten meist vermeiden, Gesetzesbrüche zu begehen, die ihnen Unannehmlichkeiten bescheren könnten).

Bei dem Preis denkt man nicht darüber nach, ob man sich das Kindle-Book herunterlädt. Und bei der Länge denkt man nicht darüber nach, ob man sich die Mühe des Lesens macht. Tun sie beides, sie werden nicht enttäuscht werden. Und vielleicht werden sie zu Geld kommen, wenn Sie mit den Voraussagen bei britischen Buchmachern wetten.

- wren_cook

I'm not quite finished, but each example in this book brings to mind at least 2 -3 news articles proving each point as valid and accurate. Having had a lot of experience with this type of personality type, the only thing that surprises me is that others are still surprised by his actions.

- alejandra_johnson

This profile is rather simplistic, but sadly fits the character of the simplistic person who currently defiles the office of the president of the United States

- jaxen_sanchez

Eine sachliche Information zum Wahlverfahren und zur Person des amerikanischen Präsidenten und dessen Qualifikation war vor der Wahl leider nur einem kleinen Personenkreis zugänglich. Das Ergebnis, unter dem heute das gesamte Weltwirtschaftssystem und die politischen Strukturen zittern, wäre bei profunder Information und nachdenklicher Verarbeitung in der Wählerschaft möglicherweise ein anderes gewesen.

- peyton_ruiz

I really enjoyed the perspective of the author here, and how his expertise (he's a retired profiler) sheds light on different aspects of Trump's behavior. My only criticism is that I didn't want it to end. I felt there was more that the author could have given us, but maybe I'm just being greedy. Well worth reading.

- katalina_roberts

Everything you can read in this small book has already been published elsewhere. Though this book is inexpensive, the price is still wasted.

- trey_murphy

It was a quick read and interesting enough but if Trump possesses such narcissistic qualities as “they will use any tactic, no matter how underhanded to get what they want” then I am not sure why the author dismisses the possibility of “Russian collusion” in his opening remarks. This flaw makes the reader question whether the author is bias or has ulterior motives for writing this pamphlet.

- lylah_flores

Just started reading it and it sounds good so far. But i cannot answer this correctly, since i'm reading, studying on so many various topics that i need to finish this book for the full honest answer, so i'm staying with a 3.

- frederick_sanders

This small and insignificant ‘book’ is a waste of time and money. There are no new insights worth the pages it’s written on. I truly regret spending my hard earned money and valuable time on this book.

- river_smith

The most incompetent US President is now showing everything that the book details about narcissism. I would invite readers to get “The dangerous case of Donald Trump” which is from mental health experts and professionals to get an even better analysis of the mind of DT.

- payton_ruiz

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