Uni Ball Jetstream Extra Fine & Micro Point Click Retractable Roller Ball Pens Rubber Grip Type 0.38mm - Black Ink - 5 Body Color Value Set

Uni Ball Jetstream Extra Fine & Micro Point Click Retractable Roller Ball Pens Rubber Grip Type 0.38mm - Black Ink - 5 Body Color Value Set

Posted by ahogrow | Published 7 months ago

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I bonded with my coworker over these pens. They are super-fine point and very high quality. The Uni Jetstream ink is really a wonder to behold. You can geek out about this stuff if you think too hard about it. They took a ballpoint pen and made it write as smoothly as gel, but without as much wasted ink and without all the mess of gel. This ink dries super-fast. Jetpens actually carries some similar pens, but I like getting them on Amazon because they come in these cute packs with different body colors. The price is currently fair, based on the quality of product you get. All the pens are black ink, which is what I need for my work (spend half the day writing in a medical chart, 5-7 days a week). They've held up really well. Some sticky stuff got gummed up on the inside of one, and I thought it was broken until I opened it up and saw it wasn't the pen's fault, I had just dumped it in a messy bag and some goop had gotten in there (eew). Cleaned it off and it worked fine again.

- livia_allen

If you’re a nurse like me, I know how it is to search and search for the best pen. You will NOT go wrong with these. They are super fine, dark ink, not scratchy against paper, and really last a while! My fiancé works in the medical field, too, and doesn’t mind having pretty colored pens because of how great they write. 100% recommend!!

- henry_moore

As a nurse, a great pen is so hard to come by. I have finally found the pen that my heart loves!! It’s not “scratchy” as some ultra fine point pens are; it’s glides very smoothly on multiple types of paper. No smear, even after highlighting. Will definitely buy more!

- connor_parker

The best pens. I'm a resident and have used these since med school, they're the only pens I'll use at work. It's all about the 0.38! They write smooth and so, so thin without being scratchy. I keep giving them away to coworkers who try them and realize how great they are. I've used pilot g-2 and muji pens in 0.38 and those are great too but a lot inkier so it doesn't look quite as thin.

- ford_hernandez

Love these pens! I am very picky when it comes to my pens. These are perfect. It doesn't smear, and the ink flows nicely. These are not like gel pens (just for anyone's FYI) I personally do not like gel pens at all.

- princeton_brown

The fine point that I got can make these a little scratchy to write with - I prefer something with a slightly broader nib. I love the colors of the pens, and the broad barrels are nice for holding. The grip is nice, but with a little more cushioning I think it'd be much better. The ink flows lovely and provides a wonderful writing experience despite the scratchy issue. Overall I love this pen (especially the ink, super good quality for a ballpoint).

- thiago_thomas

These are hands down my favorite pens I've ever used, and I am a total pen addict. I love the 0.38, 0.5, 0.7, and 1mm. I have so many of these in various thicknesses and colors and they are just the best. The ink is smooth and continuous from the first use and the grip is very nice.

- juan_torres

I'm not sure if I received a bad batch since everyone seems to LOVE these.

I've found that the ink cartridge rattles as I write, making an annoying noise. They also skip every once in a while. They tend to feel slightly scratchy as I write, but pretty minimally considering how fine the tip is.

Besides that, I really like how finely they write and how comfortable they are to hold. When studying for a long time, the comfort really helps, but the noise does get on your nerves if you are paying attention to it. It may be irrelevant to some, but the pastel colors are very cute.

Overall, I'd say they seem as equally bad as they are good. I would check out the Pilot Hi-Tec C in 0.4mm if the cons I mentioned would bother you.

- jazlyn_bailey

Seriously these pens are the best. I stumbled across them in Japan a couple years ago and refuse to use any other pen now. I keep stocking up on them so I never run out! They write so smoothly and I love the thinness of 0.38!

- jesus_baker

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