Warren Buffett Management Secrets (Gujarati Edition)

Warren Buffett Management Secrets (Gujarati Edition)

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By: David Clark Marry Buffet

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વૉરેન બફેટ એટલે Investment અને Managementની શ્રેષ્ઠ કલાનું જીવતું ઉદાહરણ. આશરે પાંચ લાખ કરોડની સંપત્તિ ધરાવતા આ ઉમદા વ્યક્તિની કંપની બર્કશાયર હૅથવેમાં સવા બે લાખ લોકો કામ કરે છે!
This book contains treasures of knowledge that helps reader to become a good person and avoid all bad possible consequences. This book teach good lessons to live happy life and some techniques to invest money. This book is good for any age reader.
Thank you.

- emiliano_davis

Good and very effective book and you can learn how to start a business, which business is good for you and how to handle your employers and many more business's thing you learn from this book

- ashlyn_peterson

This book will gives you necessary key points about how to make work and relationship productive in professional life and personal life. Majority all points are covered based on Buffet's experience. This book is good for entrepreneurs, management people's, businessman.

- castiel_patel

I think its a one of the superb book i have read ever in my life....its great work by david sir and marry ma'am.thank you

- margot_stewart

This book is refleation of ideology of Warren buffet's ideology related to his business, lifestyle, behaviour, thoughts. Every point and chapter is precious and you can relate as well as lead your life like a great businessman cum leader.

- zelda_carter

Really useful management secret describe in this book....useful for every business man who grow his business and more big

- milan_hill

Excellent book, I will definitely implement this book in my life which is beneficial to my family and frnz and company

- kylan_white

I received same as ordered Good Quality..

- amara_davis

Excellent management lessons. Recommend for entrepreneurs and trainers. I learned many things @ how to run the business and invest money. Gained knowledge @ how to handle people.

- carmelo_cruz

Book that teach how to manage all conditions inside and outside of business........
How to tackle all problems in your life..

- brooke_price

awesome book to read for knowledge..

- alivia_hill

Great book

- dalton_peterson

Book is about overall method of business of Warren buffot. You should read this book ince. I enjoyed the book

- erika_cruz

Principles of management

- jaxen_sanchez

We know and learn many useful living life lassons from living legend,really the life of warran buffet is very inspirational.

- lailah_patel

Nice book

- paige_ward

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