Warren Buffett's Vanguard Funds: His Two Funds for Retirement Income

Warren Buffett's Vanguard Funds: His Two Funds for Retirement Income

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By: Ian Sender

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World's greatest investor's retirement advice Retirement income for life from 2 Vanguard funds Avoid “high-fee managers” Warren Buffett's will provides for his family by directing that his cash assets be invested in just two Vanguard funds: One will provide cash for the coming year and the other will provide a sound future. The best way to protect your family's future is to be invested in the stock market. Pure and simple. When you have stock assets, your money compounds at higher rates when your account fees are 0.01-0.05%, not the retail rates of 1.5-3%. You don't have to settle for retail products that are structured to provide the firm with higher revenues. The average investor earns 2.56%, not the 10-12% market rates. (QAIB)
just as advertised!

- iker_richardson

This book let me see that retirement investing does not have to be difficult or expensive. Mr. Buffett`s strategy relies on pretty simple concept of compounding of a well diversified portfolio. I can make a low cost mutual fund group to my needs. This book provides what I needed--retirement advice without the sugar coating!

Awesome buy!!

- river_smith

Waste of money to purchase. Uses Buffet to promote selling a book with no substance.
Very disappointed with purchase and Amazon for promoting the book.

- alberto_martinez

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