Who Was Stan Lee? (Who Was?)

Who Was Stan Lee? (Who Was?)

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By: Geoff Edgers and John Hinderliter

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Stanley Lieber was just seventeen when he got his first job at Timely Comics in 1939. Since then, the man now known as Stan Lee has launched a comic book empire, made Marvel Comics a household name, and created iconic superheroes such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four. Stan Lee is still dreaming up caped crusaders and masked vigilantes in his nineties. Who Is Stan Lee? tells the story of a New York City kid with a superhero-sized imagination.
I love The Who Was series, and have been waiting for the Stan Lee cover on Amazon to change from Who Is, to Who Was. I thought this would mean the book had been updated and include his death date in the timeline. Buyer beware if you’re like me. I received Who Is Stan Lee even though the title says otherwise. No mention of his passing. For a history nerd, this just really disappointed me. Great book. I just wanted it updated.

- cara_parker

My son had to do a project for history class where he picks someone famous that has passed away, and writes a book report on the person and "presents" the information while dressed like the person. He is a huge Stan Lee fan so we googled for books. This one is perfect for his age. (My son is in 3rd grade.) The book is an easy read, not too long, but has tons of information on Stan Lee's life. My son really enjoyed reading this and did a great job writing his report. The book is a chapter book but does have some pictures so it's still entertaining for young readers. A+

- stephanie_gray

Great book! I received Who Was Stan Lee and based upon a different review I didn’t think it would be updated with information on when he passed away, but much to my surprise, there was a brief mention of it on the last page. My son was super excited to read this book and has learned so many fun facts about Stan Lee. We needed this book for a project my second grader is doing. We are so happy with the decision to purchase the book rather than borrow it from the library. I’m sure it’s a book that my son will read over and over.

- karina_rivera

I bought this book for my son to do a biography for a 4th grade assignment. The book is a great introduction into Stan Lee's life. The words and themes are age appropriate and easy to navigate. As I read along with him, I became a Stan Lee fan also. The overall messages we took from this book is that perseverance pays off and that doing what you love makes work fun!

- anderson_patel

My 8 yr old grandson is obsessed with Stan Lee . . . from his comic books to his cameos in all his movies. He really enjoyed all the info about his growing up, how he got to where he was, and his life as a comic writer. I think it's a great book for all ages!

- egypt_kelly

My 7 year old son loves these books, as well as comics, so when he was assigned to write a book report on a biography, he was thrilled to find this book on Stan Lee. He was able to read it easily and was very entertained while doing so. I love that they make these books fun for kids to read and include illustrations. He did great on his book report!

- samira_alvarez

Ive bought several books from this series for my son who is in 4th grade and we love them. They have lots of pictures and are easy to read several chapters and not loose his attention.

- ava_williams

Grandson loved reading this story and I loved it too. Had a chance to explain the Great Depression and WW 2 to a nine year old. Our grandson loves this whole series.

- conner_wright

These books are amazing and I love them apart from one thing. They're to short. I read this book in an hour. But great detail. Who was books have a good way of describing the persons life. I would reccomened (if you like this book) to read Who Was Abraham Linchlon. I hope this review helped you. Have a good read.

- decker_patel

Perfect for secondary school students, very interesting and a lot of details of Stan Lee's life.
I'd recommend this book and it's absolutely amazing.
The illustration is lovely. If you want to learn about Stan Lee, this is THE book you should get.

^ Ismail, 9 years old.

- frida_myers

a good read

- hana_kim

Estou estudando inglês sozinha há dois anos, através de leitura de livros infantis. Esta coleção é ótima porque os textos são simplificados, mas o vocabulário é um pouco complexo e eu, mesmo sendo adulta, aprendo muito sobre as personalidades biografadas. Nível de inglês: pré-intermediário.

- jordyn_morris

The product was a great book however it was not age appropriate for who I ordered it for.

- tenley_rivera

I got this book for my son to learn about Stan Lee as he was the subject of his school speech. It was engaging, easy to understand and kept his interest level to finish the book.

- keyla_mendoza

Entrega antes de lo programado. El libro es para reponerlo en la escuela, y ya no tengo mas que decir, es solo para completar el campo, es un fastidio llenar encuestas. Saludos.

- eddie_castillo

Lo use para un trabajo escolar de mi hijo de 8 años, me gusto por ameno, lenguaje accesible y con información objetiva.

- rylie_edwards

bien para niños

- achilles_lopez

A mi hijo le encanto!
La presentación y todo

- wade_morris

Les encanto

- hendrix_carter

Perfect : )))))

- bjorn_evans

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