Wildcatter's Woman

Wildcatter's Woman

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By: Janet Dailey

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Four years after her divorce, Vanessa Cantrell owns an interior decorating firm, a European sports car, and an apartment in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Even though she filled her home and her life with expensive things, she couldn’t fill the void left by her ruggedly handsome ex-husband, Race.

When tragedy brings them together again, she finds he is still the same irresponsible wildcatter she’d walked out on. But he hasn’t lost his powerful, sensual magnetism. She’s still drawn to him…but Vanessa knows she must never again become a wildcatter’s woman.
Life of a Wildcatter's is a dangerous thing. They crave the thrill of finding that one well or go bust. But the person who married such a risk taker must also be willing to fall or rise with the other. The times are tough and they also must be tuff. If not things between them fall apart. This story of such a relationship was not for the faint of heart. Can both of them give up a bit more of themselves in order to love unconditionally?

- eduardo_price

I have read quite a few of Janet Dailey's books and enjoy each one. I was devastated to hear of her death last year. Just like her simple romantic stories, her ranch settings, her Christmas stories, and just her comforting reads. If you like a nice romance, with usually a good ending, she's your author.

- sky_taylor

Good reading

- madisyn_gray

Highly entertaining. Loved the sites and sounds of New Orleans. Janet Dailey awesome author. She brings in locale with great romance.

- adrianna_kelly

Not one of her best

- eliza_flores

I love Janet Dailey's books. I have read almost all of them! She will be sorely missed!!

- luke_robinson

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