Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Chicken Bacon Ranch Meal Kit (11.5 oz Box)

Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Chicken Bacon Ranch Meal Kit (11.5 oz Box)

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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A convenient, easy meal kit. This is also great as a side dish, which will get you more servings and less carbs, fat and sodium (which are all a bit high).
We tried this with extra chicken breast, low-fat ranch, and extra noodles. Yummy!

- angelica_flores

I added broccoli and ended up picking it out ...I gave it four stars only because it had too little of the bacon..,the flavor was ok..not my favorite

- andrew_flores

Love this chicken dish!

- nasir_hernandez

My friend love it

- miah_myers

Just tried this for the first time last night .. HUGE hit with my family! Just note that if you have a big family, or a small family with big appetites, you'll need more than one box. I had bought & prepared two (2) boxes and that was the perfect amount for 5 of us. (I could've "stretched" it if I'd had a side veggie but it was late and we needed a quick meal!) We had a couple of friends drop by for a short visit and there was enough for them to try it (and discuss how great it tasted!). In the future, I'll probably prepare 3 or 4 boxes.. I wouldn't have minded having a little for lunch today but there was NONE leftover! (I also made box mix of Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits .. perfect combination with this Velveeta Chicken Bacon Ranch meal.. which I'm about to order!! Originally purchased at grocery store but Amazon price is about $.50 less per box.)

- isabel_hall

I bought this to try something different. I have made many homemade chicken bacon ranch casseroles and they are I thought this had to be good since it was made by Velveeta. I was so disappointed. The problem with this dinner kit is the nasty flavor packet they claim is "ranch". It doesn't taste or smell like any ranch seasoning I have ever tasted. First of all, it smells just like old mildew water and it is a STRONG smell. It tastes just as bad, it's like you could taste mildew mixed with an odd dill like flavor. It was wretched. The cheese packet tasted good all by itself, but when it's mixed into the cooked product it can't cover up the horrific smell/taste of the mildew ranch stuff. The bacon bits and pasta were good.....the ranch seasoning ruined the entire thing. I don't know how anyone could possibly think this tastes good. It is NASTY and I'd be so embarrassed to serve this to anyone. I'll stick to making my own. I'd give this negative stars if I could. Blech.

- yamileth_hughes

So...this stuff smell like a fart factory when it’s being cooked. After it’s done it’s about a 5/10 on the global macaroni and cheese eating scale. I don’t know if I will be eating this again.

- madeline_jimenez

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