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Ext JS 4 Web Application Development Cookbook
Ext JS 4 Web Application Development Cookbook
Ext JS 4 Web Application Development Cookbook by Andrew Duncan and Stuart Ashworth. Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars, with 9 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling. Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars, with 17 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the J. K. Rowling category.
Orbit: Stephen King
Orbit: Stephen King
Orbit: Stephen King by Brian McCathy, Michael Lent , et al.. Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars, with 8 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Stephen King category.
Java For Dummies
Java For Dummies
Java For Dummies by Barry A. Burd. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, with 54 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'Java programming' category.
Web Programming Step by Step
Web Programming Step by Step
Web Programming Step by Step by Jessica Miller. Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, with 19 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'PHP programming' category.
Elon Musk: What YOU Can Learn from His AMAZING Life (Inspirational books for kids Book 1)
Elon Musk: What YOU Can Learn from His AMAZING Life (Inspirational books for kids Book 1)
I would give it 0 stars if that was an option. This is advertised as a “Biography for Kids.” There is no author or publisher listed. At the back of the book, it says it was printed on May 1, 2018, which is the day I purchased the book. After looking into it more, I found that it is published by CreateSpace (an Amazon company). It does include basic facts about Musk’s life, however it is not written in a professional manner and includes information not suited for children. I have learned my lesson: check the publisher listed in the description of the book before purchasing.
Oprah, la biografia (Spanish Edition)
Oprah, la biografia (Spanish Edition)
El contenido del libro es estupendo, recomendable totalmente.

Mi queja va en cuanto a la presentación del libro que deja mucho que desear. Parecen libros usados o están en la última esquina del almacén porque venían sucios, esquinas dobladas... cuando supuestamente eran nuevos. Que menos que los plastifiquen o un film de esos que utilizan cuando están sin abrir 🤦🏼‍♀️
Ragtime: A Novel (Modern Library 100 Best Novels)
Ragtime: A Novel (Modern Library 100 Best Novels)
While books usually come in recognisable, almost standardised, genres - thrillers, romances, vampire teen and so on - it’s difficult to place Ragtime. This strange book weaves a story around real and imagined characters from early twentieth century America. The closest you'd get to a classification is "historical fiction". It opens by introducing an ordinary middle class American businessman running a company making fireworks and patriotic bunting. Then we follow the story of a struggling artist and his daughter. These two threads merge with episodic tales involving escape artist Harry Houdini, society beauty Evelyn Nesbit, psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, financier J.P. Morgan and carmaker Henry Ford.

Even though this book is difficult to classify, I couldn’t help noticing that its unpredictable pages had many references to highly predictable and repetitive processes. There was Henry Ford for example, building a car every sixty seconds on his production line in Michigan. We go to baseball games and see repetitive sequences of play. In a conversation with Ford, J.P. Morgan talks about recurring patterns in the design of all lifeforms.

Layered on top of this sense of repetition we have what Harold Macmillan might have referred to as “events, dear boy, events.” There is narrow-minded viciousness, with disastrous consequences. There is principled behaviour, which rather than bringing order, becomes destructive in its obsessiveness. There's also the age-old drive of group identification, which tears people apart even more powerfully than it pulls them together. The early twentieth century created mechanised mass production and the society built upon it. Nevertheless, modern life remains chaotic. This paradox drives Ragtime. It’s like a printing press casually churning out a book that a writer went through hell to write. Ragtime is a style of music based on the regularity of a march, but stressing the offbeat in such a way that the beat is intensified. Irregularity and regularity combine to give the excitement of this music’s overall effect. E.L. Doctorow’s remarkable novel works in the same way.
The Beatles 1962-1966
The Beatles 1962-1966
Pros: Songs, Superior vinyl (180 grams) high quality packaging
Cons: Not everyone is going to be happy with the song selection Not enough 1966

The red and blue albums released from The Beatles post break-up era were a part of most fans' record collections. Memories of following along with the lyrics on either of the two record sleeves as the music played or inspecting the odd picture that consumed the opened gatefold are common to most who owned either of these albums. This version, released 41 years later is far superior both visually and audibly. The heavy duty gloss of the inner sleeves appear to be able to stand up to have a much longer shelf life, and the addition of a sturdy jacket will refuse any ring wear we all experienced with our early albums. And these vinyl discs that weigh 180grams a piece promise to outlast possible even you.

What I like about this album 1962-1966 is that it thoroughly chronicles the music of The Beatles for the first half of their musical output. It's not just the singles here, but a couple of songs from each of the records. This is an ideal way to start learning about The Beatles, and indeed many folks have done that when this was first released. The band had progressed with each and every album they released, although it may not seem so apparent to some as 1967-1970 easily illustrates. Yet these early songs from 1962 like Love Me Do and Please Please Me, we hear not only a more simple and innocent-style of lyrics, we also have a dominant Lennon influence. For this anthology, they chose the early single version of Love Me Do, initially released in October of 1962. There were two versions recorded, this one was the version with Ringo Starr on drums as opposed to the album version with session man Andy White behind the drums. There is also the limitation of mono, which EMI was unfortunately still recording in at the time. Please Please Me was influenced by a Roy Orbison song that Lennon liked. The two songs are kind of similar early rock and roll, although Please Please Me had seemed a bit more polished. From Me To You, sounds a lot like Please Please Me as the band had tried to do their best to score a number one record in the US, by utilizing the same formula and just trying to improve on it. I do like that they used the stereo version of this song as it sounds slightly more dynamic than the original. She Loves You wraps up the first part of this era of the Beatles. It is the best of the bunch, and with the rebellious "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" in the chorus, it was guaranteed to make the preteens wild with delight.

With I Want To Hold Your Hand, there is an audible difference in their musical genre, as they base the song around a couple of riffs instead of a melody resulting in a heavier sound for the band. For me, it is both a pinnacle in their musical style up until that time and also their utmost disposable track ever written. This song, like the songs before it have a very dated sound to it, probably due to the fact that the "British Invasion" copied this early style a year or two later. I Want To Hold Your Hand was definitely a game changer for the band giving them higher success and even more confidence. With the new year, the band had a soundtrack for the first film A Hard Day's Night, and the band matured even more so, mostly due to the change of equipment in the Abbey Road studios, mainly a four track recorder rather than the dual-track. The band added different instruments to their recording sessions, not having to remain the four-piece line up do to the restrictions of dual-track recording. England's top studio was finally catching up to American recording practices and The Beatles were taking advantage of this. Musical scholars still argue over the first chord struck in the intro of John's A Hard Day's Night, mainly due to the multi-track technology they had at their behest. The drums and bass now have a slightly more prominent feel within the track, which gave the band a heavier sound. A Hard Day's Night is a prime example, as well as Paul's Can't Buy Me Love.

Their songs from their second soundtrack Help! are spread across the end of disc one and the beginning of disc 2. With songs like Ticket to Ride, it seems apparent that Ringo Starr was more aware of his drum sound coming to the fore as his drumming begins to become much more imaginative. And with Paul's gentle acoustic ballad Yesterday, perhaps he becomes aware that his songs tend to have organic beginnings as this one was literally dreamed up one night. The hard rocker Help! starts off the second disc continuing the songs from the soundtrack, which is followed by another of John's You've Got To Hide Your Love Away to finish the songs from that album. Bob Dylan heavily influenced this acoustic gem, and I suppose I hear a more monotone Lennon vocal against his prominent acoustic guitar strumming.

During this period (1962-1966) there were songs written by guitarist George Harrison as well as the force behind the huge selling singles (Lennon & McCartney) but you wouldn't know this from this compilation. Harrison had written a handful of some pretty good tracks in this era, yet none were included maybe due to the limitations of space back in 1973 when this was first released. For this remastered version of the 1962-1966, it would have been nice if they would have extended the tracklisting with a few more songs, which could include one or two Harrison songs such as Taxman or If I Needed Someone. Having said that, I still love the chronological format here as they go from album favorites to singles and this repeats over and over.

The songs included are very skimpy with the contributions from 1966, including only three; Paperback Writer was the single from that year, written by Paul McCartney. It's another of their heavier songs again revolving around a catchy riff played on a distorted guitar. The band only released one new studio album that year, Revolver, and representing this album are two more McCartney songs, Yellow Submarine and Eleanor Rigby. Yellow Submarine is another song inspired by a dream Paul had had, it turned out to be a child-like limerick which he had given to Ringo Starr to sing the lead vocal on, another stroke of good luck, or genius depending on how you look at it.

As far as the sound quality, this really sounds amazing. I admit that I am just returning to the vinyl music, and so everything I own is new. My GLI-Pro SI-2500 turntable produces a very pure sound from these discs. I have little to no pops emanating from my speakers and the vinyl produces a slightly different dynamic than the CDs do. The vinyl somehow gives me a different listening experience and these days I prefer the analog to the digital. It gives me a sense of relaxation and a new level of enjoyment.

The Beatles
Length: 62:47
Released: 04/19/1973 (10/19/2010 on remastered CD)
Rating: 4 stars
the Songs:
1. Love Me Do
2. Please Please Me
3. From me To You
4. She Loves You
5. I Want To Hold Your Hand
6. All My Loving
7. Can't Buy Me Love
8. A Hard Day's Night
9. And I Love Her
10. Eight Days A Week
11. I Feel Fine
12. Ticket To Ride
13. Yesterday
14. Help!
15. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
16. We Can Work It Out
17. Day Tripper
18. Drive My Car
19. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
20. Nowhere Man
21. Michelle
22. In My Life
23. Girl
24. Paperback Writer
25. Eleanor Rigby
26. Yellow Submarine
Trouble No More: The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 / 1979-1981
Trouble No More: The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 / 1979-1981
Well, well, well, the Bobster has gone and done it again, he has re-visited one of the most reviled periods of his career (as he did with Vol 10) and shown us that perhaps the criticism that was meted out back in the late '70's and early 80's was undeserved. This of course is the period when he announced that he was a born again Christian and the three albums he produced over this period, Slow Train Coming, Saved and Shot of Love, reflected that conversion. Now because of the criticism I had avoided these albums, I remember as a young rock fan new to the delights of rock music, Sounds giving Saved a one star review and that stuck with me for many years. When this collection was announced a couple of months ago I thought 'WHAT!!!???!!', but then I remembered what had happened with Vol 10 of this excellent series when he revisited his Self Portrait, New Morning period that also came in for great criticism and that volume made so many have to re-think their criticism. Would this have the same effect?

Now I'm not a follower of any organised religion, I don't attend church (or chapel here in Wales) except for the odd wedding or funeral, but although I'm not religious that does not mean I do not appreciate many great artistic works that are influenced by religion. I enjoy listening to Handel's Messiah and Bach's Mass in B Minor, I appreciate the beauty of many great paintings that are influenced by religious themes and I enjoy the odd bit of gospel music and this is what we have here, some excellent gospel music sung by Bob Dylan and performed by one of his best touring bands.

I've seen Bob Dylan live on a few occasions and let's face he can be a pretty sloppy performer at times, his vocal delivery in particular can grate and give the impression he doesn't care. One of the things that stands out on this particular set of recordings is the passion in his vocal delivery, it's clear he's loving performing these songs, they really are coming from the heart. Added to that the backing band are top notch with five backing singers and two keyboard players to give it that real gospel feel, they really do deliver, the version of Shot of Love in this set is delivered with such passion I nearly did a Jake Blues and flip flopped down the kitchen and hallway with joy and shout Hallelujah!!, nearly but not quite. We also get the opportunity to hear how Dylan is constantly re-working his music, a few of the songs on this set are repeated to show how they evolved over a short space of time. Compare the version of Slow Train that opens disc 1 with the version from two years later that opens disc 2. The first version is closer to the studio version, whilst the later version there is more chugging feel from the backing band, both are wonderful to listen to and go to show why when he's on form Dylan can be such a mesmerising, but at times frustrating, live performer.

I have of course gone for the cheap 2 disc version, my pockets are not deep enough to afford the all singing box set, but as with with Vol 10 this has been a really pleasant surprise, and I'm quite taken with it. It won't be to everyone's taste, some may find the religious message in the songs is still too much, all I would say to those people is give this a chance, so much of the criticism that was aimed at this period was down to the shock of Dylan's conversion. Time is a healer and now we can approach these songs with a far more open mind that perhaps we could 38 years ago. Check it out there really are some delights here.
The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 2: Interdimensional Teachings from our Elders
The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 2: Interdimensional Teachings from our Elders
Truly great read. I received major downloads of information and energy reading this book. Normally I wouldn’t say such a thing because I’m a skeptical person and don’t typically use that type of terminology, but it’s very true. I felt and witnessed literal physical and sensorial changes in myself and my surroundings during the course of reading this book and am eternally grateful to all of the humans and non-humans involved in the transmission of this material. Excited for the third installment!
Running Free
Running Free
I first viewed this movie about 10 or 12 years ago, and I truly fell in love with it, and shortly thereafter contacted its maker, Steve Kroschel.

Wolverines, which this movie is about, have a ferocious reputation in all of the far North latitudes, where they live still. American indians have told stories for many centuries about their cunning, intelligence and fierceness, and trappers hated and feared them.

This story is about a young boy who becomes friends with an orphaned "kit" -as baby wolverines are called- during a summer in the Alaskan wilderness. The beauty of the scenery and the touching affection between the two of them is very heart-warming and shows not only the potential fierceness that a wolverine is capable of when facing grizzly bears and wolves, but also the deep affection they are capable of with humans who treat them well and the constant playfulness that is naturally part of their nature, as it is with their cousins, the otters.

Some skeptical viewers may say that this is only a movie, and that wolverines are not affectionate with humans, but it may be worth noting that the producer of the movie, Steve Kroschel, has raised a number of wolverines from infants and has also obtained others as adults, and has an extraordinarily affectionate relationship with them, some of which starred in his movie.

This movie is educational, visually stunning, and instructive about nature, Alaska and Alaskans, and the true nature of wolverines, which are part of the weasel family, as are martins, weasels, otters, ferrets? Fishers, and others. I absolutely recommend this movie for family viewing. It delights adults and children, as well as teenagers and grandparents. Exceptionally good film.

-Robert M. Burns
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I Am Thor
I Am Thor
Ich muss gleich klarstellen: ich war nie ein Fan von THOR, fand auch in den 80ern seine Songs einfach zu schwach und später die bei Youtube zu bestaunenden Clips eher unfreiwillig komisch als irgendwie mitreißend.

Aber der Reihe nach… Jon MIkl Thor dürfte ein Name sein, der trotz nicht gerade sensationeller Plattenverkäufe vielen Metalfans (gerade den etwas älteren Semestern) etwas sagt und der sicherlich beim ein oder anderen ein Schmunzeln hervorruft. In den 80ern hatte der singende Bodybuilder einige Semihits („Rock The City“ dürfte einer der bekanntesten sein) und sorgte mit seiner Liveshow, bei welcher er diverse Muskel-Kunststücke vollbrachte, für Aufsehen.
Zum wirklichen Durchbruch hat es bei der nach ihrem Sänger benannten Band THOR nie gereicht, und Ende der 80er wurde es ruhig um den selbsternannten Rockwarrior und God Of Thunder, bis er dann schließlich knapp 10 Jahre später ein Comeback startete, welches nie so ganz in die Gänge kam, aber seit beinahe 20 Jahren immer noch irgendwie vor sich hin dümpelt.

I AM THOR dokumentiert nun den Aufstieg und das Comeback des kanadischen Rock-Halbgotts, und zeigt einen recht schonungslosen Blick hinter die Kulissen dieser Band. Klar ist schon zu Beginn: die Zeit ist auch am mächtigen THOR nicht spurlos vorbei gegangen, und die durchaus imposante Physis der 80er Jahre ist längst einem wesentlich rundlicheren und gemütlicheren Look gewichen – was aber in über 30 Jahren auch einfach der Lauf der Dinge ist.

Interessant ist, das Jon Mikl Thor in dieser Doku sehr sympathisch rüberkommt – auch wenn man wie ich seine Songs eher mau findet, der Mensch hinter THOR wirkt auf eine tapsige Art sympatisch, wenn auch mitunter etwas tragisch. Man merkt durchaus, dass er sehr daran zu knabbern hat, dass der große Durchbruch ihm stets versagt bliebt, genauso, wie offensichtlich ist, dass er für die Bühne geboren ist… egal wie klein letztere auch sein mag, THOR wurde von wem auch immer zum Entertainer berufen, und er gibt sein Bestes.

Natürlich zeigt der Film THOR in einem positiven Licht – und stellt auch heraus, dass Jon Mikl Thor auf der ganzen Welt vielleicht nicht Millionen, aber doch einige eingeschworene Fans hat, um deren Gunst er sich sehr bemüht. THOR kommt extrem fannah, dankbar und freundlich rüber, und man merkt ihm an, wie sehr er den Beifall und Zuspruch seiner Fans braucht und wie glücklich ihn dies macht. Man kann THOR vieles nachsagen, aber er scheint es sehr ernst damit zu meinen, auf jeder noch so kleinen Bühne eine gute Show zu liefern und sein Publikum zu unterhalten… egal ob er ein 25 jähriger muskelbepackter Schrank oder aber ein Mitt-60er mit Plauze ist, sein Einsatz ist immer voll da, und man nimmt ihm ab, dass er seine Rolle und seine Musik wirklich liebt. Dies verdient schlichtweg Respekt, und man sieht, dass er trotz gesundheitlicher Beschwerden alles tut, um live zu liefern.

Zumal wird im Verlauf von I AM THOR klar: man muss THOR alleine deswegen mögen, weil er ein echtes Unikum ist und sein Ding trotz aller Widerstände durchzieht.

Natürlich drängen sich jetzt Vergleiche zum vor einige Jahr erschienenen Film „The Story Of Anvil“ auf - interessanterweise kommen letztere ja auch wie THOR aus Kanada. Hier muss ich sagen, dass I AM THOR mit diesem Werk nicht ganz auf Augenhöhe ist, denn auch wenn I AM THOR einige schräge Geschichten auf Lager hat (vor allem aus seiner Zeit vor seiner Karriere, als Jon Mikl Thor als Nacktkellner jobbte) ist der Film insgesamt etwas gemächlicher. Wem aber „The Story Of Anvil“ gefällt wird mit I AM THOR sicherlich auch seine Freude haben, beide Filme gehen sehr in die gleiche Richtung.

Alles in allem ein sehenswerter Film, welcher Sympathien für Jon Mil Thor weckt und sich redlich bemüht, ihn nicht der Lächerlichkeit preiszugeben. Ich ertappte mich dabei, THOR bei seinen hier zu sehenden Auftritten bei skandinavischen Festivals 2009 (welche in der deutschen Fachpresse wie ich mich erinnere auch eher zerrissen wurden) zu feiern, man freut sich dann doch zu sehen, wie der gealterte Rockwarrior auf die Bühne steigt und das Publikum durchaus mitzieht!

Für Rock und Metal Fans definitiv sehenswert!
Everyone's Hero
Everyone's Hero
It's not difficult to understand why this one wasn't big at the box office - it's not the typical polished, splashy, toilet-humored cartoon that children are accustomed to these days! If you're looking for something in that vein, you'll want to look elsewhere. If you're looking for a clean, family-friendly cartoon, however, this one should be right up your alley.

I won't repeat the other reviews and give a run-down of the plot - others have done a wonderful job already. I will tell you that our whole family sat down last night (dad, mom and four children ages 12, 8, 2 and newborn) and watched the whole thing, start to finish. That doesn't happen very often! There were two or three unnecessarily foolish moments (what we'd call toilet humor) but I don't recall any sexual double entendres or moments that made me squirm. I can't say that for many of today's movies.

The parents have a loving relationship, dad and mom work hard (he at the ballpark, she in the home) and the son reacts kindly to neighborhood bullies and has a great love for his parents. He's not a smart mouth, dad's not a dolt and mom's not a self-centered ding-dong. How refreshing!

We liked it and, if you're in the market for a kind-hearted (and yes, predictable) movie for the family, you might, too.

La chambre des murmures (French Edition)
La chambre des murmures (French Edition)
Ce second tome des aventures de Jane Hawk, notre agent du FBI, est dans la lignée du premier et une suite directe, avec, malgré tout, un début un peu long. Toutefois, dès les 12% du livre (je lis sur Kindle), les événements s’enchaînent et l’action et le suspens sont de mises, à tel point qu’il est difficile de reprendre son souffle parfois.
Le livre est divisé en chapitres courts ce qui nous assure un rythme rapide et qui passent d’un point de vue à un autre à tour de rôle.
Je suis fan de notre héroïne qui ne manque pas de courage ni de persévérance et qui prend tous les risques pour que la vérité éclate. J’ai également beaucoup apprécié le shérif Luther Tillman qui ne laissera pas tomber l’enquête qu’il mènera et dont le chemin rejoindra, irrémédiablement, celui de Jane.
Un grand merci à l’éditeur pour ce second tome, mais il est tout de même frustrant de devoir attendre une année entre chaque tome traduit.... Vivement la suite !
Je recommande sans hésitation aux fans de Dean Koontz, comme moi, ou à celles et ceux qui souhaitent découvrir un nouvel auteur.
The Flesh in the Furnace
The Flesh in the Furnace
Plot Crunch:

In the distant future, a vast majority of human beings have left Earth to live on other planets. Most never return, but one person who did was Pertos Godelhausser. Born on another world, he moved to Earth to make money. His only companion is Sebastian, a mentally handicapped man with a troubled past. They make a living with the help of the Furnace: an alien machine that can create living puppets out of synthetic flesh. The central puppet is Bitty Belina, whose small stature and pretty face hide a cold personality.


The best compliment that can be given to this book is that, in spite of its short length, it's full of some interesting ideas. It's also filled with some delightfully bizarre visual imagery. The creators of the Furnace, for example, are described as a race of twelve foot tall spider-lizards called the Vonopoens. While the story as a whole is obviously pretty far fetched, it moves at a fast pace. And since you could probably finish the book in a day or two if you made the time, it makes for a pretty easy read.
Considering this was written fairly early in Koontz's career, it was also fun to look for things that would become common in his later work. There are at least couple of examples. Pertos, for instance, thinks of himself as god-like. Although the character isn't necessarily evil, this is a common trait amongst villains in Koontz books.
Most of the problems with the book could also probably be attributed to the fact that it was written early in Koontz's career. He was still experimenting and hadn't found his voice yet. Since it was also one of about nine books he had published in 1972, I can't help but suspect he may have been on a tight schedule when he was writing it. That might explain why a few of the subplots don't pay off as well as they could have. The best example of this would be the Holistian Pearl. It's described as an alien artifact that can send images of all the places its been into the mind of the person who's holding it. After the story shifts to Sebastian's point of view, the Pearl disappears from the story for long stretches at a time. While it does play a part in the book's ending, it just doesn't pay off the way you might expect considering the importance placed on it when it was introduced.

In conclusion, while the book has some intersting qualities, it's not a lost classic. Indeed, it's been out of print for a long time now, and it can be expensive to buy used copies online. If you're a big fan of Dean Koontz, the book is worth reading just to say you've read it. Casual readers would be better off checking out his more popular books first.
Nora Roberts' Northern Lights
Nora Roberts' Northern Lights
While the book was much better and lots more details than the movie, I thought they did an excellent job casting the players, especially Hop, Charlene and Meg. In the book, Charlene tries to get Nate into bed several times and Nate doesn't meet Meg when he first gets to town as the movie showed. Mag also thought her mom had bedded Nate so she kept her distance. Also there was a screwed up part in the movie where they said they gloves belonged to Ed (the banker) when in the book, Bing reported his gloves and knife stolen from his truck when he turned the fishing pole in at the police department after he said he found it. There were several very funny parts in the book about the two brothers and the messes they got into that would have made the movie better but none of the detail was there. It was a hack job of the book. The acting was ok but they could have added more scenery of the area as that is very detailed in the book which made you want to see that area.. Little disappointed in the movie.. Wasted my money.
Going Home: Unfinished Business/ Island of Flowers/ Mind Over Matter
Going Home: Unfinished Business/ Island of Flowers/ Mind Over Matter
The stories in this book were mediocre with the first one, "Unfinished Business," being, in my opinion, the best in the bunch. However, even that story wasn't what I expect from picking up a Nora novel. The book itself would never have been my choice (a co-worker passed it on to me to read). All three stories were the same old, same old. Girl meets boy, girl and boy are at each other's throats, then girl and boy have sex, then they fall in love. One mistakes the other's intentions but in the end all is happily ever after. The stories lacked substance. "Island of Flowers" at least took us on a nice tour of the Hawaiian Islands, however the female lead in that story, Lainey Simmons, was nothing but a milk toast, annoying creature as you watched her fall apart (but immediately fall in love even though he was downright arrogant and rude) under the influence of Dillon O'Brian, her father's business partner. "Mind Over Matter" was a boring and ridiculous story of a clairvoyant mother/daughter, the daughter, A.J. (Aurora) working as a talent agent and involved with a producer, David Brady, who wants to produce a show with her mother in the starring role. The ending was tiresome with all the female/male mind games and misinterpreted emotions - very ho hum and enough to put you to sleep for lack of a storyline. The one story that was anywhere near decent to my mind was "Unfinished Business" about a world renowned concert pianist (Vanessa Sexton) coming home to make amends with her mother with whom she had never really had a relationship. She hooks up with her childhood flame, Brady Tucker, the good doctor in town and learns quite a bit about not only her mother but the feelings she and Brady begin to rekindle as the story moves along. All in all, this book is very early Nora and while I am an avid Nora fan, I feel the stories were definitely not worth the time reading. Nora has some excellent early works so don't let this bad egg discourage your reading them. "The Villa," "Homeport," "Carolina Moon," "River's End" and "Honest Illusions" are just a few of her early works and part of a very long list that are definitely worth the read.
Showdown Trail (Dramatized)
Showdown Trail (Dramatized)
Louis L'Amour stories are always great in their action and story but what, to me, really makes them great is that he can make you see the action so well. He describes the land around which the action takes place so well you can see it and it really makes you feel that you are really there watching the action. No matter where the action in a story takes place, he has been there and walked the land so what he write is real!
Shepherd's Notes: C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity
Shepherd's Notes: C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity
As a professor who works with English As Second Language (ESL) seminary students, I learned my students were very challenged in reading and understanding Lewis' "Mere Christianity" in English. Unfortunately, the work has yet to be translated into my students' original language.

Lewis' attempt to capture the verbal delivery of his radio broadcasts required him to write in long, run-on sentences with multiple phrases, commas and dashes. This makes for very difficult reading to the average and even above-average ESL reader.

In my charge to get the major and minor points of the text across to my students, I found this text does an excellent job of summarizing the key ideas of "Mere Christianity" using much more simplified English. While it is not a substitute for reading the actual book, it is an excellent tool to use when introducing students to Lewis' key ideas. Once the key ideas of each chapter are introduced and understood, the student is better able link the chapters together and grow in his understanding of Lewis' teachings.
Busy World of Richard Scarry Season 1
Busy World of Richard Scarry Season 1
Season 1
Disc 1
01 The Talking Bread/ Couscous, The North African Detective/ The Three Fisherman
02 The Best Birthday Present Ever/ Patrick Pig Learns To Talk/ Grounchy Mr. Grankle
03 The Busiest Firefighter Ever/ Manuel of Mexico/ The Biggest Catch Ever
04 Mr. Raccoon's Different Day/ Mario, The Venitian Gondelier/ The Best Babysitter Ever
05 The Best Mistake Ever/ Sneef, The Best Detective In Europe/ Camping Out
06 Mr. Frumble's New Cars/ Ernst And Heidi In The Alps/ Billy Dog's Bad Day
07 The Snowstorm/ Professor Dig And His Egyptian Mummy/ The Treasure Hunt
08 The Accident/ Good Luck In Rome/ The Missing Bananas
09 A Trip To The Moon/ Pip Pip Goes To London/ Floating Bananas
10 Hot Pie/ Hans The Dutch Plumber/ Hilda's Romantic Tea Party
Bonus Episode: Busy Town Mysteries
Busy Town Mysteries: Mumbling Mummy/The False Alarm Mystery
Disc 2
11 A Big Operation/Cucumber, the African Photographer/Summer Picnic
12 Sergeant Murphy's Day Off/Schmudge, the German Chimney Sweep/The Sleeping Car Adventure
13 Busytown Regatta / Schtoompah, the Funny Austrian / Busytown Soap Box Derby
Season 2
14 The Big Story / Couscous in Gibraltar / The Firefighter's Ball
15 The Field Trip / The Great Pie Robbery / Clean Garage
16 Captain Willy and the Pirates / Flying Noodles / Roughing It
17 Young Vikings / Sneef Saves the Queen / Hilda the Director
18 High Flyers / Steamboat Mystery / The Best Waiters Ever
19 The Big Move / Sneef in Russia / Mr. Frumble Gets a Job
20 Ambulance Cake / The Supermarket Mystery / Big Trouble for Bananas Gorilla
Bonus Episode" Wimzie's House: Treasure Hunt
Disc 3
21 Sergeant Murphy's Deputy / Couscous in the Sahara / New Friend on the Block
22 The Biggest Storm Ever / Cucumber in Rockies / Sally's First Day at School
23 No Time for Bananas / Sneef in India / Sally Cat's First Trip
24 Grand Hotel / Couscous on the Nile / Cat Family Ski Trip
25 Lowly Breaks His Leg / Cucumber in Machuu Pichuu / The Plight of Penelope Parakeet
26 A Newspaper Mom / Cucumber in Rio / Donut Raffle
Season 3
27 The Knights of Busytown / Cave Pigs / Bucketman in Busytown
28 Billy Dog Gets Glasses / Cordelia's Debut / Lowly Joins the Circus
29 The Big Dare / Oliver's Sandwich / Pig Will Won't
30 The Best Birthday Party Ever / Martha's First Book / Locked Out
Bonus Episode: Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings: The Lonely Snake
Disc 4
31 Dad's Neat Job / The Discovery of America / Mr. Gronkle's Friends
32 Denys at Camp / Peasant Pig's Gifts / Little Fixit
33 The School Dance / The First Olympics / Hilda for President
34 Mr. Frumble's Brother / Viking Pigs / The Perfect Wedding
35 A Tough Test / The First Pyramid / The Big Date
36 Inventor of the Year / Macaroni Polo / Lone Wolf at the Lighthouse
37 Fun-Time Riddle Race / The First Balloon / Billy Dog's Space Rock
38 The Best Amusement Park Ever / The First Bridge / Say Cheese, Please!
39 Has Anyone Seen My Book? / P.J. Pig's Brave Day / Vanderbuilt's New Shoe
Season 4
40 The Perfect Gentleman / The Best Painter Ever /The Best Day for Dennis
Disc 5
41 A Trip Back in Time / Home Sweet Home / P.S. Pig's Special Friend
42 Mr. Fixit's Magnet Machine / Sneef and Sniff at the Opera / Mr. Gronkle Won't Mind
43 Peter's Visit / The First Skis Ever / Stage Fright
44 End of the Rainbow / A Signal for Peng / Mr. Frumble's Birthday Party
45 Bananas the Magician / The First Horseless Carriage / Princess Hilda
46 Daylight Savings Time / Eager Beaver's Clever Game / The Pickle Car Wash
47 Triple a Deliveries / Stanley's Amazing Photo / Lost in the Swamp
48 Mr. Fixit's Super Submarine / Cahuchu's Magic Tree / Mr. Bean's Restaurant
49 The Best Christmas Present Ever/Abe and Babe's Christmas Lesson/Sally Cat's
Christmas Dream
50 The Best Car Trip Ever / Earnest's Dish You Can Eat / Cousin Ross
Disc 5
51 Fill'er Up Scotty / Niagara Falls Mystery / Helper's Helper
52 Who's Afraid of the Big Eclipse / Hold Your Breath! / Pumpkin Heads
Season 4
53 The Mole Machine / The Royal Game of Dennis / Now That's Progress
54 Superstitious Bananas / Pépé le Gangstaire / Drive-Through Movie
55 King and Queen for a Day / The Piggy Express / Practice Makes Prefect
56 The Winners / No More Games, Manuel! / We Won't Go to the Doctor
57 Never Too Small / Albert, the Belgian Barge Captain / Rainy Day
58 Mr. Gronkle Comes to Stay / Leo-pardo's Smile / Blooming Busytown
59 Match-Makers / Forget-bur Never Forgets / Toof Trouble
60 The New Neighbors / The First Halloween Ever / Now I Know My One, Two, Threes!
61 Mr. Gronkle Moves Away / Counting Chickens / The Spelling Bee
62 Huckle's Feathery Friends / The First Valentine Ever / The Sleepover
63 Count on Us! / The First Easter Egg Ever / Be My Valentine
64 The Mystery of the Stone Circle/The Big Apple Christmas Caper/Who's too Scared to
65 A Message in a Bottle/Santa Needs Help/There Really is an Easter Bunny
The Sea Hunters II
The Sea Hunters II
This is the second of this type of book from Clive cussler who I must admit is a favourite author of mine,despite a lot of predictability ( dirk Pitt series the best)

What it is ,is a more factual book about actual wrecks he has researched and gone looking for.Each story starts with a semi fictional story about how the wreck occurred,the story being fact based but made a lot more interesting in the form it is written.The story,then transcends into how Clive and his teamed research and sometimes find and excavate the wreck,whether it be boat,train etc,at sea or river based and what is left and what is done.

Really interesting and obviously,Clive has an unrivalled passion which comes through.
You don't have to read the book at one go,I tend to read other things,then when waiting for new books to arrive,I will read a couple of wreck stories then come back later.

I think these are probably the best things he's done,but obviously his fictional writing pays for his hobby,which he then uses for more fictional writing...a great way as you always get a lot of truth and history behind the stories
La odisea de Troya (Dirk Pitt 17) (Spanish Edition)
La odisea de Troya (Dirk Pitt 17) (Spanish Edition)
Cometí el error de volver a comprar un libro de este autor, pensando que pudiera haberme equivocado cuando leí uno anterior, pero tiene un patrón o línea argumental por lo visto estándar para todas sus obras.- Se adivina la trama y resultados 30 páginas antes de que sucedan.
Buena suerte (Spanish Edition)
Buena suerte (Spanish Edition)
Es refrescante salirse de los temas de asesinatos y maleantes que nos tiene acostumbrado Baldacci, para adentrarse con una intensidad narrativa en una ambiente de superación personal, de mirar los orígenes de nuestros ancestros, con sus retos y dificultades y con una simplicidad de estilo de vida que nos reta a mirarnos, frente a la complejidad que nos ha impuesto el modernismo. Excelente
Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Color Changing Umbrella
Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Color Changing Umbrella
My son (age 9) is a big Harry Potter fan and when his last HP umbrella broke, I got him this one. He *loves* the fact that it changes color (he wants to bring it out at the slightest raindrops and has "tested" it under the faucet to see the color change). It functions fine as an actual umbrella- keeps the rain off. The opening mechanism is manual, not a push button, but my kid figured out how to open and close it quickly, so it's obviously easy enough for a 9 year old to operate.
The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You
The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You
"Slippery" Jim Bolivar diGriz, his lethal wife Angelina, and his twin sons James and Bolivar (following in their parent's less-than-legal footsteps) are off to save the universe (and enrich their own coffers when possible). It's the usual tongue-in-cheek fun that starts with Angelina being kidnapped and ends on a very cold planet where every hand is turned against our intrepid hero.

But a stainless steel rat can never be counted out until he's dead (and then don't count him out then).

I enjoyed the story as much as the other Stainless Steel Rat stories. I wish they'd republish the series or publish them in eBook format so more people can enjoy these timeless tales today. Mine sit in my library so I can take them out periodically and enjoy them over and over.
Bed Head Curlipops Tapered Curling Wand for Bouncy Natural Curls, 1 Inch (Pack of 1)
Bed Head Curlipops Tapered Curling Wand for Bouncy Natural Curls, 1 Inch (Pack of 1)
I bought this (with a coupon! thanks!) because I had so many friends who raved about this particular brand. I always envied the girls with curls who stayed the entire night and looked effortless- turns out they were using a wand. I resisted the wand takeover, even bought one once and couldn't figure out how to use it and ended up returning it when I looked like Curly Sue. This time when I gave it a go I watched a You Tube tutorial and tested it when I wasn't in a rush. After 1-2 times you will have it down pat. It is so quick, I can do my whole head (shoulder length hair) in about 15 minutes which is at least 1/2 the time it took with my OG curling iron. Recommend!
DURO Heavy Duty Kraft Brown Paper Barrel Sack Bag, 57 Lbs Basis Weight, 12 x 7 x 17, 100 Ct/Pack
DURO Heavy Duty Kraft Brown Paper Barrel Sack Bag, 57 Lbs Basis Weight, 12 x 7 x 17, 100 Ct/Pack
These are very strong bags that can usefully carry a decent amount of weight. I use them mainly as trash bags. They fit our baskets perfectly. We used to be able to get these at the grocery store but they have all shifted to the smaller paper bags which aren’t as good. I hate the store plastic bags. They may be easier to carry but they are bad for the environment because they never break down. Paper bags will break down in a relatively short period of time, allowing its natural elements (wood) to absorb into the ground and create a better environment for plant life. Don’t worry about the trees, for every one that is cut down, they plant two.
TWIZZLERS Twists (Fresa, sobres de 2.5 oz., paquete de 36)
TWIZZLERS Twists (Fresa, sobres de 2.5 oz., paquete de 36)
Arguing about whether it's "licorice" or not is ridiculous. OK, so Amazon has the "licorice" in the listing ... it also says very plainly that it's "Strawberry" in the listing, too. And it clearly states in the product description "Strawberry-flavored candy twists" so how about you maybe try READING THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION before ordering the product! If you order something that lists Strawberry as its flavor and then act surprised that it's not licorice-root flavor, you're an idiot. Who the heck DOESN'T know that Twizzlers are most famous for their Strawberry twists? Sheesh!

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