Under the Tonto Rim

Under the Tonto Rim

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By: Zane Grey

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Lucy Watson, a young schoolteacher, is appointed welfare instructor in a community of isolated backwoods folk. She quickly overcomes their fears, and achieves popularity by the practical results of her work. She is especially successful with a strong, uncouth bee-hunter and love comes her way in the form of Edd Denmeade, a man giving the impression of extraordinary strength and suppleness. She comes to love the rugged life offered by the Old West.
This is and always has been one of my favorite Zane Grey books. I am disappointed, however, in the electronic version. It seems as if there is no proofreading done to make sure it is true to the original. There are consistent errors that annoy throughout the book. It doesn’t detract from the overall story but doesn’t read as well as the print copy. That is a true disservice to the author who wrote very well.

- adam_kim

In the backwoods, along with peace, tranquility, and harmony. Problems of yesteryear are resolved, life partners are chosen and there is peace in the valley.

- luella_jones

I have been a fan of Zane Grey since I was in Junior High. This has always been my favorite of his books!

- jack_wright

Classic Zane Grey style but as a romance. This one was very predictable.

- abril_patel

This has been my favorite Zane Grey novel since I first read it in the 1960's.

- charles_carter

I have read more than 40 of Zane Grey's Western novels and this one remains one of my favorites. Set in the pines of Arizona (I think), it is the story of a young social worker, the relationships she develops with the backwoods people among whom she lives, and an unlikely love. It has its share of funny incidents and colorful descriptions of the people and the country.

- addilyn_ramos

I bought this at the request of my 85 year old mother. She said she read it years ago and wanted to read it again. She did, in just a few days. Thrilling since it's the first time she's had an interest in reading in years!

- aaliyah_cruz

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