UNDEFINED: A Journey from Syria to Europe as a Refugee

UNDEFINED: A Journey from Syria to Europe as a Refugee

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By: Fadel Abuelula

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Born to a Palestinian refugee family who fled Palestine in 1948, Fadel Abuelula lived as a refugee in Syria. He travelled to Cuba where he gained a medical degree and worked as a doctor in many places including Syria, Libya and Uganda.
In 2012 he made the difficult decision to send his wife and four daughters to Lebanon, shortly before the refugee camp near Damascus where they lived fell into the hands of the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and became one of the many battle fields that are dispersed all over Syria. Two months later he followed them, from where they all travelled to Turkey.
UNDEFINED tells the story of his journey from Syria to Turkey and eventually to Sweden where – in his own words he “resumed his life as a refugee”. This account, with past experiences interspersed with anecdotes and historical background, is a heart rending read in places but shows the resilience and character of human nature in often hopeless situations.

It was a well-written book. Thought-provoking in multiple ways -- not only about the bigger picture of "the world is degenerating," but also in terms of creating and sustaining a supportive family and friend network, as well as the small things in life. The author's intelligence seeps through every sentence and there are multiple nuggets of wisdom, well-articulated humor, and just "plain old" good writing. My favorite was "we don't want to be submissive to society so that we are enslaved by it, but neither do we want to oppose it so that we are outcast." Highly recommend.

- flynn_parker

A great read as if you are setting with author having tea and sharing stories

- nash_chavez

A great read and gives a tense insight into the difficulties faced by those who are prepared to risk all in order to establish a secure life for themselves and their families in a new, stable country.

- braylee_price

Lo recomiendo a mis amigos y conocidos. Muy contenta con su adquisición.Libro descriptivo e interesante en un lenguaje coloquial. Gracias.

- allison_reyes

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