Trump: The Biography: From Businessman to 45th President of the United States: Insight and Analysis into the Life of Donald J. Trump

Trump: The Biography: From Businessman to 45th President of the United States: Insight and Analysis into the Life of Donald J. Trump

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By: J.R. MacGregor, Kevin Kollins, et al.

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Few people have had such an impact on the political and business world as Donald J. Trump. But beyond the presidency, his entire family has an incredible and intriguing story to tell.

Now, inside this biography, you’ll discover the incredible life and achievements of the Trump family. From their arrival to America and the businesses they founded, to Donald J. Trump’s successful ascent to the White House and his long-standing career beforehand. Few people have had such an impact on America and the world - even long before his presidential bid - than Trump.

But aside from politics, this biography serves to illuminate the character, mindset, and personality of Trump in a never-before-seen way. Delving into his family, past, and current life, this is a powerful and enlightening account of the Trump family’s legacy, from the ambition and drive that led to so much success, to the relationships and partnerships that helped it all happen.

Their story goes far beyond the presidential race that captured the attention of so many millions - the story of the Trump family has so much more to tell. From Fred Trump and his casinos to their humble beginnings in Germany, Trump: The Biography is a must-listen for anyone interested in the history, achievements, and legacy of this extraordinary family.

Buy now to discover just how much the Trump family influenced America.

What a waste of time and money. I was looking for a genuine biography and not home-spun cornpone philosophizing. You do not really learn anything about Trump in this book. Steer clear.

- milani_morris

I felt the book was written by trump himself about trump himself. It’s very “splattered” around with the facts and politics from the “current times” are thrown into it in odd places throughout. I skimmed it and knew the entire story. Not well written. As he would say...”it’s dumbed down.”
I personally think trump is a good president but I’m not fond of this book. That’s all folks!

- kinsley_collins

I have books on all the President. This one is nice

- magnus_lee

Is this humor? If so it is quite perverse

- alistair_clark

I thought I’d read up on the person that has 45,000 deaths in his tiny, baby hands (as of this writing 4/21/20) and is running our country into the ground. Well, I haven’t learned anything new but I can confirm that he does have family so there’s no reason for him to act like a wild animal. trump has made his money by ripping people off for his entire career. trump is not good at businesses but he is great at dividing a country, racism, passing, the buck, scapegoating, bigotry, collusion, predatory behavior, and lying. You’ll find none of the class and presidential qualities from our past president, in this book about our current orange imposter. Save your money it’s not worth it. I’m sorry we can’t get back the last four years, don’t blame me though. I voted for HRC. But hey, this is all a democratic hoax, right? Right!?!?

- sebastian_perez

Very informative about how our President thinks and why he thinks this way. His family history reveals much about him.

- kimberly_murphy

I really enjoyed learning about the life of Donald Trump. He is so interesting. It held my attention. Could not put it down.

- baylee_young

awesome , the way this man has giving back

- ishaan_wilson

A few interesting facts about his parents and grandparents but a lot of flim flam about Trump. He never went into any detail about the President.

- oaklynn_bennet

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