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Introvert Leaders That Run The World: 16 Reasons Why Introvert People Lead in Business, Politics, Arts, Science & Technology (Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, ... quiet (Motivation, excellence, Success)
Introvert Leaders That Run The World: 16 Reasons Why Introvert People Lead in Business, Politics, Arts, Science & Technology (Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, ... quiet (Motivation, excellence, Success)
Excellent book! This book is a short research into what is it that makes introverts so successful everywhere from business to movies and from music to politics. One of the most common assumptions is that introverts can’t be good leaders, having neither the natural talent nor the desire for leadership. And while it is true that more introverted types might not jump at the chance to lead a team, organization, or movement, circumstances can place them there regardless.
In previous time introverts were treated as personality trait but at present, in the era of ICT introversion is rectified as a mental disorder. Introversion is a great barrier on the way of success in life where the internet made the world smaller and brought the people closer.
Aditya Sawdekar did well writing the book very easy to understand. He focused on the basic reasons behind the introversion such as pre-decision how much engage in social setting, taking calculated risk, extreme personality trait, calmly dealing with adversity, non-offensive and love for being alone etc.
This book is for anyone who wants to find deeper meaning in their lives, excel or transform personalities for betterment of life.
MEG: Nightstalkers
MEG: Nightstalkers
I picked up the original "Meg" novel a couple of years ago and found it a pleasant surprise. It was well written and hit the balance perfectly between being believable and having some fun, over the top action. It was refreshing to find a giant sea monster story that didn't have the usual radiation/mutation/government experiment origins and was coupled with some likable characters. I enjoyed the sequel but as I've gone through the series there's been a noticeable decline in the quality. I was hoping "Nightstalkers" would end that trend but was sadly disappointed.

I understand that five books into a series there's going to be some rehashing of similar plot devices but I couldn't help feeling that I'd already read this book. It's been the same for a while now - despite tragedy after tragedy inflicted on the Taylor family by these sharks, they insist on repeating their mistakes. Initially they want to destroy the sharks, but then decide they want to save them and imprison them back in the lagoon/aquarium one more time despite all the failures of previous attempts and countless deaths. The megs are the secondary antagonists at this point, playing second fiddle to some even larger creatures, but the formula is still the same.

By far the worst point of the book is about 75% in where a character is introduced and brings with him an absolutely ludicrous alternate reality/time travel subplot. Yes you read that right, TIME TRAVEL!!. I wish I was making this up. It feels ridiculously out of place and is dropped after a few chapters never to be mentioned again (thankfully). I later discovered that this was a crossover with another series by the same author, and it feels like a cheap ploy to generate sales of his other books. At this point I actually put the book aside for a few weeks feeling like it wasn't even worth the effort but I'd already invested enough to want to see it through to the end. I won't spoil anything, but the door was left open for more sequels to follow.

If you've read the first couple of books of the series then please just stop there. It's sad how terrible this getting.
Respect: The Life and Times of Aretha Franklin
Respect: The Life and Times of Aretha Franklin
I chose this rating because I have been a follower of Aretha for over 4 decades and I never realized she had so so many accolades and awards in her lifetime. The many people she worked with was amazing. The RESPECT from so many fans and musical peers is unparalleled. She is undeniably the QUEEN OF SOUL.
Who Was Louis Armstrong? (Who Was?)
Who Was Louis Armstrong? (Who Was?)
Excellent book to explain black history in a really simple & non complicated manner to children of younger ages my daughter is 7years old & loved all of the series I purchased all of them African American range in the books for black history month but will be extending my daughter library with other historical characters in the series.
Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Season 2
Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Season 2
obviously they've run out of ideas for the Hulks - shame too - it had a great cast - whole framing hulks storyline got tired quick - liked chasing big head Leader through the past, and my daughter's favorite with Devil Dinosaur and Spiderman - was hoping Pau Dini and company could've pulled a rabbit out of the hat - still my kid gotta a kick out of it and that's really who the show was for - we still watch them together and laugh so 3 and half stars we give
Marvel Avengers Assemble Captain America Deluxe Muscle-Chest Costume, Small
Marvel Avengers Assemble Captain America Deluxe Muscle-Chest Costume, Small
Il n'est mentionné nulle-part dans la description du produit que le bouclier est vendu séparément.
L'image montre le costume AVEC le bouclier.
Mais le bouclier n'est pas inclus avec le costume. Sur l'emballage reçu c'est indiqué que le bouclier est vendu séparément.
Fausse représentation, extrêmement déçu de mon achat.
Wolverine Men's Floorhand Waterproof 10" Steel Toe Work Boot
Wolverine Men's Floorhand Waterproof 10" Steel Toe Work Boot
Good, quality work boot, with lots of room for heavy work socks. Atrractive, functional appearance, whether pants are tucked inside the boot or pants are pulled over the exterior sides of the boot. I haven’t found out if they are waterproof yet, but it looks like they will be very water resistant for a breathable leather boot. And I didn’t buy these leather boots for wading around in several inches of standing water anyway, and in those situations, I’d wear some clammy rubber boots, not these good, everyday leather work boots. These Wolverine boots are great for construction, chores, just about any kind of work, and the steel toe is not even noticeable, except when you just find out it’s protected you from stubbing your toe! The only caveat might be, because they do have the convenience of a pull on boot, if you planned to go hiking for miles and miles, you would probably want to wear a lighter boot with laces that fit around your feet tightly, but that’s the case with almost all pull on boots. Highly recommended boots.
The Lord of Cooking: Recipes for Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits and Men
The Lord of Cooking: Recipes for Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits and Men
Very disappointed... The paperback is all in black and white. For a cookbook with foods that tend to be juicy and tasty, I expected to see colors. So, because of this I bought the printout one, to live it visible in my kitchen. But I will not leave something black and white and in a very bad impression quality exposed. Seriously, don't waste your money on the printed version.
Table for Two: An Anthology
Table for Two: An Anthology


「ショパン…」(SUMMER DESSERTS)は、一流シェフのサマーが有名ホテルの




料理は一流でも恋は苦手…そんなサマーに強い味方が! サマーの母、


「止まらない…」(LESSONS LEARNED)はジュリエットがイタリアでも



Gold Comes in Bricks
Gold Comes in Bricks
The story starts with diminutive detective Donald Lam getting the stuffing beat out of him by a Japanese judo instructor, a motif that will be used at various points throughout the book as part gag, part plot element. His boss, the gargantuan Bertha Cool, owner of the B. Cool Detective Agency, is footing the bill for the instruction, and also using the lessons as a wedge in getting a prospective client to hire them for a case, suggesting that Donald can enter the client's household as a physical fitness instructor, an odd idea, perhaps, unless the client needs a practice dummy.

The client, Henry Ashbury, thinks he wants to hire Cool and Lam to find out what his daughter has been doing that would account for large sums of money vanishing from her bank account. He thinks that's why he wants to hire them, but that's only because he does not know how much trouble he and his daughter are in, not just from grifters and blackmailers, but from slimy shysters, smarmy lotharios, and dangers much closer to home. Before Lam is through with the case, a blackmailer will be dead, a gold mine will be revealed a fake, lawyers and conmen will get their comeuppance, thousands of dollars will be exchanged for letters that may or may not exist, Lam will be hunted by the D.A. and the police departments of two counties, and a judo instructor will have his day.

Cool and Lam are the lesser creations of Erle Stanley Gardner, writing under the name of A.A. Fair. Fans of the more well known Perry Mason will find a breezier style of writing, a brisker form or storytelling, but the same lively wit and machinegun dialogue. Lam is the narrator of his own tale, witty, quick-minded, and more than a little snarky from time to time. Because he is not physically head and shoulders above anyone, the villains in this story of greed, murder and betrayal vastly underestimate him, much to their chagrin, a common occurrence in the series. His boss, the colossal Bertha Cool, a bejeweled bull in the proverbial china shop, enters the investigation whenever Lam needs someone to go chin to chin with an irresistible force. Of the two detectives, Lam is the one who does the actual detecting, but the story could not be told without the both of them. Although Bertha Cool seems to exist in the book for no other reason than to pay bills, bamboozle clients and act as a foil for Donald Lam, she is yet an extraordinary character. She looms large in the story, and in the series as a whole, and not just because she makes Nero Wolfe look petite. Take her out of the mix and you have an unremarkable story about a small, seedy detective who probably couldn't make an investigation agency pay for itself. Together they are dynamite, and will certainly appeal to those who enjoy Gardner's dynamic and witty writing.
Adolf, Vol. 4: Days Of Infamy
Adolf, Vol. 4: Days Of Infamy
I have collected this entire series and it is still my favorite from when I was a very young girl and my older sister had given me the first two volumes as a gift. Tezuka has written another great story with the tales of the Three Adolfs and their unique relationships. Part noir, part war drama, part political dissection and all human experience--this is a tale I have read again and again and always found something new to make me laugh, cry and hope for a better outcome. I recommend the Adolf books to anyone with an interest in WWII and what Nazism drove people to do. It's never preachy and you always hope that humanity can learn from its past crimes {hate, indifference and fascism} and create a better world starting today.
Private: The Royals (BookShots)
Private: The Royals (BookShots)
*Summary from Amazon*
Private is the most elite detective agency in the world. But when kidnappers threaten to execute a Royal Family member in front of the Queen, Jack Morgan and his team have just 24 hours to stop them. Or heads will roll...literally.
         That is the best description I could have found for this book.  With a lot of action and a blindingly fast pace this was a fantastic addition both to its series and to the collection of bookshots.  While there are a dozen books before this one, and they do talk about a past case, I feel like there is enough information here that you could read it alone. 
             I have had issue with this series in the past- the full length books like to take on several things at once that loosely tie at the end, but they often make me feel like one aspect or another wasn't given enough time.  I also have a love/hate relationship with the layout.  The premise of the series is that Jack Morgan has bases for Private Investigations in many different countries.  In each book we see a different team- all well and good, but I end up falling for this or that character and could wait years (literally) before I see them again.  For one that falls deeply for character development, this is a special type of pain.  Especially so, since I fell hard for three characters in this book and heaven knows if I will ever see them in other books.  I have hope, though, as at least one has been in past books. 
       I want to judge this book solely on it's own merit, though, and not how I feel about the series in general.  On it's own merit, this book is amazing.  Fast paced, with some great characters (though I must say that a few important characters weren't very well developed...) I had a great time reading this one.  It is everything Patterson wanted when he rolled the bookshots out- lightning fast reads that you just can't put down.  Four stars! 
            On the adult content scale, there is drug use, language, and violence.  It's actually a bit graphic in all three cases, so I am going to give it an eight. 
The Way to Dusty Death
The Way to Dusty Death
I read The Way to Dusty Death two or three times on holiday when I was young, probably around 12 or 13, and totally loved the action and the Grand Prix setting. Back on holiday again this year 25ish years later and nostalgia lead me to read it again. Yes, the descriptions of the world of racing are still interesting but my god the book is terribly written. There are pages and pages of overworked, long-winded prose to wade through and I found myself sighing out loud pretty regularly. If that doesn't bother you, go for it, otherwise I'd avoid this book.
You Have Seen Their Faces (Brown Thrasher Books Ser.)
You Have Seen Their Faces (Brown Thrasher Books Ser.)
This book covers the subject of the `Sharecroppers' during the Great Depression, when the drought brought havoc to the farming community, especially the cotton states of the Deep South, which had over-farmed their land, and whose land was less fertile than the neihbouring Mississippi region?
The writer is Erskine Caldwell, author of the very poignant and witty `Tobacco Road' & `God's Little Acre' - from the same period and landscape.
His overview, just 50 pages or so, of the sharecropper's lot, is excellent and it is clear he understood their plight and the politics of the National and Federal authorities, as well as the local landowners - all too well.
This was yet another terrible miscarriage of justice against the `Blacks' & poorer whites in the Deep South and America in general. Caldwell as usual is very forthright in his analysis & views on the subject!
The book is complemented by the photos of Margaret Bourke- White - a prominent photographer of that time and latterly Mrs Caldwell. The snaps capture wonderfully the poverty, hardship, strain and the effect of the sheer graft on the faces of the croppers and their folk, as they struggle to get by on a pittance in what was a gruelling lifestyle.
Some of the captions for the photos are so funny, but of course tragic as well - typical Caldwell! One forlorn older white guy looks into the camera, with the caption, "I used to be a peddler, until peddling petered out!"
One very `weathered - faced' mother looks into the camera and says, "Snuff is a great help when your teeth are aching!"
The book is far from good quality, in fact , by today's standards it's very poor, and the photos look no better than photocopies! This is a shame but the hard back versions are no longer available and stupid prices if they are! Whilst I feel even this paperback version is vastly over-priced at nearly £20, and is no better than a school mag' , I still thoroughly enjoyed it and it only takes a couple of hours to browse through - Anyway, someone has to stand up for the poor sharecroppers!
The book ends with Caldwell's possible solutions to help the croppers, However , this is before farming became mechanized and their labour just wasn't required in the South anymore! Most Blacks then emigrated to the North of America for jobs in factories. They certainly couldn't have been any worse off!
THE MISTRESS ASSIGNMENT (Sweet Revenge Seduction)
THE MISTRESS ASSIGNMENT (Sweet Revenge Seduction)
I really like linked books so I probably gave this a slightly higher score than I would as a stand alone. A warning too. This series "Sweet Revenge" are very closely linked and they are better if you read them as a series rather than a stand alone because they build on each other with the final culmination of the revenge plot arriving in book four.

The Mistress Assignment is the set up book for the series so we see a lot of the four friends who feature. There is also some POV shifts to characters in the later books, especially Dee who is the mover and shaker of the revenge plot and gets her HEA in the final book.

Kelly is the heroine for this book and Dee has persuaded her to pretend to like the slimy Julian Cox who broke their friend Beth's heart by dumping her in favour of richer game. There is also a hint that Cox played a part in Dee's past as well, though not as a romantic interest.

All goes well until Kelly meets Brough Frobisher, the brother of Julian's latest target, the vulnerable Evie. Brough is instantly intrigued by Kelly but cannot understand her flirting with his sister's man. Especially as he doesn't like Julian.

When Brough meets Kelly in her place of business, needing her to do a special order of china painting, he is even more confused by her contradictory behaviour.

As you can imagine, misunderstandings about but it's quite a sweet romance without too many complications aside from the obvious. The ending of the romance was satisfying and the setup for the next book is tantalising.
POP! Funko Movies: Harry Potter - FILCH & MRS. Norris - NYCC 2019 Fall Convention Exclusive
POP! Funko Movies: Harry Potter - FILCH & MRS. Norris - NYCC 2019 Fall Convention Exclusive
Tentando entender o motivo pra enviarem uma caixa dentro de um envelope. A caixa veio bastante danificada, essa foto já foi depois de eu tentar dá uma arrumada nela. Inaceitável pra quem coleciona o Funko Pop na caixa. Devido a caixa amassada um arranhão bem na testa do Filch. Uma pena, pois pagamos um valor alto no item colecionável para chegar danificado.
Estou esperando mais um e espero que não venha do mesmo jeito.
Infelizmente fiquei decepcionada com essa compra. O Funko em si é lindo, queria muito pra minha coleção.😍
Bicycling Maximum Overload for Cyclists: A Radical Strength-Based Program for Improved Speed and Endurance in Half the Time (Bicycling Magazine)
Bicycling Maximum Overload for Cyclists: A Radical Strength-Based Program for Improved Speed and Endurance in Half the Time (Bicycling Magazine)
...this would be a defining specimen of the genre.

First, potential readers should know the training program presented here is NOT based on scientific principles, but anecdotal experience.
The real world examples cited limit themselves to a handful of protagonists and a very limited number of events.

The basic assumption of Devore is long-proven to be correct: Strength training augments and reinforces cycling performance and helps prevent a host of negative side effects associated with the sport. A facts that is no longer up to much debate.

But herein lies the problem: Popular and wide-spread training literature, such as Joe Friel's "The Cyclist's Training Bible", has incorporated strength training as an essential part of a road cyclist's training season those 20 years and more.
The authors of "Maximum Overload" chose to ignore this fact and claim cycling has, until now, been a "virgin to strength training".
This is plain false and only serves to over-emphasise a pseudo-revolutionary concept that, truth be told, is not revolutionary at all.

The concept itself may well be sound, by the way - I can find nothing particularly outlandish or new about it - but that's it.

On the other hands, the authors demonstrate a sometimes shocking ignorance of basic human physiology - p.e. when they claim that low-intensity endurance efforts are fueled by 95% fat oxidation (totally made up number) - and that fat is a "superior fuel" when compared to carbohydrates, simply ignoring the fact it takes about 30% more oxygen to metabolize.
And don't even get me started on their concept of "The Black Hole".....

This skewed perception once again serves their personal agenda: in this case, to push and grossly overestimate the benefits of a high-fat, paleo-type diet for endurance athletes. Wild claims of becoming a "fat burning machine" while increasing strength, lowering weight and improving endurance performance when "going primal" are simply another fad these days and repeated here without any scientific proof.

Their only "proof", if you can name it so, is the example of pro cyclist David Zabriskie, who in 2013 allegedly experienced a 15% increase in sustainable power output over a four month period while on the Devore program & paleo diet. Sounds too good to be true?
Honestly, this is nothing too spectacular on the pro level of the sport. Pro cyclists peak at considerably higher power outputs than they start their season with. Perfectly normal on that level of the sport.
Also note they freely admit Zabriskie used highly-processed and highly-unnatural nutrition, such as Ucan Superstarch, to keep himself going - how does that fit into being "primal"? Guess you can by now see the elephant in the room.

The fact that basically ALL world-class endurance athletes thrive on a diet rich in high quality carbohydrates is thereby conveniently ignored (for hard facts, not opinion, see p.e. Matt Fitzgerald: "Racing Weight" or "The Endurance Diet").


The book states the benefits of strength training and the risks of omitting it in no uncertain terms.
The program appears to be sound, but not revolutionary or even new. So much for the good.
Otherwise, the authors perpetrate a lot of murky, unproven and muddled ideas on human physique and the nature of road cycling that degrades a basically sound concept into a wild pamphlet of mostly unproven opinion and anecdotal evidence.

Lots of facts - some of them the real thing, many "alternative".
The Quick 30/30 Job Solution: Smart Job Search Tips for Surviving Today's New Economy
The Quick 30/30 Job Solution: Smart Job Search Tips for Surviving Today's New Economy
Good Evening, the book provides an insider look into job hunting.
The book has a concept for finding a job within 30 miles of your present residence in a 30 day time span.
The principles for finding the job are explained in detail.
The communication techniques required for employment is broken down into easily understood sound bites.
The research and planning tools are given in a logical manner with formal organization technics attached.
Actionable ideas are provided for comment by the prospective employee.
Getting hired can be overwhelming to mind but his book soothes the mindset and leads you into a strong position for successful employment.
Interview principles and techniques are laid out in elementary steps not collegiate level words for understanding.
Rehearsal questions and answers give way to a wealth of self-awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses. All leading to a job offer at a company close to home.
Leaving a profession can sometime be hurtful to your employer or co-workers. The book walks you through the process of leaving with professionalism.
I highly recommend this book to anyone retiring from the military. It opens up your mind to job positions that seemed impossible.
Uncle Jack Charging Dock Airpods Apple Watch Stand Bamboo Wood Charging Station Desk Organization Compatible with AirPods/Apple Watch Series3/2/1/iPhone
Uncle Jack Charging Dock Airpods Apple Watch Stand Bamboo Wood Charging Station Desk Organization Compatible with AirPods/Apple Watch Series3/2/1/iPhone
This is a really nice item. It's a solid piece of bamboo with milled cutouts. This gives it some weight so it doesn't slide about or tip as you're placing/removing your phone and watch. I wanted one where the phone would sit horizontally and this was one of the few choices and I'm not disappointed at all. The charger for my Fossil Gen 5 fits in the cutout just fine. I believe the Gen 4 Fossils use the same charger. The only Cons (and they are very minor) is it would be nice if the watch holder could be on either side and if there was a choice of what type of cable to include for the one that's embedded into the earbuds charging pocket.
Pioneer Days in the Southwest from 1850 to 1879: Thrilling Descriptions of Buffalo Hunting, Indian Fighting and Massacres, Cowboy Life and Home Building (1909)
Pioneer Days in the Southwest from 1850 to 1879: Thrilling Descriptions of Buffalo Hunting, Indian Fighting and Massacres, Cowboy Life and Home Building (1909)
I didn't give it 5 stars because there could have been more to it. What ever kept those old timers in the country with all the difficulties is what I miss. People just are not as likley to stick it out today. The book is mostly about how hard it was but there must have been some redeeming benefits. Extreme freedom, unspoiled game country, unpolluted sunsets, no taxes, adventure. We can all make our own list, but what was it that made them stay?

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