Unlocked Smartphones, UMIDIGI F1 Play Dual 4G Smart Phone Sim Free Android 9 Pie 48MP+8MP+16MP Cameras 5150mAh Battery 64GB ROM+6GB RAM 6.3" FHD+ Mobile Phones [Red]

Unlocked Smartphones, UMIDIGI F1 Play Dual 4G Smart Phone Sim Free Android 9 Pie 48MP+8MP+16MP Cameras 5150mAh Battery 64GB ROM+6GB RAM 6.3" FHD+ Mobile Phones [Red]

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 I bought this phone for my younger brother, who has been an Umidigi user for more than five years and was in the ned of a cheap, yet trustable device. This phone served this purpose and surprised us with an incredible camera set up.


- Price: In this market, getting a $169.99 phone + 2-day shipping (if you are a prime user) + Stock android + great set of cameras = Fantastic

- Screen: Despite my dislike of the bottom chin, the screen quality it's great. Very bright, fluid, and QHD. Yes, you read it right, QHD. Tell me a phone at this price range with something that it is not Full HD? Exactly, just this one.

- Battery life: Using youtube + phone calls + messaging + WiFi + Data = I got 32% at the end my day (around 10 PM). Like any other phone, you will charge it at the end of the day to have it ready.

- Headphone jack: Look, I love my Bluetooth headset. But when it comes to audio quality, there's nothing better than to be 'old school' and plug your headphones. With this feature disappearing, having the option is great.

- Expandable storage: Despite the 128GB internal memory setup, you can spend $20 to get 128 GB more through SD. Cheap, reliable, and easy fix.

- 2 SIM cards: You can use up to two SIM cards on the same phone. I don't use this feature, but I know some of you may like it.

- Unlocked + Global 4G VoLTE bands: In short, you can use this phone with any carrier that uses a SIM card in the world. Also, since T-mobile is now switching to phones that are 4G VoLTE capable only (sorry 3G phones), this phone will work.

- Cons (only one):

- RAM: Despite the ram is the second-to-last generation available in the market (top of the line phones are now using the LPPDRX5), it's fast and reliable. However, the only negative point to me is that it has only 4 GB of ram. My brother, who is coming from an Umidigi phone he bought 5 YEARS AGO, has 6 GB of ram. I think this is the only weak spot on this phone. However, if you don't have 20 apps running in the background, the new android manager (pre-installed in Android 10) will do magic with this ram amount, and you won't even feel a difference with phones that have 6 or 8 GB.

Summary: A great mid-range phone, with great cameras, and unbeatable price.

(If you made it to the end, thank you for time)

- Anonymous

Let's get the question on everybody's mind out of the way first: Will the UMIDIGI A7 Pro perform as well as a top-tier flagship smartphone from other OEM's - no. Will it perform well in your everyday tasks that most users need a smartphone for - absolutely!
After using the phone for a few days I was pleasantly suprised by just how will it performed for all but the most processor intensive games.
First impressions are extremely important and can make or break your opinion of a device which is why I wanted to include a couple of pictures that show just how much attention to detail and thoughtfullness was put into that all important first impression.
From the little outer sleeve, to the thank you card, through the notes on the front and back screen protectors, and ending with the script on the sleeve containing the little quick start guide and sim extraction tool are all classy.
Note that both a case and screen protector are pre-installed on the phone.
Once you remove the case you get a glimpse at the beautiful finish on the back of the phone, blue is the color I picked and boy does it ever shine and shimmer in the light. Really nice job. Also on the back is the four camera module housed in a rectangular bump. Again I'd like to point out the attention to detail here with the layout and something as seemingly simple as the font and color used for the text, and making the flash element look like a light strip.
I'm 'color blind' so I can't comment on the color accuracy of the photos I've taken but they are, in my opinion, quite good as far as subject reproduction.
The addition of a macro and wide angle lenses make a difference and aid in getting just the right shot.
There were two OTA updates available from UMIDIGI which I installed - now, that may seem normal, but what wasn't was that there was a description of what bugs were addressed and features that would be added.
Another pleasant surprise was that there was no bloatware installed - only a subset of Google apps that most people would install anyway.
UMIGIDI has gone very light with the skinning of Android which no doubt helps keep the performance of the device up, especially when combined with 4GB of RAM and 128G of storage space (which is expandable). Little helpful touches like having the choice to turn off alerts for turning off the screen or plugging in the charger are a welcome addition. The fingerprint reader on the back is as fast and accurate as ant other I've used. The screen is bright and easy to read.
Battery life has been impressive, I got the phone Sunday afternoon and even after the rigours of setting up a new device, installing all of the software and updates, and getting everything configured the way you want it, I still had 20% remaining as I write this on Tuesday evening.
As stated in my description, this phone may be inexpensive, but the combination of build quality and feature set make it perform far above the price you've paid for it.
You will not be disappointed if you decide to purchase this device as long as you are not a hard core gamer.

- Anonymous

I can't believe how nice this phone is for the price..I'm not a gamer but this baby is fast when browsing I have Verizon as my phone carrier everything from my previous phone loaded up in 10 minutes unbelievable all my apps, pictures and texts messages...I've never had that experience with any other phone and my previous phone was a Pixel 2 XL I didn't think this phone will work with my carrier but boy was I surprised even the customer service agent who helped me said the phone was nice for the price. My son told me not to get it that it was trash..lol coming from Apple lover..🙄..I told him time will tell but for now I'm going along for the ride..🤗... Update this phone is trash it went out on me started shutting it self off and on then went black only had it for 3 months never even dropped it my son was right a waste of money should've listened..🤦🏾‍♀️..if I could give 0 stars I would highly dissatisfied customer..🤬

- Anonymous

Bought this for my mom. Colour is beatiful and it is metal housing not plastic. It feels very nice and looks fantastic. It came with a case and screen protector which I have never seen with any other phone. Supports dual sim cards which is great to have for traveling. Main and front cameras are very clear. Honestly, this phone is as good as my other brand name phone which I paid over $1000 for. I loaded a bunch of apps into it and so far it is working fine. Now i think back and I wish that I had bought the 128 GB version since the price diffrence is not much. 64GB is more than enough for my mom and I can add an SD card later if needed. I hope this last a few years.

- Anonymous

 Here I am rewriting my review after the last update which corrected some errors that were present. This is very positive if you find a producer that works hard to improve his product. The camera has become more professional especially, with the addition of panorama mode, the colors are true. The processor is sturdier. ROM 128 GB, large business memory. Many amazing futures you can discover by your self after trying it out،. I believe there is a great team behind all of this .

- Anonymous

1. Screen
Quite roomy. Minimal notch. Very bright. 60% brightness is good enough. (and saves battery)

2. Battery Life
2 full days with light usage. Quite satisfied

3. Camera
Quad cameras including wide-angle and Tele-photo lenses. When compared to iPhone 11, the picture quality is quite good. Video quality is okay. (jitters a little. iPhone's image stabilization is better)

4. Fingerprint sensor
Quite snappy. Better than FaceID amidst of Covid19

5. Triple Sim tray
You get 2x physical Sim cards + an extra slot for Micro SD. (3 slots in total)
Much better than eSim + pSim combination, or 1x Sim + Sim-or-MicroSD tray.

Also comes with a bumper case + screen protector. No need to buy an extra set of accessories!
Overall, excellent budget phone that exceeds expectations.

- Anonymous

Hi I have been an Apple user for years and I got this phone to try the android world and here is what I found out
-Phone build very good and it comes with case and screen protector
-phone display the most, clear of any notch or black bars, it is complete display, great for videos and gaming, the colors are vivid

-The design of the phone gives a nice feel to hold with semi curvy at the back and flat front
- Face recognition works like charm and tried the fingerprint works very well
- Camera I toke few pic it seems very decent I have to try it more and I will update my review with the results,
-Phone comes with USB C charger , it does not have wireless charging feature

Overall I love the phone and its very good for the price , I will keep playing with it and keep you updated .

- Anonymous

 This is an amazing phone, especially for its price. With the growing recommendation from our friend for the p5 pro, we decided to take a chance on the new p7 pro (backed by Amazon). We obviously did some homework as well, and there are quite a few reviews available on the p7 pro. We were really impressed by its value, from the phone specs (screen res, storage, ram, band coverage, fingerprint/face id), to the included case/screen protector, to the built-quality, to the thing we needed the most which was dual sim support. We found out during our research that dual sim support is apparently a standard feature on Chinese branded phone, but not many north american phones support it, at least not the more affordable ones (like iphone XR), which made the decision on the p7 pro even easier. The dual sims set-up is perfect for our freedom $99 annual unlimited talk/talk + fido $5 4gb data set-up. We were able to quickly narrow down our choices with the dual sims requirement, but the p7 pro really wow-ed us in terms of the quality and features that it can packed in a $200ish phone.

- Anonymous

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