VIVO Dual Monitor Stand Up Desk Mount Extra Tall 39 inch Pole, Fully Adjustable Stand for up to 27 inch Screens, STAND-V012

VIVO Dual Monitor Stand Up Desk Mount Extra Tall 39 inch Pole, Fully Adjustable Stand for up to 27 inch Screens, STAND-V012

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We've bought three of these now. Apparently they are sending out "Version 2", which is clearly cheap and inferior.

V1: dual articulate arms
V2: some swivel hinge thing

V1: Thick, robust metal and hinges with plastic covers
V2: Cheap welded steal, painted black, looks like scrap metal

Seriously, version 2 is total garbage, and they're just riding off the reputation from Version 1. I feel like they should have to make a new category to reflect this obviously cheaper, low quality, maximum profit version 2. If you could see it in real life next to their own Version 1, you would not buy this cheap welded scrap.

- Anonymous

I have added the monitor stand to my stand up desk. At first, I used the 4” clamp and I liked that I was able to come up with a way to test this out. With the 4” clamp, the 

- Anonymous

Very poor quality control. I bought this item about a week ago and am now going to put it together. I am doing the desk clamp install when I realize the clamp has threads for the screws BUT THE CLAMP BRACE DOES NOT! Bigger screws will not help and shouldn't even be required. I shouldn't have to jury rig this item. Again, my problem is the clamp brace doesn't have threads to mate the clamp brace and the clamp together. An email was sent just before this review. I will update with fix once I hear from VIVO or receive a refund from them...which will be my next course of action.

My original review is above. I figured out the REAL problem wasn't the design or the parts but the instructions. When doing the desk clamp install, the instructions show the 2 screws being installed from the back. The have to be installed from the other side. The screws go through the clamp brace first then to the clamp which is threaded. Not the other way around as per the instructions. After building my space, the dual monitor mount is fantastic. Highly recommended. I must've had a bad day but it's all good now.

- Anonymous

This thing is solid. I did not have the experience that some of other reviewers did as far as stability is concerned. This monitor stand Rocks!! It exceeded my expectorations especially for the price point. I got two HP Z22n monitors mounted and had no problems putting it together. The instructions are very clear and the mount comes like 50% assembled. The shipping was excellent, double packing, no damaged or missing parts. The box comes with almost all of the tools need except for a 1/4 nut driver. Currently I have the stand clamped to the desk, I am going to try this out for a while before I start drilling into the desk. As a personal choice I used zip ties and Velcro straps for my cable management, not that there was anything wrong with what was provided I know I have a lot of cables coming out these monitors. I am using all 3 input types plus power 8 cables total coming out the back. but if you look at the desk you could not tell. What you can see from my picture is that I have one cable that is hanging out, this is a 3 ft. cable that I had ordered, I'll need to replace that with a regular 6ft. If you have short cables coming from the monitors you might want to consider replacing them when you start tying the cables the extra slack gets taken up.The stand has a lot of tension points, so once you get everything the way you like it take some time to tighten everything up to about 90 to 95% tension, tight enough so it doesn't move on it's own but still flexible. Once you sit at your desk for a while you'll find your self adjusting to the perfect fit and this thing can do that. What is amazing is how much desk space I got back, it's as if I had a floating shelf for the monitors. If this starts to fail I'll be sure to update this post, but so far this is an awesome buy.

- Anonymous

I was unsure at first, seemed like everyplace on amazon sold this exact same product. I was wrong.

It came to my doorstep STUPID fast. Like you think you know about fast, but really.. You don't. I unboxed this beautiful bastard faster then any child at Christmas. After looking at it for a minute, I quickly figured out how easy setup would be. Everyone here talking about getting the monitors on the bar with two people are clearly un-dedicated. Just face your monitors downwards, put the open part of the arms towards the bar, slide it in place like butter, and tighten. Not hard.

All I can say is buy this thing, and buy it before they run out. It's built like a rock. It's held my two monitors in place perfectly. Setup took maybe 4 minutes if you're not stupid and generally speaking I laugh like a little girl every time I see my desk now. Attached is a photo of my setup now.. All thanks to VIVO and their beautiful monitor stand.

One thing, tighten the bolts. People here say their monitors are sagging but it's because they're weak little unpatriotic cats. Just tighten up with your glorious muscles and you'll be fine.

Seriously, buy this, you'll have room for pigeons (or cats) to hangout under your monitors.. like me!

- Anonymous

I purchased this monitor mount recently for work as I have a small (width wise) desk. So I decided to purchase for myself a computer arm to free up some space.

It did free up some space. Installing it was a nightmare at first because my desk is about an inch away from a wall but once we figured out how to install it with this obstacle, it was fine. My issues with this product is as follows:

1. the right monitor is lopsided. No matter how hard I try to adjust it, the right monitor is just too loose on the bracket and therefore is extremely lopsided.

2. These are not made of gas springs so in order to position or move the monitors is a pain and is very difficult.

3. Because I have two 24" inch monitors, I could not position them properly in order to ergonomic - meaning I could not position them so that my head is not constantly shifting from left to right.

4. The biggest problem of them all is that the stand itself is WAY TOO SHORT. I am 5"8 and I have it set to the highest possible and it is still way too short for me. I find myself constantly hunching my neck down in order to be comfortable. I was getting bad neck pain from doing this.

For all the above reasons, I gave this a 1 star. For the price you do get a very basic computer arm. So if you are looking for just that, than this product is for you.

- Anonymous

Increíble relación calidad/precio, viene en una caja muy pequeña, pero no hay que alarmarse, la calidad de construcción es muy buena, viene bien ajustado para brindar estabilidad a los componentes. Está pintado en color negro mate, el tubo principal es delgado pero de material muy fuerte, los brazos también son delgados pero increíblemente firmes, la instalación es muy sencilla, no tarde más de 20 minutos en instalarlo. Incluye todos los tornillos necesarios y herramientas para su ajuste, solo se necesita un desarmador Phillips (punta de cruz) para un par de tornillos. En conclusión, estoy muy contento con mi compra, los monitores están más estables que con la base de fabrica o la base no empotrable que utilizaba antes.

- Anonymous

I got not complai about the v002, it fill well on the bracket and it's sturdy. You save alot of spaces with that mount. I got some issues with the v002f (the one with a base). There was a missing black plastic head of one of the screw for the vesa plate. Also you need to make a counter weight with the arm or your mount will fall in front of you and you'll broke your monitor. The las complaint about the v002f it's that I'm not able to correct the gap between my two identical monitor. Theres is a place where you can adjust those but the gap is so bigger that I can't correct it totally.

If you don't bother two much for having a gap between two identical monitor, you can go for it or else it will tease and bother you ... Maybe I got the same probleme with the v002 (the one with C-bracket) but I got two differents brand of monitor and they are centered without any adjustment ... I don't know what it will do If I put same brand monitor.

- Anonymous

Well priced, solid build, and easy to assemble.

There's really nothing more to say about this thing. I had to use it in conjunction with a VESA adapter for my monitors which caused me some headaches, but this system worked flawlessly. You may need to adjust the tension of some of the joints, but hex keys are provided, so you'll be able to do so easily enough.

- Anonymous

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