Warren Buffett Top Life Lessons: Lessons for Unlimited Success in Business, Investing and Life (Volume 1)

Warren Buffett Top Life Lessons: Lessons for Unlimited Success in Business, Investing and Life (Volume 1)

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By: Tatyana Williams

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Warren Buffett Top Life Lessons
Warren Buffett Lessons for Unlimited Success in Business, Investing and Life!

Warren Buffett has become a living legend because of his strong track record of sound investments and his overall success in everything he does. He is a prolific writer, publishing many books detailing the ways in which others could be as successful as he has become. Anyone can do what this man has accomplished if they follow his simple principles regarding business, investing, and life.
He has built his success on a strong foundation of hard work and perseverance; never giving up on his goals at any point in his life. By living your life with the same tenacity and ambition, you, too, can find success and fulfillment in life.
Warren Buffett Top Life Lessons
Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
  • Becoming a Millionaire in 10 Years
  • The Path to Becoming a Billionaire
  • The Richest Man in the World
  • Warren Buffett's Childhood Investments
  • Why Even Small Investments Can Lead to Great Wealth
  • The Buffett Investing Strategy
  • Taking the Right Risks
  • Building Success from the Ground Up
  • The Minimalist Lifestyle of Warren Buffett
  • Surround Yourself with Success
  • Relationships are Investments
  • Much, much more!

Thank You for Choosing This Book
This pamphlet is 314 locations long (about 25 pages). It contains a superficial recap of Buffett's investing history mixed with bits of shallow wisdom. Here is a sample:

"Therefore, in all things you hope to accomplish in your life, you should approach them with the same level of conviction and commitment that Warren Buffett has. The path to success is an upward climb and takes a lot of work but if you commit to it and work tirelessly, you are sure to succesfully make the climb."

Worthless. Save your money.

- jaime_watson

Disappointed! Only 25 pages in this 5.25" x 8" paperback? Seriously, I wonder how Warren Buffett would let this author to use his name and photo for such a deep profit. My "copy" was printed just one day before my purchase. I couldn't find any description about the author. This author neither mention her relationship with Warren Buffett nor her educational background.
If you go to Goodreads.com and look for Warren Buffett books, this book was shown to be written "by Tatyana Williams, Warren Buffett (Editor)". Nowhere in this book has Warren Buffet (Editor) on any pages. Of course, Buffett's didn't wrote it. It's totally misrepresentation. Page 29 is a joke with medical disclaimer. Search the author before you buy any books. Amazon, please review this author and this book, it won't take long. Please re-consider her listing in your website.

- annie_long

It is obvious Warren Buffett did not and has no knowledge of this book (brochure) being available for sale. He would be totally embarrassed and angered if he knew someone is making easy money on such a poorly written pamphlet and passing it off as a "book." In dire need of editing. Wondering if English is the writers first language. Before I even read this tiny document, I knew I along with many others that I have been nicked by the writer. This is a small account of pieces and snipets of information noted on social media. No big ideas or new ideas in this piece. Tanya Williams (the writer/money maker) should not be allowed to sell anything on Amazon!

- rose_green

This book is only 29 pages. The content is good, but it is only a brief snapshot of Warren Buffet's life and investment strategy. More importantly, it seems that this book is self-published since no publishing company is listed (not even the "CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform" company is listed as it is in the Amazon description), no references are cited (ya, references are sort of important (can you sense my understated sarcasm here)), and the entire book needs editing. It appears that the author just threw this book together in an afternoon and as highlights from other Warren Buffett books. There are multiple grammatical errors. For example, some sentences are incomplete, missing some important connecting articles, some pronouns and antecedents are switched or missing, and there is a center-justified paragraph on page 25 that stands out like a sore thumb against all the other left-justified paragraphs. I even got a good laugh out of how the disclaimer on the last page is a medical disclaimer, which must have been copied and pasted from some unknown source without much thought.

- jayce_hill

This is a ridiculously short book that took less than 30 minutes to read and the majority of the content is provided in other more interesting books on Buffet. I want my money back.

A much more detailed and informative book on Mr. Buffett is "The Warren Buffet Way" (Hagstrom & Fisher)

- maison_gutierrez

Total sham and a waste of money. Nice cover gives the appearance of being written by Warren Buffett - it's not. In fact, the author's name on Amazon website even differs from the actual product, which I will also add is not listed on the cover, further giving the misconception that this is a book by Buffett. The website lists 34 pages, but only about 23 actually have text on it, double-spaced between paragraphs. In fact, one "page" is wasted by, of all things, a medical disclaimer. There's typos, even the first pages, which is hard to fathom when whoever only had to proof a mere 23 pages of text. They show the back cover, a lengthy text, which by itself pretty much is all you need to read to get the jist of it all. But the thing that angered me the most is that they had the audacity to charge $7.99 for this pamphlet. Gee, why didn't Warren Buffett think of this get rich scheme. DON'T BUY this "book". No eye-openers inside. For a little more you can order a real book by Warren with a lot more unique information.

- camden_mitchell

I've always figured Warren Buffett for a smart dude but this helped my understand what has made him so extraordinarily good at deciding where to put money. This book will give you a good introduction of his investing style and will also show you a intriguing view of his personality - not only a despicable banker, but a man of integrity and purpose. A great read for anyone who wants to know what it takes to think big.

- brayson_rivera

This book is a decent overview of warren buffets life that tells you what you already know: commit to your goals, spend less, invest wisely and you will be successful. Good reminders

- sandra_sanders

Has many lifestyle tips that Buffett used and some principles he follows in business and his personal life . .

- alijah_ramos

This is basically a school business studies project put together by someone who failed the subject. It's a rip off.

- frankie_baker

It is a very short book

- darrell_alvarez

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