Word of Mouse

Word of Mouse

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By: James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein , et al.

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A very special mouse escapes from a lab to find his missing family in this charming story of survival, determination, and the power of friendship.

What makes Isaiah so unique? First, his fur is as blue as the sky -- which until recently was something he'd never seen, but had read all about. That's right: Isaiah can read and write. He can also talk to humans . . . if any of them are willing to listen!

After a dramatic escape from a mysterious laboratory, Isaiah is separated from his "mischief" (which is the word for a mouse family) and has to survive in the dangerous outdoors, and hopefully find his missing family. But in a world of cruel cats, hungry owls, and terrified people, it's hard for a young, lone mouse to make it alone. When he meets an equally unusual and lonely human girl named Hailey, the two soon learn that true friendship can transcend all barriers.

A fun, fast-paced tail about an electric blue mouse who escapes from his laboratory. With the help from some unlikely friends, he learns that being different is the one thing that we all have in common.

Illustrations by Joe Sutphin are fabulous. Worth the price of the book to get all of the illustrations.

- margot_stewart

I read this book with my 2nd grade literacy partner. He had been obsessed with Pokémon and Teenage Zombie books before I introduced him to this book. He reads above 2nd grade level and he was hooked from the first page! As an adult I also really enjoyed this book. It has so many themes; animal lab testing, mouse family trying to escape, and the one little mouse who saves the day with the help of his new friends! It was charming, scary, and heartwarming.

- brayan_williams

Grandson loves this book and that is an understatement because I have lost count of his reread number. Thanks to the author for quality and imaginative and creative inspiration.

- wesley_hernandez

This book was recommended by a fellow teacher and it did not disappoint!

- jaime_watson

I have enjoyed Chris Grabenstein's books for years, and this book is a worthy addition. The grandkids were enthralled, and I listened while story hour was going on too. I would love to hear more about our little blue buddy

- aldo_gomez

This book is just adorable. I always have to read children's books before I give them to relatives of friends with young children. I also purchased the book for my daughter, because when she was small we called her "mouse"

- michael_lopez

This is a great book. I enjoyed it, it teaches a valuable lesson. I passed it along to my grandson and I hope he reads it, he can learn a lot from this book.

- angelique_ross

My son does not like to read but often read past his assigned chapters because he was getting into the plight of the lead, mouse character.

- chana_chavez

This is such a lovely story about Isaiah the little mouse. Sadly Isaiah started life in a laboratory and has been bred especially by the laboratory for experimental purposes. He has 96 brothers and sisters and the laboratory has tagged him on the ear with his number, 97. He is bright blue like the sky and turns out to be a very heroic and smart mouse. He manages to escape with his family of other mice but he is the only one that does not get recaptured.

The journey he goes on as a lonely mouse soon turns to adventure with lots of interesting and clever adventures. He is not your typical common mouse but a rather special mouse that has plenty of unique and useful talents.

The book is very witty, funny and touching. It is beautifully written with lots of words and facts that are slipped in that parents would be happy for their 9 - 11 year old children to know.

Each chapter starts with a quote from none other than Isaiah himself. He is a very charming and brave mouse and regularly reminds his fellow mice that they are mice not rats and therefore superior.

The story has of good morals throughout. There are lots of parts that are very touching, cute, compassionate and sweet. He even has a love interest. The illustrations are amazing and really catch the mood of the scene being described.

I highly recommend this book, it is very special and so beautifully written. I read it in a few hours and couldn't put it down. I was keen to know how it was going to end and the ending was just as special as the rest of the book.

After reading the book it makes you realise that we are all one, we are not that different from Isaiah really ;-)

I have the kindle version and have added photographs.

- emery_anderson

A brilliant plot with many adventures whilst Isaiah was looking for his brothers and sisters. Funniest bit is when Isaiah shouted 'Freedom' when he and his siblings escaped from the lab. Loved the bit when he met a family of hundreds of mice living under the dining room. They ate left overs that the child in the human family threw on the floor. . One problem though - the human family had a cat that eats mice!

- adrienne_jackson

Lovely sounding book, purchased as a Christmas gift for a 10 year old. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Very happy.

- blaire_wilson

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