Warren Buffett: The Life, Lessons & Rules for Success

Warren Buffett: The Life, Lessons & Rules for Success

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By: Influential Individuals, David Margittai, et al.

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He’s been consistently voted one of the wealthiest people in the world. Time Magazine also voted him as one of the most influential people in the world; widely considered to be the most successful investor of the entire 20th century.

In short, Warren Buffett is a boss.

The man knows a thing or two about success. With a net worth of $77.1 billion, the billionaire investor's fabled business acumen has inspired everything from investment books to college courses. He is known to favor long-term investment strategies, like dollar-cost averaging, which encourages the regular purchase of the same investment over time. He also has long-standing holdings in the Coca-Cola Company, Apple, and American Express, among others. His now infamous letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders help shed light into how the man they call the “Oracle of Omaha” reads the tea leaves.

This audiobook takes a look at Buffett’s life, from humble beginnings in Omaha up to present day, where the 86-year-old is still going strong. We take a look at his first taste of business at the ripe old age of six, following on with his major successes and failures along the way. 

The aim of this audiobook is to be educational and inspirational with actionable principles you can incorporate into your own life straight from the great man himself.

Including 25 most memorable quotes and 15 success principles by which to live.

Don't wait, grab your copy today!

There is nothing worthwhile reading in this entire book. I have read many financial books, including biographies of well known investors. This book reads like a sloppy wikipedia article (seemed like it was seriously written at a 2nd grade reading level). There are only a handful of facts about Warren's early life that keep getting repeated over and over. The "life lessons" are cliche after cliche with no concrete or truly inspirational ideas. Moreover, there is no author or publisher even listed within the entire book. This is clearly some sort of scam book haphazardly put together to earn a few bucks by enticing people to buy it by putting Warren Buffett's picture on the cover. Save your money, read his wikipedia page for more detailed history, and buy a real book about Warren Buffett.

- nala_ortiz

This is one of those selfpublish "books" that really is just a long CNN article. It has 72 pages but 12 are almost completely blank and the font is huge and the pages are double-spaced, to try to fill as many pages as possible. There is nothing in here you could not find by googling Warren Buffett's top ten quotes, etc. Avoid and spend your money elsewhere.

- london_gomez

While this book contains factual information, a majority of this information can be found through a quick google search. The book takes a brief look into buffets life but does nothing to truly outline any real strategy for investing. As a long term DGI investor, I would not recommend this book. While I am a DGI investor and have my own rules for investing, I am also an avid reader when it comes to financial books. This book does not provide knowledge into the financial market and more importantly buffest success. Instead, the books make it seem as if buffet picked stocks randomly out of a hat. You are better off reading a Wikipedia article on Warren Buffet or purchasing his book (while it is much longer, it is a better read) before spending money on this book.

- bowen_edwards

Ok this is not a book for investors, if you are looking for a little book that beats, intelligent investor, how to trade options, look elsewhere. This is a great book for a 2nd or 3rd grader. Has fact, is historical and motivational but I would not call it a book on how to invest, or find stocks etc.

- mathew_gomez

I found no author name, no publisher name; it only mentions "Made in USA".
The book has only summary on life, lessons and rules for success.
There are only 72 pages in whole book, which does not have the detailed stories.

- kori_brooks

This is quite an inspirational book which reveals the story of one of the most successful people on earth, Warren Buffet - his beginnings, his successes, his principles, and 25 quotes which illustrate his wisdom. I highly recommend it!

- makenna_allen

Warren Buffett is an interesting man, has had an interesting life and has been incredibly successful as an investor. He shares his life story and life lessons in this book. He knew as a child that he would be a wealthy man. The way he conducted his life, the opportunities that presented themselves, the people he surrounded himself with and the decisions he made early on, all contribute to what he has become and his wealth factor. I'd recommend the book to anyone interested in learning something of Mr. Buffett or his views on life.

- sergio_turner

I find Warren Buffet super interesting. I've watched several documentaries of his life. What I loved about this short book is that it was a snapshot of all of the ideas, quotes, and principles. I was able to read this book in one day. Easy to read, understand, and apply. I will definitely come back to this book of wisdom again and again.

- adrienne_jackson

This book is just over 50 pages and does not provide any insights from Warren Buffett himself or any detail into his career.
When reading this book it felt like I was simply reading a list of some of his most notable investments, in an attempt to provide some reflection and insight a simplistic lessons learnt summary was added to each section which felt like an attempt to pad out this brief book.
If you are interested in his career I would recommend reading the more detailed books available and avoiding this.

- frank_reed

So just shy of £8 paid for this book.
It took me less than 45 mins to read.
The book is 72 pages long with large font as to fil the book with very little content.
I would not recommend buying this book.
A quick look on google will find the quotes mentioned in this book. Save your £8 and invest it in another book.

- jason_alvarez

What a wise man Warren Buffett is...I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in making a success in life especially in any kind of business transactions, not just stocks and shares. These words of wisdom can be applied to the path your life takes in the future. These are excellent truths and principles to live by and to follow in any kind of business transactions, especially buying stocks and shares...but this is not a book for those seeking to get rich quick, it is book of business and life wisdom, to read over and over and pass on these sound principles to others.

- charlie_turner

Easily digestible chapters on Key facts related to Buffetts history, career, headline investments, and sayings. With this overview one can then go on to research the subtleties of Buffets' life, ethics and legacy.

- andi_hall

This is the first ever business book I’ve read. It’s direct and gives immediate insight to being effective in business. Mr Buffet is honest and revealing in his admissions to success and failure. I’ll certainly buy another one of his books in the hope of being successful also. I’ve been trading now for nearly 4 years so I could use all the help I can get.

- emerson_roberts

i thought that this books is helpful to someone who would start from scratch, with no financial help from anyone. But he comes from a wealthy family who always invested in his ideas.

- carson_chavez

Summarises Buffett’s life and from each chapter what lessons and points can be drawn from it. Some may like this style but I preferred reading “The Snowball” which is a more lucid and entertaining prose account - albeit a heavy tome at 800 pages.

- moses_howard

Very short but interesting

- arya_wright

Was a present for my husband - didnt realise how thin the book was but maybe should have done my research properly. But overal was please with the book

- rosalie_scott

A good read,got well into it,but was slightly disappointed when about two thirds through,the rest of the book was taken up by Buffets famous quotes for success,nevertheless,i would recommend it to anybody interested in Buffet as a role model for investing.

- madalynn_martin

Easy to read and understand the basic principles by which Mr Buffett has created his fortune. A clever and brave man by usually going against the herd instinct when investing.

- seth_perez

Good writing style very easy to follow the key points... would be great to find those 5 people to be the average of not many successful people around me to discuss the forward direction I aim for ( need bigger stronger skills )

- sofia_anderson

Nice large print

- brenden_ruiz

Just Google 'warren Buffett' - cheaper!

- keanu_castillo

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