Warren Buffett Wealth: Principles and Practical Methods Used by the World's Greatest Investor

Warren Buffett Wealth: Principles and Practical Methods Used by the World's Greatest Investor

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By: Robert P. Miles

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The strategies and techniques of THE investment legend

Warren Buffett Wealth follows the world's greatest investor from the beginning of his career, as he takes a 100-dollar investment and turns it into one of the most successful multibillion-dollar companies in the world. By carefully detailing how Buffett began his career and discussing what he learned from Benjamin Graham, this book reveals the true secrets to Buffett's success. Readers will see how Buffett reached the pinnacle of his profession by following certain key principles such as investing in old-style traditional American companies, holding the companies forever, and hiring and keeping the same managers.

Robert P. Miles (Tampa, FL) is a writer, speaker, and consultant. He is also the author of The Warren Buffett CEO (0-471-44259-3) and 101 Reasons to Own the World's Greatest Investment: Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (0-471-41123-X).
Very good condition book. Thanks.

- gwen_morris

Arrived as expected and a very interesting book about a fascinating American.

- antonella_ramirez

It's okay.

- monroe_watson

buffet best investor this book helped me set my course for the future of the big leagues thanks to all in this process

- monica_sanchez

It is definitely the most insightful finance book I've ever read--and I have read plenty--age 87.
Thank you.

- johanna_roberts

Warren Buffett is a legendary financial wizard who has built a fortune based on the principles of value investing. Many volumes have been written about his investing approach, but Robert P. Miles' treatise is a bit different from most of the others. The author is obviously a great fan of Buffett - at times, the book borders on plutocratic hagiography - but his all-encompassing admiration lends his work a distinctive tone. Reading this exposition is like hearing a star-struck fan discuss the techniques of a favorite movie star. Dazed admiration helps Miles see patterns, connections and details about Warren Buffett that you might not find in a more objective or more focused tome. If you want a nitty-gritty, pros and cons analysis of Buffett's investing style, go elsewhere. If a down-home and frankly admiring analysis, complete with investing advice based on Buffett's principles, is more your style, we assure you, you've come to the right place. No naysayers allowed.

- piper_cox

Design of book:

Chapters headings and sections headings are structured to be captivating and clear, making it easy to convey the purposes and meanings of the principles.


The initial chapters of the book build on some of Buffett's stories and are intended to persuade the reader into following Buffett's principles of investing. You will unfold more of Buffett ways as you read, but most of the essential tips are already mentioned in the first half of the book. The later chapters merely serve as unnecessary elaborations. Principles and examples are also recycled at the later chapters giving readers a feeling that they were reading the book again, before they finished reading.

Buffett debunks the Efficient Market Theory (EMT) by emphasizing on knowing the stocks you buy, buying at a discount and his track records. He also believes that knowledge of basic finances and accounting (GAAP) are necessary to value businesses. However, it will be hard to replicate his success given the difficulties of finding under-valued firms and attaining his wealth of experiences in interpreting annual reports.

For who:

More for first-time readers of Buffett's principles and books, though the author suggests that readers of other Buffett books would find it beneficial as well. Like most books, its persuasive content might not be relevant for readers who are already believers of his principles.

This is also not a `get-rich at once' book. Further readings like The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis (both written by Benjamin Graham) are necessary for savvy investing. Discipline, morals and experiences are also vital when following his principles.

Readers should also have the mature mindset to determine the usefulness of some principles, which might be out-dated in today's context. In fact, the reason behind the popularity of Buffett and his principles are due to his simple and conservative approach towards investing, something which simple people are attracted to at the start.

- kaia_young

It gives a lot of facts on the accomplishments of Warren's life. Some may be a bit repetative, but are used to engrain the theme of value. If you read it and take the ideas to heart about value in stocks, doing your own research, making good purchases in life (i.e. your home/car in addition to stocks), etc. you can walk away with a lot.

- alani_baker

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