Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer, 5.5 Cup, Stainless Black, Made in Japan

Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer, 5.5 Cup, Stainless Black, Made in Japan

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1. After 83 minutes of cooking time, the brown rice is not well cooked (pretty raw);
2. The Platinum Infused Nonstick coating popped up a lots bobbles and bursted broken;

I have used several rice cookers before (in the past 40 years, most of them cost less than $100). Each of them lasted a very long time. This expensive rice cooker I spent $400 and is not worth the money at all.

- Anonymous

been cooking rice all my life, this is way over kill and makes maintenance a nightmare, given how many extra parts you have to take off every time and wash.

just get the none high pressure version, it cooks rice just as well, has far fewer parts you need to take off and wash (only the bowl and cover). Also saves you some money.

- Anonymous

Only had it about a month, but we use it twice a week. I am pretty good at making rice with a pot, but this thing beats me hands down.

I routinely make 4-5 cups of rice at a time (short grain sweet rice is our household staple unless curry is on the menu) and as long as you rinse it thoroughly and select the correct setting, this thing spits out absolutely perfect rice every single time. If you've never had PERFECT rice, we're talking high end restaurant quality rice, nothing like the old "on/off" rice cookers.

Cleanup is easy, I've put about 30 or so runs through it and the nonstick coating is still great, and this thin has a partypiece, extended keep warm.

three days. THREE. DAYS. and the rice is still good. It's not perfect anymore, but it's still GOOD. If you like the idea of a bowl of rice with breakfast (for a killer breakfast, take a bowl of hot rice, mix in one egg and a half teaspoon soy sauce, the rice will cook the egg to a custardy yolk consistency, top with furikake, a japanese condiment, nutritional powerhouse, tastes great, takes less time to make than cereal)

The only iffy thing about this cooker is that it's not made for long grain rice. Which kinda stinks. But you can still get great rice with it, it just took some trial and error. The directions, which are very well written and translated, recommend a method that resulted in nasty mush. what I did was take the rice, add water to the same cup line as if I were making short grain rice, and select the "harder" setting. Rice came out perfect.

it also doesn't have a setting for wild rice, but it puts out amazing brown rice.

As long as this review is at 5 stars, the rice cooker is going strong. If that ever changes, I will update my review. But as it stands, I had no idea what I was missing.

- Anonymous

UPDATE: after about ONE year, (6-24-2016)
This Rice Cooker is great, BUT, If you cook other foods (seasoned rice for example), and allow it to "boil-over", you can end up with boiled food-gunk stuck in the lid, vents and the lid assembly. The lid itself is not easily disassembled for cleaning which means bacteria or other organisms can fester in these areas, AND I'm experiencing exactly this issue.
Note: the detachable lid is fairly easy to clean, but even it has the ability to harbor bacteria under the silicone ring. You must remove about 10 screws to truly clean that part, which I recommend once every few months if you cook aggressively with seasonings, and other than rice...

My girlfriend cooked some seasoned rice at full capacity (which boiled-over) and now, ALL rice smells like spoiled cheese after a day of extended warming. Before, it could go 3-4 or more days keep-warm with no problem.
I've had to lower my rating because of an inability to truly clean the product if foods get lodged in the lid area(s). Other than that, it's a great cooker.

This Review/Feedback is ONLY for white rice.

One immediate warning:
Do NOT let the unit boil-over, particularly if you cook to the 5-cup capacity and season your rice. The seasonings etc., can be forced into the lid assembly due to boiling-over and pressure. This is a problem when cooking larger amounts of rice/food. This can cause future cooked rice to be tainted (in flavor/smell) particularly if you use extended warm settings.

About the cooker:
This is a great Rice Cooker, But, ....If you are going to cook predominantly white rice, there is NO need (IMHO) to spend the extra cash. I compared this cooker with my older Zojirushi unit (NS-JCC10) and a Aroma unit, purchased from Costco Wholesale.
How I tested:
In each of the 3 units, at the same time, I cooked 1-cup, 2-cups and then 5-cups of rice as a test of which cooker would do the best job. I was very careful to measure exact amounts of rice/water.

I had five individuals try each batch, using fully blind taste tests. I was surprised to learn that there were NO truly distinct differences in quality/texture and taste of the rice I cooked. As well, in every case, the NP-NVC10 took the longest to cook the rice (on normal settings).
I did the same test with 3 different rice varieties, Calrose, Jasmine and Basmati. The outcomes were so close in overall quality of taste and texture, that I am truly having a hard time justifying the cost of such a "sophisticated" unit (for just white rice varieties).

The NVC10 has a host of "settings", but what I learned is that you cannot make more than one setting choice at a time.
Here is an example of what I mean. This unit offers 3 firmness settings, Normal, Softer and Harder. It also offers "Scorch, Sushi" (and other "modes") But you CANNOT (as just one example) set it to Scorch AND Softer, or Scorch and Brown rice, any other combination of choices one might want to make or try. You cannot set it for "sushi", and then choose a firmness setting. It's one or the other.

Fact is, as simple as the Aroma unit is, and even against its much older sibling with "Fuzzy Logic", (NS-JCC10), the NP-NVC10 just does not offer enough to say it's worth the price, even with all the bells and whistles.

All the above in consideration, this is a very nice unit, filled with cool "technology", but maybe, we really don't need "fuzzy" logic, or "AI", or "pressure", etc., just to cook some white rice.

In close, this review is ONLY for white rice. For anyone cooking other types of rice, brown, etc., there may be benefits, particularly the GABA etc., settings given the fact that this unit's pot is embedded with platinum...
I also read that cooking under pressure might affect better digestion (beta starch vs. alpha starch) of rice cooked in this unit. Again, I guess it depends on how important this is, and whether it does in fact make a difference to the person buying the unit. Before these units came out, there were no pressure rice cookers.

Hope this helps anyone considering such an expensive unit.

- Anonymous

My husband bought
Zojirushi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer 10 cups/ 1.8 Liter on JUNE 4, 2018 to replace our well loved Aroma rice cooker that served us for 3 years which cost less than $30.

After less than 2 months of usage I notice that there is RUST forming at the inside cover. I tried to remove it but the stubborn rust keeps on coming back and it is increasing in numbers. Of course! We bought this brand new!! I added some photos I took last month for you to see. A total disappointment and waste of money! Who would want to add rust in your food? I can’t imagine how it will look like in few more months.

PS- We bought this for $350.99 +Tax and now the price fluctuates to $500. Absolutely Absurd!! I will not hesitate to pay this much if the item will last for years.

If you want to waste hundreds of dollars in this item buy it.

- Anonymous

A great rice cooker, unfortunately, mine lasted just over a year and there was absolutely no help from the company. This is much too expensive a rice cooker to have such very poor warrranty and service. Repairs are prohibitively expensive and difficult to obtain.

- Anonymous

Upgraded from Fuzzy as Fuzzy’s internal battery died and scratched inner pot(about 7 years). I cooked the same sushi rice with same amount of water in both cooker (Regular on pressure, Regular/Sushi on Fuzzy). Fuzzy did 5 minutes faster (the pressure doesn’t cutdown cooking time, but simply to do with the texture of the rice in my opinion). Fuzzy one came out a little bit mushier and fluffier. The pressure one is a little bit more chewy and nice(my personal preference). Although you can sleet harder or softener of your choice, this is only comparison with Regular setting. I will test the difference between Regular and UMAMI later.

The difference between this pressure one and non-pressure induction or Fuzzy is really base on personal preference. Fuzzy is good rice cooker and I am really happy with it, but I would spend more to invest this pressure rice cooker to someone like me eat rice 4-5 times a week. Fuzzy is around $200, non-pressure induction is around $315, and this pressure one is around $450 (all 5.5 cups).

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about those two rice cookers.

- Anonymous

Ok, first off, your probably wondering how one could justify spending over 500$ cad on just a rice cooker. And honestly its a bit hard of a price to "swallow". Honestly if you don't cook batches of rice more then 2-3 times a week, save yourself some money and get a cheaper Zojirushi machine. This one the NP-NVC series is the pinnacle of cookers, and after using it for the past 3 weeks it is one of the most useful kitchen appliances. The kicker for this machine though is the "pressure" function which cooks perfect brown rice. Like honestly this machine has cooked every rice we could throw at it PERFECTLY!. and as a plus it has a keep warm feature which you can use to keep rice warm for days on end. I literally can go on and on.. The induction feature will guarantee you will never burn the rice, every grain has come perfect out of this machine, and honestly its a massive joy to use as well as its very Japanese when it plays its kawaii style songs when you start and when it stops the cycles.

- Anonymous

My family and I eat rice everyday. sometimes twice a day. rice is very important to us.

i come from a rice cooker that had a Cook and Keep warm switch. approximately 10$. those rice cookers can make rice.

after trying this product, you feel a greater appreciation for rice. you can (if you try hard enough) count each individual rice in your mouth with your tongue. each grain has a defined texture.

the rice cooker takes AT LEAST 45 mins to cook (even on its quickest setting). this is my only problem but guess thats how long it takes to make GOOD RICE.

we tried mixing all these red and black and brown rice ( which normally tastes like cardboard) and the difference is like night and day. you wont even know its mixed rice (which i understand is a good thing).

- Anonymous

I've been using this about 3 months with short grain white rice and calrose white rice. I find the time-to-finish function really convenient. Thanks to the non-stick surface of the cooking pot, it's pretty easy to clean as well. The keep warm function is excellent and will keep the rice palatable for hours if you want to eat some for a snack and some for a meal. I'm not sure I'd feel safe leaving it plugged in when I'm not home since anything with a heater malfunctioning is prone to cause a fire, so I don't know if I'd recommend leaving it to have rice ready when you come home from work but... It's a nice rice cooker.

I don't have a rich experience with different rice makers, so I can't say if there is much value for the money. But since they say this kind of cooking method produces softer rice, it's worth it for me. It's certainly softer than cooking rice on the stove for 10 minutes. This method does take an hour, however. I also can't comment on the lifespan of this sort of machine, but the cable is very thick and sturdy so at least that shouldn't be the bottleneck.

- Anonymous

Only had this machine for a few days. Used the quick setting for basmati and it turned out amazing. Currently eating oat porridge out of it and again perfectly cooked. Only two of us so we cook no more then two cups. Boil overs will happen for mixed/seasoned rice cooking with more then x3 cups so get larger capacity unit. Clean up has lots of parts to take apart every cook, read the directions. Our old Tiger 5.5 cooker is gone for good now. Hope this one lasts as long though?
Not a cooker for occasional rice people as the cost is crazy. Well worth it so far right out of the box.

- Anonymous

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