Under Armour Men's Tech 2.0 Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Under Armour Men's Tech 2.0 Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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for a better slightly looser fit go one size larger than you normally wear... unless you're trying to show off your physique (or lack of physique).

i'm 6'3 and 290+, if i raise my arms mah belly shows.

- destiny_clark

Nothing I just found my new favorite brand and shirt

- natalia_taylor

This was recommended in one of the online running blogs specifically as a higher quality shirt that doesn't chafe.
My usual point of comparison for running shirts is the North Face "Better Than Naked" line. I understand that those are priced much higher, but I was hoping that at the very least, the Under Armour was going to be at least a little close to the TNF than something like a Target brand.

Sad to say, the Under Armour is pretty much the same quality as the $10 offerings from Target. The material is light and decently moisture wicking, but has pretty rough texture and tends to really cling to the body. Towards the end of a medium, 6 mile run in this shirt, I started feeling a pretty significant chafing discomfort. So one of the main reasons for which I got this shirt didn't work out, therefore I can't recommend it.

- lucy_phillips

Love these UA tech short sleeved - good for working out, lounging & as an undershirt. Unlike most cheap white cotton undershirts, these don't make you sweat & they last a really long time - proud to admit I have some that are many years old & still look perfect. They haven't discolored or faded & never smell bad from body odor. Worth it? Yes, most definitely.

- yamileth_hughes

Fit perfect. The cut is loose, while still being flattering. The fabric is soft and light. I normally hate any shirt that isn't 100% cotton, but underarmour is a strange exception. These only get more comfortable after wearing and washing. I have a couple of these shirts that are years old and still look new and feel amazing.

- athena_clark

Great Shirt doesn’t hold sweat or stink like Nike does. UA is my new brand. Leave sports fun and leave politics out of it!

- oaklynn_bennet

This is an alright shirt, as the fit is good (good length, nice fit in the body, longer tail). However the quality of the fabric seems to be lacking. I've worn the shirt just 3 times and it already has a couple very small pulls in the fabric. I've never had an Under Armour shirt pull this easily. It makes me wonder if this is an authentic shirt or just a fake.

- ariana_rogers

Fits perfect, looks really nice

Update: ordered different color of same product (grey) after a long gap (dint realize)
At first, this product looks just ok, something about its material and fitting still did not convince me fully that is a. Authentic product

- jaxen_sanchez

I have a quite a few Under Armour tee shirts including the previous version of Tech Tee ,as can be found on this page https://www.amazon.co.uk/Under-Armour-Mens-Tech-T-Shirt/dp/B007F3FI1Q/, I buy a medium in these tops due to being a loose fit so did so again but this time as directed by Amazon's 'there is a newer version' link on that page which brought me to this model.

The problem is it is as if I have been sent an xs as this top is far too small and over tight. There's no elasticity in the material unlike EU Tech version (see link below) either so my biceps feel as if I am wearing occlusion straps on. Plus there is the wrinkling across the shoulders and back due to being too tight in places. The waist is fine but the top is a no no. Getting of the tee is a job and half.

For comparisons this model, which was the best range with silkier material type, (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00584NAA0) which is a regular fit I have room in a Large but it defines my muscular upper body better without any over stretching of material or being tight.

Thankfully bought direct from Amazon so their no hassle customer-centric service makes sending back a breeze so I can reorder the next size up. Just hope the waist doesn't balloon much going up a size.

Edit: Just taken delivery of a medium size in the red colour from this page and unlike the white version it does fit a whole lot better and does have some elasticity to the material. Still not as loose as the previous tech tee (mk1) that I have in blue, white, navy and red. Regardless of model/version, it seems that Under Armour has no consistency in material weave or fit as every tee from each of the respective models are slightly different in size and shape to one another which is rather odd.

- holland_evans

Having started the gym a year ago - I have to say my favourite t shirts for working out are under armour - good quality for wash after wash - easy for the sweat to evaporate - and very comfortable. Definitely recommended.

- serenity_richardson

I ordered the shirt in M. I'm 188 tall and medium muscular. The shirt sits loosely around the waist, but tight enough around the chest to accentuate it. At the waist, it is slightly slanted, which gives an even sportier and modern look. I would buy the shirt again. A clear buy recommendation!

- avery_wilson

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