VicTsing mm057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse Optical Mice with USB Receiver, 5 Adjustable DPI Levels, 6 Buttons for Notebook, PC, Laptop, Computer, MacBook (Gray)

VicTsing mm057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse Optical Mice with USB Receiver, 5 Adjustable DPI Levels, 6 Buttons for Notebook, PC, Laptop, Computer, MacBook (Gray)

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I got this mouse because I needed one that was great for precision selecting and one that was also comfortable with the expanded place for my pinkie and ring finger. (Plus its beautiful!!!)
Well I got it in and was so excited only to be completely let down because the pointer was "jerky" on the screen and it was hard to maneuver.... BUT I am absolutely ECSTATIC to report that after a month of using it I FINALLY realized this morning that there are PROTECTOR FILMS ON THE BOTTOM of the mouse!!!! After removing them I am so happy to say that after going through 6 mouses in 3 months I am finally COMPLETELY SATISFIED with this one!!! Moral of my story... DON'T BE A IDIOT LIKE ME AND REMOVE THE FILM PROTECTORS :)

- Anonymous

Being one of the only IT guys in the family and among my group of friends; I often get asked questions on what are good tech products, after all some of these items are usually expensive and no one likes wasting money. With the past holiday season, I helped pick out laptops for nieces and nephews for school, gaming laptops for the friends, a custom made pc, and a slick new Macbook Pro. With all these new systems being bought, everyone’s next question is “What accessories should I purchase??”, I always suggest that anyone buying a laptop at least get a wireless mouse.

I have used wireless mice for years; there are great mice, good mice, and downright awful mice. Most of the choices out there on the market are going to be based on what you personally like, what feels good to you, and what functions well. I do a fair amount of travel for work and I have certain criteria for equipment to make it into my travel bag; after all I will be carrying that equipment around the airport from anywhere between 6-12 hours, so no junk allowed!!

For a wireless mouse I look for the following:
• Use on any surface laser
• Skids that slide well with ease on multiple surfaces
• Long term battery life
• Small USB receiver
• Comfort and size
• And above all else PRICE

The VicTsing MM057 checks off all of my criteria and more! On top of having all the features I require from above it also has:
• six (6) buttons, two of which are custom programmable which means you can make them do whatever you’d like!!
• On the Fly Adjustable DPI – this means you can adjust the sensitivity whenever you’d like, which is great if you like to play video games, this feature can come in handy.
• 2.4GHz wireless with a 15-foot reach, so you can easily use this for a media center pc while sitting comfortably on the sofa.

VicTsing got it right with the MM057, it is super comfortable in the hand, it’s large enough to provide good support to help prevent hand fatigue, and groves for your thumb and ring and pinky fingers (sorry lefties this is right handed only), it has a really soft rubber coating, smooth gliding action, and an ultra crisp scrolling wheel and button clicks. I tested the MM057 on PC and Mac, it was plug and play on both, which means you will be using your new mouse in seconds. I like to carry my laptop around with me throughout the day and the MM057 worked on every surface I put it on which allowed me to be truly mobile and move about how I wanted without having to carry around a mouse pad and worry about a flat surface, the MM057 will work on your jeans just fine if you are so inclined.
Another major plus is using a single AA battery as the power source, not only are these more common to find around the office/home than AAA but in my experience the AA tend to last longer in mice and you only need one versus the two you would usually need for AAA. There is convenient storage for the Micro USB receiver on the bottom of the mouse, so if you choose to unplug the receiver there is a safe place to store it so it does not get lost. The adaptor is a great size, it is slim-line enough to leave plugged in all the time, even when you need to carry your laptop around in your bag or briefcase without fear of it breaking off.

This is one of my favorite mice; I give it 5 out of 5 because it deserves it. It is a great mouse for a great price. I recommend them to friends and family, and VicTsing stands behind their products with a 12-month warranty. Buy with confidence, great product, great price, and fast shipping.

- Anonymous

I'm a gamer, and this was meant more for my girlfriend who does simple browsing and maybe typing some documents.

For me, this would definitely not be enough, but I would obviously go for something more involved - like a mouse with 500 buttons and serves me Mountain Dew and orders pizza for me.

But if you're like my absolutely terrifying girlfriend, and you do basic things on your pc or mac, this definitely works and it's cheap. No problems after over a year of ownership.

Oh, if you have hands the size of Donald Trump's, you may enjoy it more. People of the large-handed sort are going to find it uncomfortable. It's pretty compact.

- Anonymous

I've purchased no less than a dozen wireless mice over the years and nothing else comes close to this one.

ERGONOMICS/COMFORT: I'm a man with medium sized hands and it is difficult to find a mouse that isn't too large or too small. Fortunately for me this mouse fits PERFECTLY in my hand, allowing me to easily rest my ring and pinky fingers on it. In terms of ergonomics it is one of the most comfortable mice I've ever used, be it wired or not.

DESIGN/BUILD: The scroll wheel isn't loud and has a nice texture to it. It's also very responsive, which is hard to find in a lower budget mouse. The left side buttons are positioned in a good spot so that I don't have to make an effort to use either of them. There is a DPI button located in the top center of the mouse. Often these buttons can be hit on accident during regular use—especially when operating the mouse wheel— but it is low enough that it is never a problem.

The top of the mouse has a smooth, plastic matte finish on the that helps prevents the hand from getting hot or sweaty. The thumb grip is covered by a textured rubber material that feels nice quite nice to the touch. The right side of the mouse, where the ring and pinky fingers rest, is a normal plastic.

The mouse itself does feel a little heavier than your average wireless mouse, but I think that is a positive thing. Very light mice feel cheap. Most of the weight is centered around the palm where the battery is placed.

BATTERY LIFE: I purchased this mouse back in February and I've only had to change the battery once, or twice at most. It is honestly so few that I can't remember using a mouse that had such longevity. What's especially surprising about this fact is there is no On/Off button. It simply turns itself off after being idle for a short while and immediately turns itself back on when you press a button.

EASE OF USE/SETUP: Stick the receiver into your computer, press a button on the mouse, and you're done. It's that simple. The receiver is also extremely good and I never lose tracking.

DURABILITY: I easily used this mouse for roughly 1500 hours since I bought it. It isn't uncommon for my wireless mice to literally fall apart in the span of a year or two. Typically the side or bottom panels start to come off and anything that is glued to it, especially rubber components, begin to peel away. Not ONE part of the surface level components failed me in that time.

However, the left mouse began to double click at random after a year. I consider myself a power user when it comes to computers and mice. In the time it takes an average person to reach 1000 hours I do it in a fraction of the time. Despite the failure in the left mouse I still instantly purchased a new one when the problems arose. Why? Because for the price, performance, and quality this was a minor inconvenience. I've had numerous $60+ wired mice have double click problems that weren't half as good as this one.

CONCLUSION: The combination of the price, build quality, battery life, ergonomics, and functionality makes this the best wireless mouse I've ever used. Period. In fact I'd put it in the top 3 best all around, with ease. Even with the left mouse failure after a year/~1500 hours of use I can't help but give this mouse a five star review. If, however, it was a more expensive mouse ($30+) I would knock off at least one star.

- Anonymous

its really good with everyday usage , the range is really good , and it connects really easily . however i noticed if you move the mouse VERRRY VERRRY slowly then sometimes the cursor doesn't move which is annoying when you try to edit photos or crop something , this also means your'e not going to be as accurate if you play games like CS:GO. its really unnoticeable but other than that it's almost perfect.

- Anonymous

Waste of money. Doesnt feel comfortable, and louder than loud....

- Anonymous

Good Design, I use it for work, worth the price! Cheers!

- Anonymous

This mouse is very comfortable and easy to grab because of its perfect size.
Its supports AA battery and WIFI is 2.4GHz, so uninterrupted range and connectivity.
Its perfect for everyone because it has an inbuilt feature of adjustable CPI so we can change the sensitivity and cursor movement.
value for money deal must buy if you are looking for a wireless optical mouse.
give it a try.👍

- Anonymous

Product is as described. Feels really good to hold. The thumb contours are really well designed and have a soft rubber material. Overall, I'm happy woth the product.
What could have been better?
1. On/off switch - It's turns on when you press any button and turns off after certain time of inactivity. Probelm is when you keep it in a laptob bag/case, it might turn on due to unintended pressure.
2. The back/forward keys could have been customizable for other functions.

- Anonymous

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