Who Was Henry Ford?: Henry Ford Biography for Kids

Who Was Henry Ford?: Henry Ford Biography for Kids

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Do you know who Henry Ford is?

As a child Henry Ford has already been fascinated by machinery. When he was a young teenager he would dismantle and build again the watch given by his father to see how it works.

This interest in machinery led Henry Ford revolutionized the American industry of transportation and allowed people to purchase vehicles that they could truly afford. Back in those days, vehicles were very expensive. With the introduction of Ford’s automobiles, cars became practical, convenient, and affordable modes of transportation.

Thanks to Henry Ford, many people are able to afford and buy cars.

Learn more Henry Ford biography for kids with “Who Was Henry Ford?” and discover more fascinating information about him.

This is just a collection of someone’s poor Wikipedia research. This is not a book for information and defiantly not worthy of purchase.

- desiree_murphy

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