Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl: And Why You Should Too

Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl: And Why You Should Too

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By: Motley Fool and Louann Lofton

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Investingisn’t a man’s world anymore—and the provocative and enlightening WarrenBuffett Invests Like a Girl shows why that’s a good thing for Wall Street,the global financial system, and your own personal portfolio. An indispensiblenew volume from the multimedia financial education company Motley Fool, WarrenBuffett Invests Like a Girl offers essential advice for every investorhoping to turn today’s savings into wealth for a better tomorrow.
This book lacks meat. I originally bought the book to read and then give to my wife as a more fun way to learn about how Buffett invests, but it really doesn't demonstrate much at all. It is a very superficial assessment of Buffett's investing strategies and really does not give you tools to invest well. I won't have my wife waste her time, its just not specific enough about examples. The author presents a bunch of research on how women invests and then very superficially shows that Buffett acts similarly. If you want to really read and learn about how Buffett invests and how you can model yourself read "The Warren Buffet Way" by Robert Hagstrom. That book change my perspective entirely.

- nova_moore

Goods points, nothing great on Buffett. Could have been an essay.

- gabriel_walker

I found the book to be an easy read, mostly because it was really repetitive. It reminded me of the way you're supposed to give a speech: Tell 'em what you're going to tell 'em, then tell 'em, then tell 'em what you told 'em. I get it!

- elliot_rodriguez

Good Book

- kalani_adams

Great book and easy to read. This book simply explains Buffet's investing tactics and grounded discipline that was made him the billionaire he is today. Also provides a great list of suggested reading to further your learning and interest.

- zavier_cook

As advertised. Quick dellivery

- branson_white

This is a great Warren Buffet book and should be read by anyone that wants to figure out what it takes to invest.

- kylen_richardson

I bought this book for my son, age 42, who is a Motley-Buffett devotee. I read chapters of it when we go to babysit our 16 month old granddaughter once a week. I like it much better than the Motley's RuleBreaker/RuleMaker book I am simultaneously reading at home. I have been a momentum swing trader and not a value investor, using Vector Vest and a cadre' of other would-be "experts" (free and by subscription) - There is no one right answer in tumultuous times. Learning when to get greedy and when to get fearful and not be talked out of it takes some a lifetime - especially later bloomers - who lacked time or capital before retirement. This book is light and pleasant reading with large enough type for older eyes.

- wyatt_harris

my husband enjoyed reading it

- jasmine_robinson

It describes how Warrren Buffett and women have used right temperament to become successful investors and other people can improve their investment returns in investing by studying and implementing right temperament.

- ernesto_davis

One of the finest books..... Nicely laid out principles, very well compared with facts...... Easy to understand and comprehend..... Very well written, Great book

- daphne_james

V good

- randy_cook

No Means No

- makayla_jones

fine book

- leonidas_long

Great book!

- leonel_morales

A quick insightful read. Got some good nuggets of actionable information in there.

- ronald_reyes

The book is a good one. It is interesting as well. Investors, especially the female investors, should read it.

- katherine_jones

Good info about many aspects in investing.

- scarlett_moore

Easy to read, reaffirming

- cash_james

Apparently a great read, bought for a family member

- calvin_hall

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