WOW! Stuff Collection Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Video Lenticular Notebook

WOW! Stuff Collection Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Video Lenticular Notebook

Posted by jack_miller | Published 6 months ago

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It's pretty cool. I love lenticular stuff, but wasn't super impressed with this particular one. But still, anything Sirius is awsome.

- bentley_johnson

The cover looks so much like the one from the movie! Bought as a gift for Worlds Biggest Harry Potter Fan. To go in her tricked out magnum named serious black!

- aliya_perez

Nice little notebook. My HP fan daughter love it.

- alejandro_sanders

Excellent product, I am happy with what was acquired.

- jadiel_harris

Got this for my sister and literally about to buy one for myself super cute

- kylee_morris

 This notebook is great for any HP fan.

- jazlyn_bailey

I use a lot of journals for a variety of reasons and equally I have enjoyed both the Harry Potter books and movies. So when this was offered, I was kind of excited. When I received it, it was interesting and with the lenticular cover, I thought that was neat and for the most part, the lenticular cover was well designed and executed. The book itself are blank pages, not lined. And this may or may not be a deterrent. Some like lines while others are ok without them. For me, without lines, it is more of a drawing/sketch pad than a journal. Although this is an officially licensed book, it is a blank journal at its root. Fans will undoubtedly want this if they are someone who draws or journals often. It's not very big (about 9x6) and there are maybe 100 pages, as it does not say on the product page.

- orion_king

This Wizarding World Lenticular Notebook with a cover of Sirius Black from the Prisoner of Azkaban in a wanted poster has Black's screaming face if you look from one angle, and him turning to the back as you rotate to another angle. The best way to view this I found, was by turning it upwards and downwards instead of side to side. The picture of Black itself is a hard plastic lensed coated square sheet, which is glued into the front of the notebook in a grooved imprint. In the particular notebook I received, the hard plastic picture was not glued in cleanly, so the right edge was sticking out a bit- not very visible, but you can feel the bump if you run your hand over the edge. the book is nice otherwise, with blank pages inside and an elastic glued into the back so that you can pull it around the book to keep it closed up. This is a cool Notebook for hardcore Harry Potter fans, and they did a very good job with the Lenticular picture in front.

- waylon_morris

Bought this for my partner who is a big HP fan and she loves it! Well designed and good quality. Seems like a shame to actually write in it! Recommended!

- nathalia_ruiz

The moving photo effect was amazingly good. Was bought as a present and friend was most pleased.

- remington_jackson

excellent just as described quick delivery well packaged. recommend .

- alexander_gonzales

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