Wrecked (A Regan Reilly Mystery Book 13)

Wrecked (A Regan Reilly Mystery Book 13)

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By: Carol Higgins Clark

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 Private Investigator Regan Reilly and her husband, Jack "no relation" Reilly, head of the NYPD Major Case Squad, are about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. They are looking forward to a quiet romantic weekend out of town. Wouldn’t you know their choice of destination provides them with anything but!

Regan and Jack had considered going to Bermuda, but instead they decide to spend four days at his parents’ beautiful beachfront home on Cape Cod, a wonderful spot where they’d never been alone. During the summer the house overflowed with Jack’s family, bubbling with activity from morning until night. But to be up there for a weekend in April, just the two of them, sounded like a perfect escape.

Arriving at the Cape late at night, Regan and Jack are just in time to experience the beginning of a major storm. The next morning, Cape Cod Bay is quite a sight, churning with whitecaps. The wind is howling ferociously. Sheets of rain are pelting the house. Regan is looking forward to settling in the den with Jack and watching the storm.

However, the best laid plans . . .

In the bedroom, Regan opens the curtains to find Skip, the Reillys’ young caretaker, pressing his nose against the glass, supposedly checking for leaks. A moment later, Jack arrives home from the market, two gossipy older women who live up the street in tow. A branch crashed through their living room window, and they need a place to stay. When Regan thought things couldn’t get any worse, Skip comes running into the house, distraught that he’d just discovered Adele Hopkins, the woman renting the house next door, in a heap at the bottom of her staircase to the beach. Regan and Jack run back down with him, but huge waves are crashing on the shore. Hopkins is gone, presumably swept out to sea.

Who was Adele Hopkins? No one knows. The sixty-ish loner, who moved in five months ago, shunned her neighbors. Even her landlords, friends of the Reillys, have no idea how to locate her next of kin. Discovered in her dining room are stacks of apology cards she’d not yet sent and bags of decorative pillows that are embroidered with the saying grudge me, grudge me not.

Regan and Jack begin an investigation to help their friends track down Hopkins’s family. They start by interviewing two young women who own the shop where Adele had bought the pillows. Pippy and Ellen opened Pillow Talk after they both lost their jobs. When a newspaper article revealing the terrible way the women had been treated by their former employers was posted on the Internet, business took off, they started to become well-known, and the Pillow Talk website became a place for people who had had similar experiences to vent their feelings.

Pippy and Ellen just received an anonymous e-mail from someone who spews venom about her former rowing coach—Adele Hopkins. Could she be the same Adele Hopkins?

Regan and Jack’s search for clues to this mysterious woman’s identity makes for an anniversary weekend they’ll never forget!
I don't know that I would call this a mystery as the author lets the reader know just about everything that is going on in all the different camps. There are many humorous moments. The mystery is for the main characters to solve; not only for Regan and Jack but for the handyman, Skip, who is suffering from a lot of guilt, in that while he ran for help, Adele Hopkins' body washed away in the storm seas, for the nosy Brewer sisters, who consider the deceased a rude and unfriendly neighbor, and due to their window being smashed move in with the Reilly couple and for Pippy and Ellen, owners of a new store, Pillow Talk, which sold Adele cards and pillows, which seem to indicate that she had a lot of people to whom she needed to apologize for something or other.

The story has some history for the characters listed; especially Ellen who only got involved in the venture of this new store after being led/seduced by Reed Danfoth to give up a good job to work for him in his new restaurant which went bankrupt after only two months. And then there is the other neighbor whose presence remains a secret to this aforementioned group until late in the story - Floyd Wellington, a aging but well know actor with narcissistic and violent tendencies.

Jack and Regan come to rue their decision to spend their first anniversary on Cape Cod as a violent storm brews and they find not only no privacy but also a mystery as to the background, family or acquaintances of the "deceased" woman. They seek help from the couple who own the house Adele was renting, assuming that they would have gotten references and contacts in renting to her. When that turns up a blank page they turn to their parents for help.

This was a quick read but left something to be desired. I just did not feel that I was kept in limbo as most mysteries do to the reader. The only anticipation was at the end in how rescuing a certain lady would turn out.

- hayes_rodriguez

It was good enough to keep my interest but I've read other books by Carol Higgins Clark & this one wasn't one of the best ones. The story line seemed to drag just a bit ... the violence wasn't awful nor gory, it did help the story line with the possibility of violence. It was ok ... I'm glad I read it but I have read better ...

- bryan_martinez

One of the worst books written/I’ve ever read. Save your money and save your time. Very disappointed in a Higgins book. Seemed as though characters just thrown together to add more pages. Poorly written and I love Regan Reilly books but not this one

- harrison_gonzales

While reading this book I had a very hard time believing it was written by Carol Higgins Clark. I have read many of her books that were intriguing and suspenseful, but this is one I actually had to make myself keep reading. The dialogue was terrible, too many misadventures, and too much going on at once. The characters were pretty much unbelievable. It really read like someone's first attempt at writing.

- tiffany_richardson

Wonderful mystery on Cape Cod. A lot of twists and turns to keep you guessing. A great Carol Higgins Clark addition to the rest of her collection. A must read.

- selah_reyes

There were too many side plots or storylines taking place as well as too many useless characters. I could not understand why the author felt like she had to have so many characters in her book. It almost made me think that she was afraid that if she didn't keep going with the subplots, you would finish her book too soon. I also wondered if she was getting paid by the number of pages she wrote.

- ryan_martinez

The lack of sensitivity in neighbors and friends was frustrating not funny

- nicole_chavez

As always a fast read with an unexpected ending

- jack_miller

Good story. Entertaining. Great author

- braydon_gonzales

Her books are very entertaining and have a feel good factor because they always have a good ending.
Unrealistic and tongue in cheek.
Great for round the pool on holiday when you don't want any thoughts to spoil your fun!

- marlowe_watson

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