Wonder Forge Ravensburger Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition Family Trivia Board Game For Kids & Adults Age 10 & Up - Perfect Gift for Any Harry Potter Fan!

Wonder Forge Ravensburger Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition Family Trivia Board Game For Kids & Adults Age 10 & Up - Perfect Gift for Any Harry Potter Fan!

Posted by jack_miller | Published 5 months ago

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This would be a great game if the trivia cards were larger. They print four pictures (screen grabs from the 9 HP universe movies) on each card, but they are each only about 1 inch diagonal in size. I have pretty good vision, but I have a hard time identifying some of the scenes depicted. The manufacturer seemed to "cheap out" on these to save about a penny per card. I also have the Disney Pictopia game, which we enjoy (really the only reason I bought this Harry Potter edition). The Disney version's cards are larger and easier to see and read.

- gia_johnson

Our family (2 adults and 2 kids ages 5 and 8) got the Harry Potter Pictopia for Christmas which we loved so we decided to order the Disney version on Amazon. The first time we were sent the older version in the silver box, not the one pictured in the white colorful box. Since Disney changes so often we decided to exchange it and asked Amazon to please send the newer version that is pictured. We are so glad we did because they sent us the new version very quickly with no hassle and it’s awesome! Everything is updated from the pictures to questions and even the board game and pieces. I included pictures of it so you can see what the new one looks like. The box says 7 and up but since we have a younger kid we kind of change the rules a little so everyone can play. We just make it simple and try to ask her questions we think she could get. I like the question choices, they are fairly easy for a Disney aficionado but a little harder for younger ones. However, there are still questions you can find that anyone can answer so it’s really a great game for any group of any ages. You can play by the rules included for older players or just pick cards and ask questions to move along the board for younger players so it’s very versatile. Plus it’s colorful and pretty to look at! Overall it’s a super fun family game and I definitely recommend it to anyone that likes Disney.

- maddison_cruz

It's definitely geared toward younger children. My Disney fanatic teens found the questions way too easy. (i.e.) There are four pictures showing transportation (three ground transportation and one air transportation such as the Up house with balloons). The question asks which one is not a way to get around on the ground. Some of the questions, you don't even need to know Disney. Others are tougher. Bottom line: if you're a true Disney fan, this game isn't challenging enough. If, however, you don't know too much about Disney, it's a great game.

- kimberly_murphy

Really cool game we have the Disney pictopia so decided to give this one a try since my daughter is a Harry Potter fan wasn’t sure if to get it because it says it includes fantastic beast and she’s not a fan but I went at bought it anyways I’m so glad i did because it only comes with about 10 question cards of the Fantastic beast and what we did is just tie them with a band and put them to the side so we know not to grab those 💫

- ailani_nelson

Gave as a gift yesterday to my daughter and her family. They have a 9 yr old and a 13 year old. Mom dad and kids are all huge Harry Potter fans and they loved it. They played a game after dinner. If you don't know a lot about Harry Potter, you'd be lost.

- molly_rogers

This game was a disappointment. We hoped it would be fun for our family ranging in age from 7 to adults. Game play is too complex for the 7 year old but too boring for the older kids and adults. In addition, the app that is discussed in the description can not be accessed because the developer has not updated the app.

- lucy_phillips

You can play with 2-6 players! What I love about this game is that no matter how many players, you will have a BLAST! My boyfriend and I literally played this game 5-6 times back to back the other day! The game is completely and thoroughly thought out. You will not run into any unanswered questions in the rules. I love that the questions relate to Disney movies, some relate to other players, and some are regarding the actual Disney parks! It is such a fun game, I don't care who you are! Anyone would enjoy it. I definitely recommend this Wonderforge game for any children OR adults who like to have fun! I received this product complementary to give my true and honest opinion whether that be positive or negative.

- kareem_smith

We love this family game. We keep the instructions nearby in case we forget which question to read during play. Takes a little effort to learn to play according to the directions, but it's really not difficult. Every time we have a Family Game Night this game is a big hit and one of our favorites for sure. We totally thought we would ace every questions since we are all Disney buffs, but found out during the first time we played it that there is so much more that we don't know...lol. Our family loves this game. Definitely recommend this game for those that love Disney and Disney movie trivia!

- deacon_johnson

If you love Disney you'll love this game.
We play regularly as a family of four (including two teenage boys!!)
Just all round good family fun.
Highly recommend - wish there were other topic available!!

- madelyn_morales

Really fun game for the kids. We often just find ourselves grabbing a few cards out and having a quick quiz!

Main reason was to encourage our kids to watch the Disney movies as they struggle to sit through a movie due to the suspense in some of them.

- alvaro_phillips

not tried it yet brought as Christmas gift

- lyanna_edwards

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