VPX Bang Rtd, Black Cherry Vanilla, 16 Fl. Oz (12 Count)

VPX Bang Rtd, Black Cherry Vanilla, 16 Fl. Oz (12 Count)

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Shipping was ridiculous! I didnt get notified by phone I was notified by the loud bang on my doorstep when my package was literally TOSSED on my porch. One if the cans busted open and was still spraying everywhere when I opened it. If not for the careless delivery man being lazy and tossing the box all cans wouldve survived shipping...

As for the drink.... taste was ok at best, I was hoping it would taste like hansen's cherry vanilla but it doesnt. It's not horrible but not good either. Other flavors are definitely are better. Cherry limeade and purple guava are my favorite so far. I love that they give me normal energy with no yuck stomach and sick feeling. The added electrolytes with zero sugar is what really drew me in. Also coq10 is a big plus for me, I get migraines and coq10 seems to lessen thier frequency. All in all good product, crappy delivery guy!

- kaiden_green

We really like VPX Bang, and Black Cherry is one of the better flavors. We think it is maybe a little expensive, but not outrageously so for energy drinks that don't make you want to scrape off your taste buds.

And yes, we probably shouldn't drink energy drinks at all, but we're going to so it's nice to have some that tastes reasonably well and don't give us the jitters. It seems to last me about five or six hours , but my husband says it lasts him three or four, so ymmv. I do get a little bit of a crash when it wears off , but it is not terrible so product gets top marks on all accounts.

- mya_reed

good product. okay seller I just wish it could have come sooner since were both in the same state apparently but whatever. Most people who give this low stars most often complain about the cans being dented but I've ordered these now about 5 times and its never been that bad. There is usually a dent or two but no leaking or anything that causes the products to spill, at least in my experience from ordering this product.

- kannon_ortiz

I don’t know how can anyone like this flavor. I took three sips and chased it with a bottle of Ozarka. The aftertaste is weird, almost medicine-like, and the drink is too sweet, sickening sweet. I don’t care that it has zero sugar, it’s as sweet as they come. Maybe other flavors are more drinkable, I wish I knew what they are, but Cherry Vanilla is horrible.

- marcus_patel

First off, I love this drink! Especially this flavor. That being said I should have expected something like this to happen. 4 out of the 12 cans were like the one pictured, busted and leaking so when I got the box half of it was soaked and falling apart. The other cans seem to be still full but frozen (live in ND). I was handed the box straight from the truck so I know it wasnt wet from sitting on my step. Unfortunate but again I should have expected this. My advice, just find a distributor that will price match Amazon (GNC has most flavors and will price match). Good luck to anyone else that orders carbonated beverages online!

- major_robinson

What I really like about this energy drink is: it has zero sugars, calories, carbs, and it claim to be all natural flavors. It has a higher caffeine content, creatine, and amino acids. It really does seem to help me, and the flavors are great.

- delilah_johnson

This is my new favorite flavor. Before this I’ve only tried cotton candy and that was good too but this is better. It taste like black cherry with a tad bit of vanilla. The sweetness and flavor aren’t overpowering, it’s just right. Remember these have 300mg of caffeine per can so if your sensitive then this isn’t for you. It is carbonated. I wish they weren’t so I could finish it faster but I can sip it over 3hrs :)

- ruben_taylor

I love these energy drinks!! Although I wish there were smaller servings like a 8 or 12 ounce size. I find that sometimes I don't end up drinking the whole thing and end up dumping the rest out. I usually drink one over the course of 6-7 hours just because of the amount of caffeine and it helps me stay awake and alert when I need it. I'm so glad these drinks have no sugar and not a bunch of additives that aren't necessary.

- jaylene_williams

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