Warren Buffett: An Illustrated Biography of the World's Most Successful Investor

Warren Buffett: An Illustrated Biography of the World's Most Successful Investor

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By: Ayano Morio

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"Buffett has generously endowed us all with a sensible and intelligent roadmap for investing."
Robert G Hagstrom

"Warren Buffett - The Oracle of Everything. He has been right about the stock market, rotten accounting, CEO greed, and corporate governance. The rest of us are just catching on."

"Warren Buffett has turned value investing into an art form, piling up the world's second largest individual fortune and persuading millions to mimic the low-tech, buy-and-hold style of stock picking he practices at Berkshire Hathaway."

"Buffett and Munger are, without doubt, two of the greatest investors and capital allocators of all time, so investors would be well served to study their thinking carefully."
―The Motley Fool

"Warren Buffett - Ace stockpicker, and now, an empire-builder."

Buffett 101 in Manga form - this illustrated novel is a great 45 minute overview of the Oracle of Omaha. It covers the highlights of his life in a factual and humorous format: How he started in business as a child, his mentor/student relationship with Graham, his additions to Graham's style, and his ongoing trials and tribulations in the market.

This is a great overview book, but just that. Expect to hit the high points, but not a lot of depth. (You need more words and less pictures for that!) Perhaps the greatest use of the book is a gift for Buffettologists to help explain their mania to the unitiated.


- spencer_alvarez

I bought this book for my wife for Christmas and she has read it and did enjoy it. Now, I hope she can support me in the future. He is well thought of in the financial world. A good book.

- nala_ortiz

We bought this book to introduce our son to the world of investing.

He has taken to the concepts really well, and enjoyed the way this book is presented.

A very worthwhile exercise.

- jaelynn_cook

The book is interesting for the beginners. Learn from those great investment and follow their successful steps. Our starting can be easier.

- colten_gray

Easy read. Most investors reviews said, must have. I do not agree. It was cute and gives you some insight of how Warren B got started in life and some of his major moves. Other than that, not some huge MOTIVATION or source of information on investing. Really, just insight on how Buffett started out.

- lexie_brooks

I bought multiple copies of this book for my clients, and they all loved it! Not only is it easy to read, it covers alot of interesting areas like:

* Buffett's WPO delivery antics

* The GEICO interview

* Saving Salomon

* Charlie Munger Partnership


ps. Charlie Munger looks better as Manga Charlie.

- nash_chavez

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