Womens Harry Potter Castle 12 Days Of Socks Advent Calendar

Womens Harry Potter Castle 12 Days Of Socks Advent Calendar

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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The socks are too tight and I wear 7 1/2 and the calendar didn't work, the box was too hard and I couldn't break the little box day by day. I was very disappointed. The socks are pretty and I love Harry Potter but it wasn't special.

- amora_ross

God I love these socks!

- harrison_gonzales

I am putting this aside for christmas. Im going to take the socks out of the package and give them to my daughter, a big harry potter fan, one set at a time in the days leading up to dec. 25

- arya_wright

I loved it

- michelle_wilson

I just bought these as a gift (Nov 16, 2019) at Target for $15. They're obviously not as good as a pair of nice Hanes or other name-brand socks, but as gifts for an early teen who just went through all the books and movies, these are a hit.

The socks have large print and colors so they can easily show them off at school, and there are 10 pairs of low-cut socks and 5 pairs of crew style socks.

They all have various print on them from the different Houses.

- kamryn_williams

I love that the socks are long and short so I have a variety of choices. The one thing I would change is the little doors for the socks, they are so hard to open. But over all it is an amazing product.😁

- fox_gutierrez

The socks are cool. If you are wondering what is on the gray pair, it is a white OWL! It took 3 people to try to figure this out lol! When you wear them they get stretched af.

- jonathan_diaz

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