Women's UPF50+ Long Sleeve UV Sun Protection Shirts Quick Dry Rash Guard Swim Outdoor T-Shirt for Fishing Running Workout

Women's UPF50+ Long Sleeve UV Sun Protection Shirts Quick Dry Rash Guard Swim Outdoor T-Shirt for Fishing Running Workout

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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I bought four Amazon UPF long sleeve tops from sellers RlaGed, KPSun, Willit Sports, and isnowood. This review compares the four.

For fit information, I am 5’4”, 150 lb, muscular, wide frame, 38B. I usually wear M or L. After following the advice of the reviews I ordered a L in all tops. All fit me somewhat loosely.

The KPSun and isnowood were my favorites in terms of softness. Very soft and comfortable. RlaGed was a close second.

For fit, RlaGed and KPSun took the lead. Both skimmed my body and still showed I had a figure. KPSun has a more pronounced boat neck which unfortunately disqualfied it from the running for me. I am trying to protect my upper chest from the sun’s rays, hence why I ordered a UPF shirt, so showing the extra skin on the side of my neck was not worth it for me. It was a very flattering cut, but did not suffice for my needs.

The disadvantage to the fit with the isnowood top was baggy arms. My arms are muscular and toned. The RlaGed and KPSports fit like a glove and skimmed my whole arm. The isnowood had a somewhat baggy bicep/upper sleeve in relation to the fit of the rest of the top. If you have larger arms, the isnowood might be a good choice for you. Ultimately, I liked the softness of the isnowood so much that I wasn’t too bothered by the baggy arms and kept it.

The breathability of all of these tops is incredible. I have never owned a UPF top and I was so surprised. In the shade, I actually felt cold. Very impressive.

If you’re noticing I haven’t mentioned the Willit Sports top, it is because it came in dead last. The fabric was by far the scratchiest of the four. But the biggest dealbreaker was the fit. While the other tops skimmed my figure, the Willit Sports top was strangely tight on my lower belly — ladies, what area do you NOT want a top to be tight, am I right? The tightness on the bottom of the top was unflattering and emphasized a boxy figure. Also, the sleeves were way too long.

I ended up keeping the RlaGed and isnowood tops. If I was going to buy another, I would go with the RlaGed. And I really hope KPSports makes another top that is exactly the same but with a true crew neck, because that top might have been my favorite if it wasn’t for the neckline.

- cyrus_clark

Ordered this shirt in size L, and it fit perfectly on my size 12 frame. It’s not loose or tight, it’s an exact fit ... SO rare for online purchases! The material is lightweight and has some stretch, and feels great on long walks. Keeps the wind from making me too chilly, doesn’t cause me to overheat, and most importantly protects me from the sun. I ordered it in green, and the actual color is more of a mint/sea foam green than the lime green color in the photo. I actually prefer the mint, so I was happy to see that, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a true green color.

- aubrey_walker

This UV proof shirt works really well from blocking the suns rays. I have fair skin and hate the feeling of sunscreen and this shirt is the perfect alternative. It keeps me cool while out in the sun all day and is super soft/thin and comfortable.

- aniya_young

This long sleeve sun protective shirt is perfect for my hiking adventures. It is very lightweight and easy to pack in my backpack when I am not wearing it. When it is very hot and sunny outside, I put it on and it does a great job of protecting my sensitive skin from sunburn. This is also great as a rash guard to wear over my bathing suit. The shirt is also easy to wash, and it dries very quickly. I plan on taking this backpacking with me in the fall as well. I love how it is tag-free, and very soft against my skin. I love the material, and how it makes me look slimmer. Great athletic shirt...would definitely buy again.

- davion_cox

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